Summary: 5 years old Sirius was grounded. Little Regulus will find out why. Oneshot dialogue fic. No slash.

"Knock, Knock"

"Who's there?"

"It's me, Regulus."

"Oh. Come in!"


"What's wrong? Can't sleep?"



"Umm.. Siri, why are you grounded?"





"That's it! I don't even know why."

"But… what did you do?"

"It's all start when I played Frisbee on the garden when mu…"

"Who's Frisbee?"

"Hahaha.. its what, Reg!"


"It's a game, kay? Well.. I was playing when mum shouted at me. She said I'm not allowed to play with muggle stuff. She was aaaaangggryyyyy."

"Mugglestuff? It's not mugglestuff… its frizbee… right?"

"Yeah. I tried to explain that to her. I said that I don't play with mugglestuff- I played frizbee!"

"She didn't listen?"

"Yep! She kept insisting and she asked Kreacher to throw it away!"

"But that's rude!"

"Uh-huh! So after that, I went out to play with bunch of kids out there!"

"Which one? Lucius?"

"Nope! It's the one who has a cool motorbike."


"Yeah. But again, mum dragged me in and gave me a slap, see?"

"Is it hard?"

"Yes! And she said that I shouldn't play with mudblood!"

"What's mudblood?"

"I didn't know what mudblood is. I just think that she didn't want me to play outside. So I go into the house, to my room and shout at the previous kid to play here because I'm not allowed to play outside!"

"That's nice! I want to play with him too!"

"Yes! But mum became really mad and get rid of him! She said that he's a mud blood!"
"Now, that's weird, Siri…"

"Yeah. No one have mud-blood, right?"

"Uh um..."

"So I thought he should've been a monster which has mud inside his body instead of blood- and Mother was afraid that I'll be eaten. I thought it's good of her."

"Whoa! Mum's cool! And the monster is scary, I bet…"

"Then I thought she knew it because perhaps she had some mud blood friends when she was young, so I came to her and I ask her how it feels to make friends with mud blood. Was it scary, was it cool, and something else, but she wasn't answering! She was really mad and grounded me!"

"Mom does that so you will not be eaten, Siri… It's maybe an… Umm."

"Trauma. Mental images?"

"What's that?"

"I don't know. Narcissa often says that when she saw things she doesn't like. I'm repeating her."

"Oh. Okay… I'm sleepy… Night, Siri…"

"Night, Reg…"

Author's Note: It's just a stupid conversation between small wizards who didn't even know what 'muggle' and 'mud blood' is. It's corny yeah, and it's kind of odd. But this idea came to my mind and I thought I must post it.