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Let me tell you who you really are
You're my comfort
You're not a superstar
I can reach up and bring you back down to the ground
And give you everything you dream about
You can run from me
You can hide from me
But I am right beside you
In this life.

By: chantel kreviazuk

Three Years Later

Haley got out of bed and walked down the hallway to her daughter's room. Peaking in to make sure that the little girl was still sound asleep. She walked across the hall to check on James, she let out a slight laugh when she saw him holding his basketball pillow tight. She walked back to her room. Walking past the bed she found herself standing in the doorway for her bathroom watching Nathan brush his teeth. "Hey handsome!" Haley said with her head titled on the door frame. He looked at her and winked as he finished up before turning his attention back to her.

"Are Emma and James still asleep?" Nathan asked moving closer. He was in nothing but a shirt and some boxers. His eyes never leaving Haley's as he got closer. She looked different now then she did back then. She had cut her hair to the length of her shoulders and had made Brooke color it brown. He hadn't seen it that color since they first started dating. She looked older now but upon appearance you couldn't tell that she was a mother of two.

"Nathan it's 5:45 in the morning," Haley said giggling as his arms moved to her waist pulling her into him. "You know our children are late sleepers!" He couldn't help but laugh. It was true they loved sleeping in; of course James loved school mornings he also loved the weekends when he could sleep in.

"I've taught them well," Nathan said smirking before lifting Haley up over his shoulders and moving them towards the bed. Placing her down on the edge of the bed he stood there smiling at her as he slowly undressed himself. He was taking his time teasing her as he slowly slide off his shirt.

"Baby we don't have a lot of time," Haley said getting on her knees and pulling herself towards him until her lips crashed on his. He slid off his Duke shirt that she was wearing leaving her in nothing but a bra and her panties. Moving his mouth away from her's he kissed her neck and her shoulder blades before moving his mouth back to her ear. "I love it when you're horny in the mornings." Haley couldn't help but laugh as the words left his mouth.

"You love it when I'm horny period," Haley stated knowing that she was right. She placed wet kisses down his chest before pushing his boxer's completely down leaving in him nothing.

"True," Nathan said moving them further into the bed as he kneeled above her smiling as he slid off her panties. He laid himself on top of her kissing her before entering her making them both moan in pleasure. Their sex life had been anything but boring since they had gotten back together. As Haley simply put it they had five years to make up for and Nathan couldn't argue with that. When they had first gotten married it was the two of them and they made love all the time not worrying about anything but being with each other. Things were different now they had two children. They had to be careful about these things. So they usually woke up pretty early in the mornings and made love then. Nathan didn't mind telling Haley that it was the perfect way to start his day. Of course the kids weren't always home, they had grandparents, aunts, and uncles that always wanted them over.

"Nathan," Haley breathed out as he moved in and out of her. She loved their mornings like these where it was the two of them making love. It hadn't been easy when they first had Emma, for Nathan it was like his first child since he wasn't there for James in his early years but he quickly learned. Taking turns with Haley in the middle of the night when Emma was hungry.

"Yeah baby," Nathan said as he planted kisses along her neck. There was nothing in the world that he loved to do more than to make love to his wife. Over the past three years he often wondered what he had done those five years without her in his life. Now he couldn't spend one day without her are their kids. He loved being a husband and a dad.

"Faster," Haley finally got out. Her hands were piercing the flesh in his back as he moved in and out of her. "Please baby."

"You know I always give you what you want," Nathan said moving himself faster inside of her making her scream in pleasure. Watching her alone could send him over the edge. She was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen and he made sure that he told her that everyday.

"God Nathan!" Haley yelled as her orgasm hit. He felt her body shuddering under his and he immediately released himself inside of her. They rode the waves of pleasure until there was nothing left and Nathan collapsed on top of her as they were both out of breath. Her hands moved to his head as her fingers played with his hair making him want to fall back asleep in her arms. "So…you ready for the big game tonight?" Haley asked as her breathing finally went back to normal.

"You know us Scott men are always ready on game night," Nathan said chuckling as she slapped his arm playfully. Nathan finally rolled over as Haley pushed him off and started to get out of bed. "You look very dirty. I think that I should give you a bath." Nathan said smirking as she stood out of bed.

"If you insist," Haley said taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom in laughter. Two hours later they were finally fully dressed and ready for the day.

"Daddy!" Emma yelled as she ran into her parent's room in nothing but her pink night gown, jumping into her father's arms with a big smile on her face. At three years old she still looked just like her mother. She had those big brown eyes that made Nathan weak to his knees. She had blond hair that was turning a little darker everyday.

"Morning birthday girl," Nathan said planting a kiss on her cheek.

"What did ya get me?" Emma asked as she moved her fingers along his face touching his eyes and nose and laughing when he tried to bite her finger. Nathan didn't know that the day that they named their daughter Emma Brooke Scott that she would actually take after her godmother so much. Emma loved attention more than Brooke did, and to Nathan that was a whole lot. But he didn't mind giving it to her because she was his little girl and he loved her to death. Just like her godmother Emma loved shopping with her mother, now at three years old everyone thought that it was funny that she loved shopping but as Haley simply told them the James-Scott offspring develop way faster than others.

"What is my little princess doing up this early?" Haley asked as she came out of the bathroom and she saw them sitting on the bed. Emma jumped out of her father's arms and into her mother's quickly.

"Presents!" Emma said with a smile.

"Presents, what presents?" Haley said looking at her confused before looking at a smiling Nathan. "Why would we have presents?" Haley asked turning her attention back to her daughter.

"Because it's my birthday, duh," Emma said with her puppy dog eyes. "Daddyyyyy!" Emma whined with a pout.

"Awe, sweetheart you know your mommy is only joking," Nathan said taking her in his arms. "We got lots of presents. I promise." Nathan said smiling as he kissed her forehead.

"Mommy never joke about presents," Emma said holding her mother's face before kissing her.

"I got it baby," Haley said laughing as they all fell onto the bed.

"Is your brother still sleeping?" Nathan asked as he sat up from the bed.

"I tried waking him up because he said that he knew where you put my presents but he doesn't move," Emma said making a face like she was frustrated.

"Let mommy get you ready for your big day while daddy goes get James up and ready," Haley said standing up and taking Emma in her arms. "Deal." Haley asked looking at Nathan with a smile. "We'll meet down stairs in thirty minutes?"

"Actually I think we'll be down stairs in seven minutes waiting for you two," Nathan said sticking out his tongue playfully at his daughter.

"Boys," Emma said shaking her head as her father left the room.

"Come on, mommy has to get the birthday girl ready for her big day," Haley said as they walked to her room.

"Number 23 has the ball," the announcer yelled. "He shoots and he scores!"

"Scott," Nathan yelled out onto the court from the sidelines. James turned to look at his father who was telling him to call a time out. The eight year old boys ran to their coach in a huddle. "Okay we are down by one point, there's 9 seconds left on the clock and it's the forth quarter. I want you guys to get the ball back and anyone who has an open shot take it. Win are lose you guys played a great game. Now go out there and have some fun." Nathan said to the group of kids that he had started coaching at the beginning of the season.

"Ravens on three," James yelled as he put his hand in the middle of the huddle and the other guys did the same. "One, two, three Raves!" The boys yelled before running back onto the court and into position's waiting for the other team.

Nathan looked out at the boys on the court and smiled at how far they had come as a team. He looked out into the stands where he saw his assistant coach who just so happened to be his brother holding his nephew trying to make him stop crying. He then noticed Haley with Emma on her lap smiling down at him. If you would have asked him at seventeen if he would give up the game to be a family man he would have told you hell no. But looking at his family now, he knew that we would give up anything for them.

He had played two more years in the NBA with the Bobcats, winning them two NBA championships. He retired after that wanting to spend more time with his family. As much as he loved the game he loved his family more and he hated when he had to leave for games and practices. It was his first official year where he didn't play for any team, and he liked it. He loved being at home when Haley got back from school with James. He loved watching Emma; he loved bonding with her and his son. "You guys got this." Nathan stated with confidence.

The other player's ran onto the court and took the ball out. "The Bears with the ball." The announcer called. Nathan watched as one of his players Tyler hit the ball out of the other players hand and took off down the court with the crowd screaming. Before he went to hit his shot he threw the ball back to James. "Scott with the ball, he shoots and….." The announcer yelled. James threw the ball up to the goal and everyone stood there as the timer buzzed with the fate of the game still unknown. James took his eyes off the ball and looked at his father from the sidelines knowing that his face would let him know if the ball went in. "Scores, Scott with another game winning shot. The Ravens win by one point in this nail biting game." Not even a second later Nathan's smile grew as the ball went straight into the net. James took off to his father jumping in his arms. The rest of the team stayed on the floor jumping up and down.

"Just like you dad," James said smiling as the crowd cheered the little boys on.

"I'm so proud of you," Nathan said smiling as he waited for the rest of his family to show up.

"You did it," Haley said with a smile as her and Emma walked up to them. Emma just smiled clapping her hands together.

"We did it," James said smiling at his parents and his sister.

"Nice game hotshot," Brooke said walking up and running her fingers threw his hair.

"Tigger your belly is getting bigger," Emma said looking at her godmother's pregnant stomach. Emma heard James and her mom call Brooke Tigger so much that she thought it was her name and called her that all the time.

"Mommy told you there's a baby inside of there," Haley told her daughter.

"Thanks Tigger," James said giving her a hug. He had grown a lot over the last three years and he was happy when his Uncle Chase had stopped calling him Munchkin.

"There's my assistant coach," Nathan said as Lucas walked up with his family.

"Landon wanted his daddy," Lucas said with a smile as he looked at his son.

"You boys stay and talk we have a party to get ready for," Haley said smiling at her daughter.

"See you guys later," Peyton said kissing Landon and Lucas before her and Elizabeth started to walk away.

"Haley please don't let Brooke drive," Chase said with a smile. "I want my son to make it to your house alive." He said jokingly.

"Chase I do not have road rage," Brooke said with a smile.

"Tell that to the guy you flicked off yesterday," Chase said kissing his wife.

"He was going 40 miles per hour," Brooke said with a pout.

"Baby the speed limit is 40 down that road," Chase said making everyone else laugh.

"Whatever speed limit boy," Brooke said sticking out her tongue.

"See you ladies at home," Nathan said kissing Haley and Emma.

"Great game kiddo," Haley said kissing James.

"Their in the closet," James whispered to Emma as he gave her a hug.

"Thanks dude," Emma said running to catch up with Elizabeth and Peyton.

"Now can I go play?" James asked as he stood in front of his grandmother with a camera.

"One more," Deb said smiling as she took another picture of James and Emma. "Now you can go."

"Thanks grandma," James said before running away to find Katlin.

"You are just the cuties little girl ever," Deb said picking up Emma and walking with her.

"I know," Emma said with a giggle. Deb placed Emma back in her birthday chair next to her mother's.

"Are you having fun princess?" Haley asked her daughter.

"Mommy can we do the cake now," Emma said with a pout. Haley just smiled as she nodded her head. She looked out into their back yard and saw Nathan with James on his shoulders making a dunk. She remembered Emma's first birthday party how she was so scared to touch the little cake that they put in front of her that Nathan had to push her head a little into it before she started eating it and got all messy. On her second birthday she threw her piece of cake at James because he asked for a bite. Haley wondered what eventful thing that Emma would do with her cake this year.

"Its cake time," Brooke yelled as everyone started to move closer. Everyone stood around the little girl as Nathan lit the candles.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Emma, happy birthday to you," everyone sang.

"Make a wish," Haley said smiling at her little girl.

"I wish…."

"You can't tell us then it won't come true," James told his sister.

"Okay," Emma said before closing her eyes. She brought her face closer to the cake and with all her strength she blew out her candles with the cutest face. Everyone clapped and cheered as they watched the little girl.

"Are you sure that there are no more presents?" Emma asked her daddy. Everyone couldn't help but laugh. They had spent the last two hours watching her open presents.

"Yes," Haley said handing her a piece of cake. "Your cake."

"That's not a present," Katlin said.

"I guess you don't want your present from me then," Lucas joked sticking out his tongue to his sister.

"You wouldn't dare," Katlin said looking at her brother.

"Children can we keep the peace," Karen said fixing the drinks. Both of her children looked at her and smiled.

"I've always wanted to do this since I was a little boy," Lucas said with a smile before walking over to Nathan with his piece of cake and shoving it in his face.

"Lucas," Peyton yelled but couldn't help but laugh at the way Nathan looked with cake all over his face.

"My daddy is gonna hurt you Uncle Luke," James said as he watched his father wipe the cake from his face.

"And I thought that Emma was going to be the problem," Haley said grabbing a towel and wiping his face clean.

"Why?" Keith asked looking at Lucas. "Why?"

"We missed out on a lot," Lucas said with a smile. Nathan stood up and looked at his brother.

"We did didn't we," Nathan said smiling before he took off chasing his brother.

"Aren't we supposed to be the kids?" Katlin said shaking her head.

"Your brother's toast," James said with a laugh as they watched them run around the yard.

"I know," Katlin said before taking a bit of her cake.

"Easy on the cake Tigger," Haley said laughing as she noticed Brooke with a giant piece of cake.

"You are gonna get so fat," Emma said giggling.

"It's not me it's the baby," Brooke said with a pout before taking another bit. Minutes later Lucas and Nathan walked back and Lucas was soaking wet.

"That's what happens when you mess with Nathan Scott," Nathan said taking a seat next to Emma.

"He totally threw me in the pool," Lucas said as everyone laughed at him.

"Luke," Haley said standing up. "Look at you. Let's go get you some dry clothes."

"Okay buddy," Lucas said throwing his hand around her making her get wet.

"Are us some dry clothes," Haley said slapping him in the arm as they walked inside the house.

"You got my daddy wet," Landon said.

"Sure did," Nathan said taking a bit of his cake.

"That was so cool," Elizabeth said clapping.

"Alright eat your cake," Peyton said smiling at her twins.

"You're party was fun," Chase told Emma as he gave her a kiss. Right when he got out of the way James smiled before rubbing a little of the cake in Emma's face.

"Pay back for last year," James said smiling.

"You're mom is going to be so mad," Nathan said smiling at his son.

"Hey she started it," James said throwing up his hands.

"I think next year we won't have any cake," Brooke said as she finished her piece and picked up Emma who was trying to lick the cake around her mouth.

"And that is the last of the trash," Nathan said walking back into the kitchen. "Brooke said that you are cooking her lunch tomorrow."

"I am," Haley said smiling as she wiped down the counter.

"What movie did the kids pick out?" Nathan asked as he put away some dishes. Haley smiled before answering.

"Over the Hedge," Haley said giggling.

"Again," Nathan said making a face.

"It's their favorite," Haley said turning off the kitchen light as they walked out.

"I know," Nathan said defeated as they walked into the living room. "They pick it every time."

They stood there looking at their two children laid out on the floor waiting for them to start the movie.

"Finally," Emma said putting her doll down.

"Press play daddy," James said.

"Yeah daddy press play," Haley teased him. He did as his children wanted and pressed play before taking a seat next to his wife.

"You're the bestest daddy ever," Emma said before the movie started.

"I know," Nathan said cocky.

"Shushhhhhhhh," the movie is starting James said putting a finger over his mouth to his father.

"Sorryyyyyyy," Nathan said before laughing as Haley hit him.

"I love you daddy," Emma said jumping on his lap and making herself comfortable.

"I love you more princess," Nathan said kissing the top of her head. They all sat in silence watching the movie that they had did so many times in the Scott house hold. Nathan noticed Emma sound asleep twenty minutes after the movie had started. James fell asleep right before the movie ended leaving Haley and Nathan up.

"Ya know next time we should start it in the middle that way they can actually see the ending," Nathan said smiling at Haley.

"It seems like it's always you and me up at the endings," Haley said smiling.

"I like where you're head is at Mrs. Scott," Nathan said smirking.

"You bring the kids to bed and I'll be waiting for you," Haley said giving him a kiss and kissing her kids head before leaving the room. Nathan smiled as he climbed the stairs with Emma in his arms. He placed her in her bed covering her and kissing her goodnight. He went and got James and brought him to his room.

"I love you kiddo," Nathan said kissing his son on the forehead. He went to walk out of the room.

"I love you too daddy," James said in his sleepy voice. "Mommy was right."

"About what?" Nathan said moving back to the bed.

"She used to say that when you would find us that our life would be like this," James said with a smile. "She was right."

"Well kiddo if you haven't learned already your mom is always right," Nathan said with a laugh.

"I know," James said smiling. He looked at his. "I hope that I'm just like you when I grow up." Nathan just smiled at his son as his heart filled with warmth.

"I love you," Nathan said again.

"Always and forever," James said before turning to his side and falling back asleep. Nathan turned out the light and went back to the room that he and his wife shared finding her sitting on the bed with nothing on.

"Hey you," Haley said smiling seductively. Nathan smiled as he got closer and brought his lips to hers kissing her softly.

"Hey ya back," Nathan said kissing her gently again.

"Something wrong," Haley asked. She could tell that something was on his mind.

"No, just thanking God that I met you," Nathan said smiling.

"Just think if I wasn't your brother's bestfriend we would have never met," Haley joked.

"We'll never have to think about that," Nathan said kissing her again. "The best thing that I ever did in my life was fall in love with you. And now we have these two beautiful and amazing children, and this perfect life. My love for you only grows each day. You're my always."

"You're my forever," Haley said smiling before kissing him passionately as the fell back on the bed together laughing.

The End