Scene switches are marked by ------------------ (although I don't think there's going to be that many)

In case you have trouble identifying anyone, here's the basic descriptions:

Kit: white tiger, blue optics

Alpha: blue pickup truck, blue optics

Omega: (black seekerjet with blue visor)

Hammertread: reddish-brown M1A1 Abrams tank, red optics

Driveby: white Toyota Camry (car), blue optics, has doorwings

Cable: yellow (with blue doors) Ford Festiva (hatchback), red optics

Cap: camoflauge colored Challenger-2 tank, blue optics

Beacon: light grey spyplane (M-Q1 Predator) blue visor

Gunlock: dark blue/dark green stealth jet, darkly tinted visor

Ty: Black Chevy Blazer with teal sidestripes ( S.U.V. that looks like Trailbreaker's altmode) , blue optics

Jade: muave and blue seekerjet, F-15, green optics

Klutch: blue Lotus Elise Sport (car) #6 on hood. blue optics. English-australian accent

Indy: red Corvette concept car (looks like a ferrari, kinda. has engine in back of carmode. Blue optics. English accent.

AngelLink: blue Porsche (car) and smaller F-22 (jet

Dust: alien-fly (jet, kinda like a cross of an F-16 and X-31), and a racecar (kinda like Mirage)

I think that's it. On to the story.


Hachetaw River, twelve miles from Autobot City

A lone shadow, a boxy olive drab-colored mech, watched the sun rising over the river. The very one he and Alpha had 'played' in the one day a while back. He threw another stone, glancing around to make sure he was still alone. He heard the sound of a helicopter in the far distance, and hoped they would just stay away. Leave him to his misery. He clenched his fist, and promised himself that agin, he would never care. He'd not only lost Alpha, but discovered on his way here that Driveby, also, had been lost.

His one true love. The one person he'd almost been bonded with. That was enough to break through the wall of emotion he had put up, and try as he might, the tears still appeared.


Autobot City Repairbay

In the far corner, Cable groaned in that way commonly recognised as "Did anyone get the liscense of the mack truch that hit me?" Which is what he said immediately after coming online. Another groan sounded.

"I'm gonna kill whoever shot my wings off." Beacon looked over at his comrade. "Hey, anyone seen Gunlock?"

"Nope. The fragger's probably out getting drunk without us." Cable managed a grin then winced as the external fuel filters and backup machinery wires shifted, scraping on exposed circuits and sensitive wiring. "I feel like I've just been stepped on by Devastator." Cable joked, glancing at Terra, who glared back.

Then he noticed Cap, who was almost completely flattened, and the various tubes and wires running into his armor, keeping him alive.

"Uh.." he laid back down and shut his mouth.

Terra gave Cable a saddened look, but then looked away as she continued to watch.

Beacon sighed and settled back down, thankful it was only his wings that had gotten damaged. Meanwhile, the repair crew had managed to clear away some of the debris from the main entryway, and gather up those who had been lost.

And the Decepticons, simply because it was littering to leave the tin cans all over the place, now wasn't it?

Kit had to glance away when they brought it the others. She closed her optics tightly and looked away. "He'll be fine..." She whispered to Terra before walking out just as they brought in her mother and uncle. The 'A' and 'O' on their bodies had disappeared.


About half an hour later...

Sunstreaker tapped his foot impatiently as Perceptor finished his repairs.

"Well!?" he finally demanded.

"I have done everything comprehensibly possible for your brother, but he requires some recouperational time in order to surmise whether his recovery will be complete." the red microscope replied. The yellow Lamborgini grabbed him up around the throat, and narrowed his optics. "Say it in english!" he growled.

Perceptor gulped. "I simply meant that..." Streetwise cut in for him. "He meant it will take time to tell." he came over and put a hand on the yellow twin's arm. "Perhaps you should go get some rest."

Sunstreaker shoved the protectobot policecar back with more force than was nessesary. "I don't need to rest! I need for my brother to be allright!" he yelled.

Kit touched Sunstreaker's arm and gave him a look. "Get some rest, uncle Sunny"

Sunstreaker snarled and shoved her away. "I allready said I'm FINE!"

He shoved Perceptor back, releasing his grip, and stalked over to sit beside his brother.

Kit stumbled and hit the ground. Hard. She looked up at Sunstreaker and tears formed in her optics. "Fine..." She sniffled, "See if I care what happens to you..." She turned and walked out of the med bay, wiping the freshly fallen tears from her optics. The golden warrior looked at the retreating teen, then at the two covered body-shells. Then at his twin. He hadn't realised... He felt kinda bad for hurting her feelings. But he was just lashing out because he was hurt. He didn't know Kit had lost her 'parents'. He shook his head and turned back to watching over his twin.

Meanwhile, on Cybertron, in a circle of statues, a chorus of trumpets sounded, and Starscream, wearing a cape, stood impatiently on the raised Dais. Thrust and Ramjet were on either side, both holding guns, in case anyone tried to interrupt Starscream's "coronation".

"Get on with the ceremony!" Starscream demanded impatiently. The Constructicons, who had the trumpets looked at each other and started again...

Only to have the end of their instruments sliced off while playing, with one blast from the seeker's armcannon.

Astrotrain came over and placed the ruby-ornamented crown on his head. Starscream triumphantly started "My fellow Decepticons. As your new leader, I..." His speech was cut off by the sound of jet engines from above, though.

"Who disrupts my coronation!!!" he screeched.

"Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy!" Glavatron said, transforming.

"Megatron?" Starscream looked hard at the new leader. He bore a striking resemblance to Megatron. Only... purple. And more muscular. "Is that you?"

Starscream realized who it was a second too late, though. His optics went wide with horror as his 'bodygaurds' jumped off the dais, and the new decepticon transformed into a HUGE cannon.

"Here's a hint!" Galvatron fired.

Starscream didn't even have time to...well...scream. He was instantly incinerated, and the ashes crumbled, leaving behind only a pair of boots behind.

Galvatron transformed and crushed the crown under his foot. then turned his back to the smoldering ashes. "Would anyone else care to fill his shoes?"

The Decepticons loked at each other. Then one asked each other "what'd he say his name was?"

"He didn't"

"Galvatron." Galvatron proudly exclaimed.

"Long Live Galvatron! Galvatron!" The Decepticons chorused.


Autobot City, Earth

Outside, a shadow lurked in the darkened space in the corner between the repairbay doors and the adjacent walls. "You did what you could." the dark green and blue jet said. His somewhat deep voice echoed eerily around the silent corridor.
Gunlock stepped out of the shadows, and glanced at the closed doors.

"I'm almost afraid to ask how my comrades are." he said evenly.

Kit looked up at them. "Cap 'n' Cable are okay..." She explained as she walked over to him, "But... Ty... and Driveby..."

The darkly-colored jet nodded, looking at the floor. "I know about them." he looked back up at her. How are Beacon and Cable?" he smirked slightly when he said that. "Giving you guys heck?"

"Nah...they're okay..." Kit shrugged, walking over to him. "Beacon's talking a bit more than he should," She smirked, "But, hey, at least Cable's quiet"
Gunlock smirked. Hm. Now there's an opposite of normality. Are you sure they're okay?" he joked.

"I'm not too sure." Kit giggled slightly.


Inside the repairbay

Cable looked at the ceiling tiles, then over at Perceptor, remembering the attack. "Ty..." He trailed off.

"Ty, is she... okay?" he asked. Terra looked over at him and then at the ground.

She shook her head, "She's gone, Cable...I'm sorry..." The femme answered, looking at him.

the little yellow car's optics widened, and tears started forming around the edges. "I...I didn't mean to shoot her! I didn't want to! Bomshell put one of those mind-controlling chips on her, and..." He tariled off and looked away. "I didn't want to. I had to... but.." He trailed off, gulping. He hadn't meant to shoot his friend. "I just wanted to knock her out! Really!" he added, voice almost squeaking.

"Shh..." Terra tried, "It's okay, did what you had to"


Moonbase One, over Cybertron

A strange, loud hum filled the air and the ground heaved and shook. Jazz and Cliffjumper looked up to see a huge planet-like moster filling the sky over the tiny planetoid. "Where'd that come from!?" Jazz exclaimed.

The huge maw opened, and two tusklike appendages embedded themselves in the surface of the planet. "Who cares!" Cliffjumper retorted. "I'm more worried about where it's going!"

Jazz ran for the transmitter. "Talk to me Earth, We've got a situation out here"


On Earth Springer and Arcee were uprighting a pillar, and Blaster was carrying a peice of something or another over when his radio frequency receptors lit up.

"Roger me, wilco me, Anything! hello, hello, Earth!!"

Blaster dropped what he was carrying and transformed. "I'm picking up a faint signal."

"This is Jazz. A gi-normous weird lookin' planet just showed up in the suburbs of Cybertron..." Jazz said.

"And it's attacking moonbase-"

Static interupted them.

Ultra Magnus looked at the transformed casette host. "Jazz! Cliffjumper!"

no reply.

Jazz and Cliffjumper made their way to the shuttle, holding onto whatever they could, to keep from being sucked into the planet-eater's giant mouth, like the rest of the moonbase. They managed to get into the shuttle, and shut the door. Cliffjumper wrestled with it for a second against the howling wind outside, then finally wrenched it closed, and ran for the command chair next to Jazz.

"Got to blast free, if we can." Jazz started the engine sequence.

Cliffjumper hit the ignition startup "Ignition, and..."

"Hit it!" Jazz glanced at the minispy as he turned the rockets on full. The Shuttle lurched away from the moonbase, and they though for a moment they were getting away. The shuttle rocked, and started to plummet backwards, towards the dissapearing moonbase. Then dissapeared into the darkness and debris.


Back on Cybertron, Galvatron saw the moon and growled. "How dare Unicron?! Cybertron and all its moons belong to me!" Suddenly, pain exploded in his head and he withered before falling down the stairs.

Scourge picked Galvatron up, "But remember, we belong to him."

"I...belong to no one..." Galvatron said, breathlessly, then sinced again, begfore the pain dissipated. He had his orders. and Unicron was making it very clear what he wanted.

"Decepticons, to Earth!"


Autobot City, Earth

Ultra Magnus held the portable transmitter where evryone could see it, and Arcee lifted Daniel up onto her shoulder so he could see. Several other Autobots had gathered around, including Hot Rod, Kup, and the Dinobots. Spike looked scared. "It's like a nightmare."

Bumblebee cut in with "this.. thing, this juggernaut, just tore the first moon to shreds!"

Spike added in "And it's headed this way!"

"We'll try and slow it down." Bumblebee nodded.

"But you'd better get here fast, because if it..." The rest of the transmission was cut off into static.

"Dad!" Daniel shouted. Ultra Magnus turned to the group, not even noticing the shadow that had walked up as they were talking. The tank had happened to be within hearing range, and paused to listen. Hammertread crept closer. If they were going to defeat a planet, they'd need all the heavy-hitters they could find.

Besides, it would give him a hell of a chance to trash some decepticons!

"Revenge." red optics narrowed into lava-colored slits.

"Autobots, prepare to board the shuttles. This new menace is more dangerous than all the Decepticons put together. Somehow we must destroy it before it devours Cybertron" Ultra Magnus stated.

Daniel pouted visibly. "But what about my dad? He's on the moon between that monster and Cybertron?" The city commander just gave the youth a sympathetic look. "Daniel, I'll do everything I can for Spike."

From just outside the rapairbay, Gunlock turned his head slightly, noticing the commotion, mainly the Dinobots yelling to one another about a transmission from Cybertron.

"And what are we going to do when we get there? If that thing crunches moons, it'll make short work of us." Springer snorted.

"Maybe the Matrix can stop it." Ultra Magnus suggested.

"Youre right, it can!" Hot Rod agreed.

"What do you know about it, lad?" Kup asked.

"It's... just a feeling." Hot Rod glanced up and gasped.

"Look!" Kup exclaimed.

Kit's ears twitched. "Huh?" She crept a bit closer. "...A monster planet?" She echoed.

Gunlock frowned. "So it would seem."

the Decepticons swooped down, and Hammertread cracked his knuckles. Payback time! He pulled out his grenade launcher and took a couple shots. Cyclonus swooped down, Galvatron in the cockpit. "I Galvatron will crush you, just as Megatron crushed Prime"

"And you'll die trying, just like Megatron!" Ultra Magnus retorted, returning fire.

At the same time, Hammertread's grenade collided with the jet, sending him rocking back and forth. Galvatron cursed, and waved his fist. "Autobot scrap!"

Scourge popped his head up while in his vehicle mode. "You want me to gut Ultra Magnus for you?"

"There are plenty of Autobots for you, Ultra Magnus is mine!" Galvatron retorted.
Gunlock did a double take as a yellow streak swished past, transforming to peel out of the city's entrance. Hammetread took aim at one of the sweeps, pausing momentarily when hesaw the yellow Lamborgini. "Hmm. Looks like I'm not the only one out for some revenge." he mused. The yellow lamborgini took off, landing on Cyclonus's twin, who did a barrel roll, trying to throw him off.

Sunstreaker simply snarled and plunged his dagger int othe top of the jet. The jet did a swerve back and forth, and scourge circled around to get behind him. Sunstreaker ripped the plate off and buried the muzzle of his rifle in the jet's circuitry. "this is for my brother." he growled, and pulled the trigger.

At the same time, scourge got a lock and fired. HT looked up to see the smoking mech come crashing down, a ragged hole torn straight through his chest.

He fired off a couple shots with his shotgun, bringing the Cyclonus twin down the rest of the way, then ran over to where he was.

The golden and black mech mumbled something about "At least..We'll be together..." and powered down. Hammertread looked up and at the group of autobots, who were yelling at each other to get to the shuttles.

Hammetread tansformed and rolled forward, shooting his turret at anything that swooped too low. He managed to get a couple choice shots in on Scourge, but was determined to bring down more than just one.

"Come down here and fight like a mech, cowards!" he called


inside a destroyed building a few hundred meters North of the battle..

"Only gonna hurt a bit, not more" the voice whispered to herself as the gun where pressed hard against the blue Transformer's shoulder. "Bite your teeth together Link, only a little painfull in your sensors..."

A shout was heard as energon splatted out on the wall behind the blue femme, her white optics screamed of pain. Definitely not a "little" painfull, but her broken vocalizer kept her from screaming loudly enough to be heard, she could barely even whisper. Her hands searched the floor for a second before they found the energon-covered metal, a bullet, the one she had been shot in the shoulder with.

"Need this..." she closed her hand around the small peice of black metal before the gun fell out of her hands as she tried to get back onto her damage legs. She thanked Primus she had escaped before Starscream also had thrown her out too, but where could she possibly go now? her fingers scratched at the Decepticon-mark on the back of her left hand. "Time... to go" she manage to whisper out painfully as she put one foot in front of the other.


"Almost there..." she was close, just as she fell over a small rock and hit the ground , when she lifted her head again she could see the light, the Autobots med-bay, her last chance of light in her darkest hour, she forced her broken knees to stay together just a little more as she walked into the Autobots med-bay, her fingertips dug deeply into the metal of her backhand as she ripped off the last of the Decepticon-mark and collapsed onto the floor at the shut entrance. "Help me..." AngelLink manage to say quietly and helpless as everything desppeared and she fell unconcious.

Perceptor was on his way to the shuttle, and spotted the femme near the entryway to the med-bay. "Oh my!"

The doors had allready been shut and locked when the battle commenced, and the only other way in was through the city. If someone didn't rescue her, Galvatron and his goons would most likely deactivate her.

The red microscope went over to the femme and gently picked her up, putting her on one of the repair tables in the shuttle. Even though they were going to battle the giant planet-eating-monster, he'd still find a way to repair her on the shuttle. Maybe they could drop her off on one of the moonbases. If they were still there, that is.

Beacon walked out of the repairbay, giving Cable a glance over his shoulder. "Go. Go." the yellow car made a shooing motion. "And give em one for me, kay?" beacon replied with a smile and a nod. "Will do."


Outside, near the shuttles

Kit saw the Decepticons and growled. She, too, wanted to rip them apart for her adopted family, but couldn't. She was too small...however...


Grimlock screeched to a stop and saw her. He scooped her up so she was on his neck and the two charged intp battle, Kit firing her freeze gun at the sweeps' wings and Grimlock slashing at them with his claws, trying to catch them.

"For my mommy..." She thought as her emerald optics lit up when Grimlock batted a sweep into a wall.

"Kit, no!" Terra screeched as she went towards the shuttle.

Her hand almost grabbed Kit's but then a shot went through her wing. She screeched and tumbled to the groumd. her smoking wings wrapped around her. She struggled to stand as the shots got closer.

Hammertread sighted another Decepticon and fired.

"Hammertread, let's go." Magnus called. The tank growled and kept firing.

The others passed him up, gettign into the shuttles, and Magnus looked at the tank.

"Hammertread, get in the damn shuttle!" Ultra Magnus yelled. The tank gave the city commander a vehement red-opticed look that spoke volumes, then stomped into the shuttle and flopped down against the far wall.

He turned his head slightly, noticing Daniel gaping at him with round eyes.


Daniel eeped and skittered down to hide behind Perceptor, who gave the tank a look from the repairtable he was bent over. "that wasn't very nice, you know." he pointed out.

"And?" Hammetread gave him and evil look, making Perceptor look at Ultra Magnus, who sighed and rolled his eyes. "I don't have time for this right now. Are we ready to lift off yet?"

Blurr's voice sounded from behind them. "almost-ultramagnus-almost-almost-but-I-can't-seem-to-get-the-dinobots-onto-the-stupid-shuttle-because-they're-impossible-imposible-IMPOSSIBLE!" Magnus sighed. "Kup, you and Hot Rod get the Dinobots on the shuttle. Blurr, you're with Springer and Arcee.

Kit slid off of the Dinobots and ran into the other shuttle with Hammertread and plopped down next to him. She looked up at him and then at Daniel. "Sorry 'bout Uncle HT...he's a grumpy pants." She said simply, shrugging.


the second shuttle

Kup and Hotrod managed to get the Dinobots into the shuttle, Grimlock first, then Sludge and Slag following. Terra managed to limp into the shuttle with the Dinobots and she plopped her butt down. "Ow..." She managed. "Who's here? Everyone okay?" There was a series of nods.

Kup sat down at the command console next to Hot Rod. "This reminds me of the battle on Alpha 9." He saw Grimlock and frowned. "Grimlock, get your noodle outta my face!" He shoved him away.

The Dinobot inched forward again."Me, Grimlock, love Kup's war stories!"

"You're living one now..." He glanced at HotRod, "Engage the boosters for Cybertron's sake!"

Hot Rod went up to where Kup was at the ship's controls, and the ship started to take off.

"Tell Grimlock about Petro-Rabbits again." Grimlock begged.

"I'll give you petro-rabbits..." Kup grumbled, using the joystick to manuver the ship.


the first shuttle

Arcee ran towards the other shuttle as it started to take off. Springer reached out the open hatch around the weaponfire. "Jump!"

She reached out, but the shuttle was speeding up too fast. Then, like a pair of birds out of nowhere, Gunlock and Beacon swooped up, grabbing either arm and launching themselved through the shuttle doors. "Hope this flight isn't fully booked allready." Beacon grinned.

Arcee looked over at them "thanks." Gunlock nodded, and Springer hit the door button. Daniel looked at the two newcomers, then at Arcee, who just smiled back. "Everybody hold on." Ultra Magnus announced. The small ship shuddered as it went up out of the atmosphere.


Kit smiled at everyone and then yelped when the the ship shook slightly. She grabbed onto Hammertread's arm, wrapping hers around his left one. She looked around as they managed to get out of the armosphere. "Thank Primus..." She murmured, letting go of her 'uncle'. "So good...somewhat..." She added after seeing the condition everyone was in. She looked at her tail, the end was singed slightly, and stood up. The teenager walked over to where she could look out of the window and her optics took in every little sight. Tears welled up in her emerald optics.

Her mom had promised her that they would go to Cybertron once Omega got back and see everything there. Seeing as she had never been there before.

The ships shook again. On his ship, Galvatron pressed a combination of buttons.

"Cyclonus, Transform and attack."

The purple flier lauched himself from the underside of the new Decepticon warlord's ship, and flew around both ships, launching missiles and energy bolts wherever he could. Both ships rocked. Galvatron pressed more buttons as Cyclonus returned, lauching a set of missiles at the first shuttle.


second shuttle

Kup's ship shook and he cursed, "This reminds me of the battle on Beta 4..."

"Well what did you do there?" Hot Rod asked, optics never leaving the viewscreen.

"I'm trying to remember...there were an awful lot of casulities..." Kup thought for a moment, "Oh yeah! We inverted polarities!"

The ship flew up and then flew back down, but the shots only reversed themselves and came back.

"They're coming back!" Hot Rod annouced.

"Let's just hope we've screwed up their trajectories!"


First Shuttle

Kit hit her butt and 'oofed' as she fell. She glanced up and her optics widened. They were back! Oh no...and Kup and Hot Rod were being attacked!

The shots suddenly exploded, sending their ship crashing towards a nearby planet.

"Kup and Hot Rod just bought it!" Springer announced.

"I can't deal with that now!" Ultra Magnus yelled.

"Face in, Magnus, the Decepticons are going to dog us until they see us dead!"

Ultra Magnus nodded solemly. "Then that's exactly what they're going to see."

"What?!" Kit finally voiced, optics wide, but was silenced with the glare the leader gave her. She shrank back slightly, looking up at them with confusion and fear.

"Prepare for emergency seperation!" Ultra Magnus commanded, pressing a series of buttons. "That's too dangerous!" Perceptor protested. But it was too late to argue.

The two parts of the ship seperated from one another, just as Glavatron pressed the fire button, launching another group of missiles at the shuttle.

Galvatron cackled as he watched the 'ship' blow up. He grinned and Cyclonus reported, "The Autobots have been terminated!!"

"Excellent." The tyrant grinned.

Suddenly, Galvatron's body twisted with pain and he held his head, falling to his knees. "Aaah! Take me to Unicron!!"

The 'Cons did as their leader commanded.


"Did we have to let them dedinate three-quaters of the ship?" Arcee asked, Daniel on her lap.

Springer retorted "Seeing as how they would have detonated four quarters, I think it was a good choice."

Arcee looked around. "Yeah, but how are we gonna get there in this peice of junk?"

Ultra Magnus, hearing their conversation, asked "Perceptor, have you located a place to set down for repairs?"

The microscope tapped a few buttons on the console in front of him.

"Gamma waves in this sector of space create marginal navational probabilitites." He glanced over at Ultra /Magnus, who had his chin on his hand, rapping his fingers with a clear expression that said "B.O.R.E.D"

"However..." Perceptor chuckled slightly "I think the planet of junk is in this vicinity"

"Then let's go for it." Magnus ordered.


Meanwhile, elsewhere.

"Kup? Grimlock?!" Hotrod yelled as he tried to untangle himself from a bunch of seaweed. He looked around the ocean and yelled again, "Slag! ...Anyone?!"

Sharks came to attack the young Autobot, but he changed his hand into a saw and instantly sliced through a few until he managed to cut through the seaweed. He swam.

"Hot Rod..." Kup's voice echoed.


The mech swam farther and saw a large squid tearing the elder mech to pieces.


"Hot Rod! Help!"

The youth fired a blast from his wrist blasters at the squid, making it drop the blue Autobot. But before he could react, the quid had wrapped it's tentacles around Hot Rod. He used his saw to hack through the arm holding him, only to have another one grab him. so he got an idea. he fired his arm blaster at one of the squid's eyes, getting an enraged roar and an ink cloud as the squid dropped him and swam off quickly.

"Kup!" Hot Rod picked up the mech's torso.

"F...Fix me..." The elder said, his mouth making air bubbles as he talked.

"Sure, Kup, right away." Hot Rod agreed, picking up the older mech's arm and leg. He quickly swam to the surface.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the galaxy, a small orangey-colored ship approached a scraggly-colored planet, barely able to keep level as it approached. "brace for impact!" Ultra Magnus called. The small shuttle hit the ground, bounced between junk piles, and slalomed down the valley of spare parts and rust-colored junk. Hammertread grunted and grabbed onto a peice of metal overhead as the ship rocked.

Kit couldn't grab onto something quick enough and was tossed back. She grabbed onto the nearest thing she could grab before she bounced again and realized it was Hammertread's shoulder. "Hi." She giggled weakly before holding on tighter as the ship bounced again. HT looked over as he felt something grab onto his shoulder, and put his arm around Kit to make sure she didn't go flying. Beacon and Gunlock went flying past, towards the back of the ship.

Once it had landed, everything was quiet for a second, then a bit of metal fell, hitting Springer on the head. Springer grunted. "Remind me to give the autopilot a raise."

"He could-a done bettah..." Kit mumbled, dropping from Hamertread's shoulders and rubbing her aft. "Ow..."

"Is everyone okay?" Arcee asked as she uncovered Daniel from where she was holding him.

"I'm good."

Kit gave him a weak smile and then looked at Beacon and Gunlock. "That looked like it hurt." She commented innocently, smiling like the little sparkling she had once been.

AngelLink regained conciousness, and tried to activate her optics, but they only met darkness in the small room. She sat up from the table and slowly placed her feet on the floor, and started to walk as good as she could without falling. The door had been blown off, and she walked through and outside, and nearly tripped over a big piece of metal. She onlined her optics, and looked around, and she saw why the planet was called The Planet of Junk.