This is just a fluffy little one shot about Pepito and Squee that I couldn't get out of my head. They're about 18 in this.

Warning: Contains Pepito/Squee romance, slash, activities.

Squee and Pepito belong to the Almighty Jhonen Vasquez, who would probably like to kill me.


Setting: It was a calm and clear night. Only the light of the full moon illuminated a dark bedroom, creating an unearthly glow as it poured through an open window of an on campus apartment. Two figures stood out in the glow against the silky black sheets of a four poster bed.


Pepito's voice was strained, but full of passion. He lowered his head slightly to gently press his lips against his best friend's, hoping that the kiss would speak for him. He trailed little kisses down the young man's jaw bone and nuzzled the space between shoulder and neck.

Todd accepted the kiss between calming pants. As Pepito nuzzled him, he raised an unsteady hand to stroke his dark locks. His voice came out just as unsteady and almost inaudibly low. "Pepito?"

Pepito raised his head with a true smile, red eyes locking with brown. His smile faded as he saw that the brown were gleaming with unshed tears. One tan hand rose to stroke a pale cheek. "Squee? Is..something wrong?"

Todd leaned into the comforting touch. This had truly been the most intimate and compassionate experience of his life, and he had spent it in the arms of the Antichrist. He took a deep breath as he realized he that there was no one else he would have rather spent it matter what the cost. But he still had to know. "Wrong? No, nothings wrong. It's you own my soul now?"

Pepito's brow furrowed in confusion and shock. He really hadn't expected that. Todd's question and those shinny eyes sent an invisible dagger right into his heart. He tried to make his words sound light, but they came out chocked all the same. "Come now, Amigo. Surely you know there has to be a contract for such a transaction."

He decided to drop all pretense of his obviously forced nonchalance. Rolling on to his side, he pulled the other close, wrapping him in a tight embrace before pulling back slightly to look into his eyes once again. As a tear finally rolled down Todd's face he felt himself on the brink of shedding a few himself. He tenderly kissed it away before speaking in a soft and serious tone. "Do you really think I would do that to you, Squee?"

Todd was shocked. Pepito looked legitimately hurt, and although he tried to hide it, it came out in his voice as well. He suddenly felt guilty for asking, but he had just slept with the son of Satan after all. When he was pulled into an almost desperately tight huge he melted. He felt a single tear fall from his eye, making his his vision slightly blurry. Now it was his turn to try to lighten the mood. He gave a slightly amused smile."Well, you have spent a lot of time trying to convince me to join the dark side."

Pepito mirrored the small smile. "Squee, you know that's been a joke for years now." He brushed a hand through the other's tangled mass of moist hair. "And I never ask you when you seem really down..." He let the sentence hang, though its meaning was obvious: he never asked when he thought there was a real chance that Todd would say yes. "The reason I was attracted to you was because you're an individual. I like that you're not some soulless minion. It took me a while for figure it out, Todd, but I don't want your soul. I will, however, accept your heart, if you're willing to give it." His smile broadened. "You've had mine for some time now."

Todd's smile broadened as well. More tears fail, but they were tears of joy. He tightened his grip around the Antichrist and kissed his cheek. He then lowered his head to whisper into Pepito's ear. "It's all yours, mi amor. Heh. I'll even sign a contract if you want."

Pepito accepted the huge happily. His eyes widened at Todd's words. "Amigo? Was...that a marriage proposal?"