Everything happened in season one and season two. Haley lives with Brooke who moved to California for the summer, she liked it so much that she never went back to Tree Hill. Nathan lives in New York. Peyton and Lucas still live in Tree Hill

"That's the last box tutor girl, so you sure that you want to do this," the brunette girl asked her friend.

"Yeah Tigger, besides I already took the job offer."

"I know but here you write songs for great artist to have a number one hits and there you will be teaching."

"Brooke I have always loved teaching, I'm tutor girl, and I will still be writing songs there too."

"I know it's just that for the past four years we have lived here," Brooke said pouting.

"Brooke that's because we went to UCLA," Haley said. "I totally understand if you don't want to come."

"Hales you are my best friend and my family, I told you that I'm going and I am going," Brooke said smiling. She had changed so much over the years Haley did not know what she would have done with out her.

"Besides we have both been running from our past, it's time we go home and face it."

"I am just a little nervous that's all, it has been like over five years since I have been there or even talk to anyone from there," Haley said.

"Look best friend, I'll be with you, you got nothing to worry about. We are in this together." She could not help but smile at her friend, Brooke always new how to make Haley feel better.

"I think that we should get going," Haley said. "Did you tell anyone that we were coming?"

"Just Peyton, but I didn't tell her that you were coming with me."

"Brooke, Peyton is your best friend; you don't have to lie to her for me."

"Hales I made you a promise not to tell anyone that I knew where you were are that I even talked to you, much less that I have been living with you."

"So who are her and Luke?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you her and Luke are engaged!"

"Whoa, well it's about time," Haley said smiling. "When's the wedding?"

"Actually, Luke told her that until he finds you they can't have the wedding, said that his best friend had to be there, or he could not do it."

Tears were now falling down her face. "I have missed them so much, Brooke."

"I know sweetie."

"Do you think that I am a bad person, for not staying in touch with them?"

"Hales, you had your reasons, and I know how hard it must have been for you to cut everyone out of your life like that, but after what happened I don't blame you. I am just happy that we ended up going to the same college, other wise I would be in the same boat as they are right now wondering where you are," Brooke said softly.

"They will be so happy to see you I just know it," she said. "I promise you Hales."

"Well if you promise, then let's get going."

"All right, Tutor girl lets hit the road."

A little boy comes running into the empty living room.

"Mommy, when are we leaving?"