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the year 2005, the cons have taken over Cybetron, although Prime and the autobots are hiding out on the two moons. Prime, Ironhide, Jazz, and pretty much all the other officers are on moonbase one, while Spike and Bumblebee are on moonbase two. I have no clue why everyone with rank is in one place and they've got a human and a minibot gaurding the other one. ahem sorry, almost an MST there. Anyways, the rest of the Autobot forces are on Earth, and Jade decided to go to the moonbase, just because she knew what was gonna happen, and try to stop it.

Alpha sighed as she leaned against Wheeljack, the two playing a video game.

They grinned and both managed to cross the finish line at the same time.

"Oh yeah! STill the queen of vid games!" Alpha cheered.

"No way! It was tie"

"Wanna bet, Jack"


"Didn't think so"


Omega glanced at Jade, "What's wrong?" He asked, seeing her acting different.
the jet shrugged. "Nothing." she looked away. She knew there was another shuttle scheduled to fo to Earth this afternoon. The third on this year. so far, she'd made Prime somewhat mad by getting onto the other shuttle trips, either by offering to go along (the first) or stowing away in the back of the ship. (the second one) it was almost July on Earth. She looked over at the other end of the makeshift commons area.

Alpha giggled and hugged her friend. She stood up, pulling him to his feet, and then strolled over to the computer. "Anything?" Wheeljack asked.

"Nope." Alpha shook her head. "Not a single 'Con in the area"

"Good." Windcharger grunted. "Hopefully we won't see anymore of those slaggers for a while"

"Doubt it." Alpha sighed. "You know the 'Cons."

"Alright." Omega shrugged. He looked at the shuttle. "I'm on the next shuttle out, I think. Not this one, but the one after it. Maybe I can convince Prime to let me on this one...I really wanna go see my sis..."

Jade winced although she hid it. "I dunno. Maybe the next one. Prime's trying to have as few as he can on each shuttle." she flickered a glance at him. "He's allready kinda mad I insisted on going." she rubbed at the back of her neck absent-mindedly. She shrugged.

"Ah, right...but I'd sneak aboard to see my sis again..." Omega sighed, "But if you insist...I'll wait"


Meanwhile, on Earth, Driveby's group were doing their various assigned tasks. Beacon and Gunlock were on aerial patrol, and Cable had gotten communications duty. The rest of them were in various places. Although Cap, who had a day off, decided to go with Hot Rod and Spike's son, Daniel, fishing out at Diamond Lake.

Terra flew after them and sat down. She watched them fish and smiled as she did so.


Inside the huge city, Autobot city, to be precise, a group of Autobots were lounging around the commons area.

Alpha leaned against the wall and took a sip of high grade. "I'm bored." She remarked. "Gah, I wish Prowl was here"

Wheeljack glanced at her.

"He was the perfect prank victim" she shrugged

Wheeljack and Windcharger both laughed.

"So, what are we going to do until the others get here?" Windcharger asked

"...Wanna play poker?" Alpha suggested.