Warning: This is a lemon! That means sex..in this case between two guys. There is some minor S&M and a lot of weirdness.


The Fluff: Chapter Six

Squee smiled warmly at the other's words, a smile that reflected a feeling inside that he wasn't sure had ever been there before. It reminded him of roasting peeps: sweet, warm and gooey. He felt complete and loved, like maybe he really could forget about his parents now. He didn't have long to contemplate this feeling before he was reminded of the task at hand when Pepito licked the ear he had just whispered into, copying his own previous method.

Subduing a devious, toothy grin when Todd began to squirm at the contact, Pepito slipped a hand into his hair, holding the back of his head to make sure he couldn't escape. His other hand slid under his shirt, running up and down his back sensually. When he was sure that his Squee was secured the licking turned to sucking, which didn't stop until he heard the other moan. At this, his lips moved lower, kissing, sucking and nipping at the supple flesh on Todd's neck. He could feel his pulse speed up as he bit down with care as to not break skin.

Fingers fisted in the material of Pepito's shirt as Squee tried to pull them closer and push away from the other's ministrations at the same time. He was squirming more franticly, but was secretly glad that the other held him in place. Biting his lip to stifle a moan, he still managed to emit low whimpers each time Pepito's mouth enveloped his skin.

Every little noise Todd made was slowly draining away the control he was trying to maintain, and he could feel himself progressively biting slightly rougher and sucking slightly harder, though the kisses in between were still gentle and sweet. The way the other was squirming in his lap was driving him mad with desire, and he could feel himself rubbing against pants that were suddenly much tighter to prove it. He released Todd's reddened skin from his grasp to let out a moan of his own as the hand on the young man's back moved lower, pushing their crotches together before moving back up to pull him in for another deep kiss.

Squee felt his cheeks flush lightly as the bulge in his pants brushed against the one in Pepito's, and his stomach did a flip worthy of a world class circus. When he was taken into another kiss, he responded eagerly, letting his tongue enter the other's mouth. He explored extensively before luring Pepito's tongue into his own mouth, only to suck it seductively, in spite of the how embarrassingly novel such an act was for him.

Gasping into the kiss, Pepito wondered how someone so innocent could be so utterly and irresistibly sexy. His hand traveled down to massage Todd's erection through his jeans, causing him to release a gasp of his own. Pepito took that opportunity to regain control of the kiss, invading Squee's mouth before giving him a taste of his own medicine. But he was about to get much more than that.

The mixed sensations had Squee nearly losing conscious control of his body. His grip on Pepito's back tightened to the point that he was probably leaving claw marks, and his hips rocked forward, into his grasp and against his pelvis, instinctively. He let out another whimper when Pepito's mouth finally left his own, only for the other to hold him tightly against his body before flipping them both over on the couch so that Squee was now on his back, head resting on a throw cushion, with a highly aroused half-demon grinning down at him mercilessly. He glopped nervously, but couldn't help returning the smile.

Pepito hooked his hand under Todd's right knee, spreading his legs further apart before teasingly running his hand up his inner thigh. He brushed purposefully, yet lightly, against the other's crotch as his hand traveled up his body to the collar of his tee shirt. Leaning in, he placed a gentle kiss on Squee's lips before licking and lightly biting the other's lower lip. He gave it a little tug before pulling back and licking his own lips. His hand rose from Todd's collar for a moment so that he could give one finger a lick that was mostly just for show, but emitted an audible sizzling. Then the hand returned to the collar where the finger traced a line down Squee's chest, burning a cut down the middle of the shirt.

Squee held his breath as he felt the heat of the burning fabric move slowly down his chest. Even though he was sure Pepito knew what he was doing, there was an element of danger, and it was turning him on even more. As the other's finger reached the bottom of his shirt he let it out, feeling more a ease.

"Did you steal that from Dogma?" He asked in an amused tone.

"Heh. Maybe. But you know you think it's sexy."

Both of Pepito's hands glided up and across Todd's bare chest, pushing the remains of his shirt to the sides. He leaned in once more to let his tongue play at the young man's left nipple while fondling the other with his hand. He swirled his tongue around the pink nub as he felt his lover's hand embed itself in his hair, stroking it affectionately. After giving both nipples much the same treatment as he had given Todd's neck, leaving them both red and swollen, he placed a reverent kiss over the other's heart before trailing passionate kisses down his chest and stomach.

When Pepito came to his belly-button his tongue once again darted out to trace slow circles around it before dipping deep inside to swirl around once, and make Todd squirm even more than the attention to his ear had done, before emerging to creep lower still. When he reached Todd's jeans, he placed another kiss firmly on the bulge of the crotch, then looked up at him seductively before unbuttoning and unzipping the pants with his teeth.

Only when his jeans were unzipped and Pepito hooked his fingers beneath both his pants and underwear did Squee notice that his breathing had grown heavy. He lifted his hips and then his legs to help the other remove the last of his garments.

After letting Todd's pants fall to the floor, Pepito took advantage of his raised knees, kissing his way down the mortal's thigh, prolonging the tease just that much longer. When he finally reached the other's cock it was delightfully hard. He ran a finger up the length ever so lightly, watching it twitch and hearing his beloved moan his name, with amusement. The finger was followed at a leisurely pace by his tongue, which drew almost pleading sounds from Todd. After placing one last kiss on the head of his member, he finally decided to take pity on him.

He licked his lips, knowing it would make what he was about to do easier, and took the tip into his mouth, running his tongue around the sensitive area just below the head. Hearing Todd gasp, he looked up to see him biting his lip and grasping the leather couch cushions tightly. Damn, that was a beautiful sight. Inspired, he took the full length into his mouth, using his tongue to stroke it as well. As he pulled back he felt Todd's hand desperately reach for his own, which was resting on the young man's hip. He gave it freely, smiling shortly to himself as their fingers interlocked. His fingers caressed the other's hand soothingly, as if reassuring him that this new pleasure was alright.

Squee released a ragged sigh at the gentle comfort. His breathing calmed ever so slightly before he was once again surrounded by the warm, slick, velvety softness of Pepito's mouth. His hold on the other's hand tightened when he felt the slightly rougher tongue run up and down his shaft. As his demonic lover continued to bob up and down, doing amazing things with his tongue, he felt a tantalizing heat steadily building in his abdomen. When the wonderful sensation paused, he look down to see Pepito give him a devilish grin before sticking two fingers in his mouth, making his next move pretty obvious. He felt Pepito give his hand one last squeeze before releasing it, and he pouted slightly.

"Sorry, Amigo. I kind of need it at the moment." To emphasize this point, he smoothed Todd's upper legs before pushing them even further apart. "Try to relax, okay?"

At the other's nod, Pepito used his, now free, right hand to take hold of Todd's member, stroking it slowly. He licked the two fingers of his left hand again for good measure before placing one at the other's entrance, rubbing and massaging it gently. He waited patiently, watching Squee's face with fascination, knowing that this was probably only the second time he had done anything like this. When the other finally relaxed enough, he slide the first finger in slowly. As it was enveloped in tight heat he couldn't help but remember what it had been like when a different part of his body had been immersed inside merely a few nights before, making his own cock throb with excitement. But that would have to wait.

Squee took a deep breath as he felt the wet finger slide into his body. Though there wasn't much pain, this was still a very odd sensation, especially at first. The finger slide in and out of him a couple more times before Pepito took his member back into his mouth, drawing his attention away from the odd feeling of the still thrusting finger. As Squee gave himself over to the pleasure, he felt Pepito add another finger, but by then the thrusting had taken on the same pleasant sensation from their previous excursion. His fingers were hitting that sweet spot inside him in rhythm with his sucking, and Squee had started to thrust back onto them himself. The heat in his abdomen was back with a vengeance, and he could feel himself on the verge of overflowing with ecstasy. As he felt himself nearing his end he was only vaguely aware of himself whimpering, moaning and calling his lover's name. Finally, his body convulsed of its own volition as he was lost in complete bliss.

As Todd became more vocal and his breathing more labored, Pepito speed up his ministrations, carefully waiting for the exact moment when the other was at the point of no return. Just as Squee arched his back in the throws of orgasm, Pepito employed one of his favorite demonic powers, telekinesis, to squeeze Todd's pelvic floor muscle, allowing him to ride through the orgasm without actually ejaculating. This, of course, also allowed him to remain hard and just as turned on as before the orgasm.

Gradually, the convulsions subsided and Squee's breathing slowed to a level somewhere below hyperventilation. Oddly, he didn't feel the usual post-orgasm tiredness...or a depleting level of arousal. He felt the other's mouth and fingers leave him, but the hand remained, once again slowly stroking him. He looked down in confusion at the half-demon, who sported a wily smirk, and his still erect cock.


"Yes, Amigo?"

"How...why..I mean...I-"

"Orgasm and ejaculation aren't always the same thing. And I'm not finished with you yet." Pepito gave Todd an almost predatory smile before slowly crawling up his body until they were face to face.

Squee let out an exaggerated sigh at the other's explanation, huffing in an obvious imitation of disappointment. "You're mean, Mr. Devil."

"Heh, heh. I guess I am." He kissed Todd's swollen lips fervently. "And you want more, don't you my darling?"

Pushing back his pride, Squee slowly nodded in the affirmative. There was really no point in denial because his body was making it more than apparent that he did. "Yes."

Pepito kissed him again. "Tell me what you want, Todd."

If he hadn't already been flushed from orgasm, Squee would have turned at least three shades darker. Thinking of specifics was just too much. "You."

Another tender kiss. "What do you want me to do to you?"

"Anything. Everything. Whatever you want."

"Whatever I want? Are you sure, Amigo?" Pepito reached up gently brush damp bangs from the other's brow.

Squee shallowed thickly. He had been sure until Pepito asked that question. Sometimes it was easy to forget that he was a demon, and probably had sexual fetishes that could kill a mortal.

"I promise I won't hurt you...anymore than you want me to. Do you trust me?"

"I...y-yes. I trust you." Squee answered honestly, but in a shaky voice. He wasn't really used to trusting other people so totally, and it still scared him a little.

"Do you trust me enough to know that you can tell me to stop without having to worry about me being upset with you?" Pepito's tone was soft, yet serious. He was gazing into Todd's eyes as if he could find the answer to his question in their depths without requiring any words.

Instead his answer came in the form of a bright, earnest smile that spread across Squee's face when he realized that he truly did. He happily wrapped his arms around Pepito's neck, pulling him down for another kiss before embracing him tightly. "You know, I really do."

Pepito returned the embrace as best he could with the other lying on the couch beneath him. "I'm glad. Thank you."

He knew how significant such a level of trust was for Squee and that he would have to be extra careful with it. For a moment he considered backing out of what he had planned himself. It would be a terrible thing to break such trust, but if it worked out properly it could make things better instead of worse. Squeezing his arms between Todd's back and the cushion, he pulled them both up and into a sitting position. His arms tightened around the person he loved more than anything in this world or the next, and he could feel Todd's automatically doing the same. The two remained in a close embrace for several minutes.

"Thank you for deserving it." Todd buried his face in the crock of the other's neck, releasing a soft sigh.

When, after a while, they had both relaxed, but Pepito showed no signs of carrying out whatever deeds he obviously had planned, Squee realized that he would have to get things going again himself. Scooting even further into the other's lap, Squee nuzzled the neck that was already so close, placing small kisses on it afterwards. When he felt Pepito respond by gently stroking his bare back, he slipped his hands into the other's shirt to do the same. He pulled back slightly to raise the shirt over Pepito's head before dropping it behind him on the sofa. The kisses continued up the other's neck. When he reached his ear, he placed a small kiss on the lobe before whispering in a low voice.

"Pepito, take me. I want you. I need you. Please?"

"You're sure?"


Pepito took a deep breath, visualizing the inhalation as air-borne confidence. "Okay, Squeegee. Hold on."

His arms once again tightened their hold on the other young man as he stood, partly under his mortal body's power and partly using his demonic power of levitation, with the other still safely in his arms.

Squee secured himself by fastening his right hand to his left arm behind the others neck, and fought an urge to roll his eyes or laugh at being carried to Pepito's bedroom. "I can walk, you know."

Pepito smirked at this. "Yes, but not for long."

The door to Pepito's bedroom opened seemly of it's own accord, allowing the two to pass before closing once again. He carried Todd to his bed, depositing him on the wine-red comforter with a kiss to the forehead before backing up a few solid steps.

"Check this out." The half-demon closed his eyes in concentration.

From his sitting position on the bed, Squee watched as black curtains closed over the two windows in the room, blocking out the sun light. The room was dark for a few seconds before various candles throughout the room were all lit in sequence, the flames appearing out of thin air to give the surrounding area a dim, romantic lighting.

"Impressive." Squee smiled indulgently.

Pepito nodded without opening his eyes. "You just wait."

Staring in captivation, Squee saw the other's body begin to glow with a green luminance that covered his tanned skin without completely overshadowing it. Horns that were now twice as long as when they were children, and curved toward the back of his head, gradually materialized. The glow intensified to a shinning, incinerating everything he was still wearing expect for the golden chain around his neck bearing a lock that was apparently under magical protection from such things...or more likely forged in the fires of Hell. When Pepito opened his usually fiery brown eyes again, they were a deep, crimson red.

When the shinning dimmed enough to be harmless to comforters and Squees, Pepito made his way to the bed, crawling across it to the other, who rose to his knees to meet him face to face.

"Are you still okay with this, Todd?"

Squee only nodded slowly, gazing into the crimson eyes as if in a trance. His hand moved to touch the other, but hesitated just short of doing so.

A small smile tugged at the corners of Pepito's mouth as his right hand rose to take Squee's hesitate left. As their palms met he felt the energetic tingly sensation of Squee's ethereal essence, which he could see in his infernal form as lavender mixed with sprinklings of pink, contacting his own.

As their hands touched, Squee winced from the searing heat before realizing that it didn't actually hurt. How it was possible he didn't know, but it actually seemed to burn in a good way. It was in some ways reminiscent of the heat that liked to build in his abdomen before orgasm, in others of the feeling of being freshly submerged in a hot jucussi, and something else that made the intensity of the touch almost pleasurably painful. His body quivered when Pepito's other hand lightly glided down his right arm and back up, leaving tails of tingling warmth, before cupping his cheek and leaning in for a kiss.

The first kiss was soft and light, leaving Squee's lips to throb with waves of the same intensely pleasurable heat. It was followed by another, longer and harder, kiss, and then another. By the time Pepito pulled him against his chest, finally slipping his tongue into his mouth, the heat had become decidedly painful, but mainly because he couldn't get enough of it. He pressed his body against Pepito's in near desperation, wanting to feel more of that warmth, more of the one he loved, wanting to be taken over.

When he felt Todd's body push flush against his own, the lengths of their erections rubbing together, Pepito groaned into the kiss longingly. His free hand reached down to grip the other's cock, giving it a light squeeze.

Todd broke the kiss to gasp at the powerful heat that surrounded him, wrapping his own free arm around Pepito's shoulder to stop himself from losing his balance. "Oh, God."

Pepito griped his member again, this time tighter and faster, almost to the point of hurting. "What was that, Amigo?" His voice was teasing, but not cruel, betraying the fact that he was far from angry at the slip.

"Ah! Oh, Pepito!"

"That's better." He eased his grip a little, slowly stroking him. Leaning in, he traced the shell of Squee's ear before whispering into it. "I love it when you scream my name."

"Humm...then you should make me do it more often."

"Maybe I will."

Just when Todd felt that he was about to dissolve into a puddle of Squee-goop, Pepito's hand moved from his swollen manhood, applying the pulsing heat as it traveled up his belly and chest. Finally, it landed on his back, and Pepito pulled him closer again. When their lips were so close that they were almost kissing, he spoke in a low voice.

"I think I'll start now."

Pepito placed kiss on Todd's lips before pulling back a little. After he brought their clasped hands to his lips to place another kiss on the back of his hand, he raised it slightly above both their heads.

"What are you doing?" Squee gave the other a curious look, which quickly changed to shock when he felt a snake-like rope made of the same hot energy slowly wrapping itself around the wrist of the hand that Pepito held up. "What is that?!"

"Shhh. It's just me. Don't worry, Squee. It's just like me holding your hand." He frowned sympathetically when Todd's right arm tightened it's hold around his shoulder and neck. His own left hand began to trace soothing circles on the other's back in hopes of calming him. Maybe this part, at least, had been a bad idea. "Would you like me to stop?"

"N-no. It's okay. It's just...it's really you?" He wanted to prove his trust for the other, but the occasions that he had been subjected to restraints in the D.M.H.I. had not been pleasant ones, and it still made him uncomfortable. What he really wanted to say was "Just don't leave me.", but that would sound extra pathetic if that thing really was what Pepito said.

"It is an extension of my spirit. Try to relax and close your eyes."

Taking a few deep and relaxing breaths, Squee released as much tension from his body and mind as he could before taking Pepito's advice.

"Good. Now focus on my energy. Can you feel it?"


"That is the spiritual signature of my being. Can you feel it in the 'rope' around your wrist?"

"Yeah. I can feel it." Squee opened his eyes to give him a small smile at this reassurance.

Pepito returned the smile, stroking the palm of the half captured hand. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, for now."

Pepito nodded in approval that he wasn't allowing himself to be completely at his mercy. He continued where he had left off with the kissing, waiting for the other to respond before allowing the energy rope to continue spiraling down Todd's arm. When Squee seemed to accept this without protest, more ropes materialized, winding their way up his legs and his other arm without actually restraining them...yet.

Squee's kissing was getting more and more desperate as the hot vines claimed his limbs, surpassing them to wrap around his torso, hips and belly, creating a loose mesh of interlocking strands on his midsection. This was making him feel extremely vulnerable, but for once in his life that wasn't a completely terrifying prospect. In fact, something about the way the wisps of energy moved across his skin was definitely the same as Pepito's touch, and it wasn't just the amazing heat. It was the intention with which they approached him: with reverence and love.

Pepito matched the intensity of Todd's kissing. He could feel himself all over the other's body, that tingly feeling from it making his own shiver. His hand that held the other's left raised it as far as it would reach while his other sought out the right to do the same. Once he had positioned them as he liked, his energy around Squee's body tightened so that the mortal's movement was regulated by its control. His hands left Todd's to explore his body, the energy coils allowing him to pass easily through them. He rubbed circles around both nipples simultaneously with his thumbs, then pinched them lightly, revealing in the whimpering sounds that the other made into their kiss. The hands continued down Todd's lightly toned chest and abdomen, parting just before reaching his member to run up and down his thighs.

When the vines tightened around his body, Squee tensed a little before reminding himself that he was safely in his lover's embrace, and relaxing once again. As the pressure of the energy on his skin increased, so did the burning feeling. He thought that it might have actually hurt at this point, had he not been so aroused. The pinching of his nipples was a very slight pain that was instantly converted to pleasure. The hands that moved to his thighs left him wanting, and the awareness of just how much he wanted it made it almost unbearable, but also that much more a delectable kind of torment.

Griping Todd's legs beneath his knees, Pepito lifted them easily with the help of the energy tangled around them, moving them level with his hips. The ropes held them there, one on each side of his hips as he pulled the other's legs back until their crotches were together before releasing them to hold the other in a loose embrace. He broke away from the kissing to stifle a moan against Squee neck. When he felt the other start to squirm against the bonds in a needy way, he smiled against his skin before deciding that it could use a longer lasting mark than the hickey that was already beginning to form. He took the savory flesh into his mouth, sucking hard between small kisses and licks.

Squee's breath caught when he felt the hot ropes from both sides of his legs suddenly make their way further up, growing in swirls up his cock. The heat that surrounded him was almost as intense as when the other had griped him there with his hand. He bit his lower lip so hard that he could feel the skin tearing when one of the ropes made its way around his balls to press against his hole. When it finally slid inside his body, he went momentarily limp from pleasure.


Pepito lightly grazed his long canines against the throbbing pulse of Todd's neck before raising his head to look into the other eyes. "I love you, Amigo."

Releasing a ragged breath, Todd attempted to focus long enough to speak coherently through all of the wonderful sensations. "I love you too. I...I want to touch you. Please?"


Loosening the hold of the energy ropes on Squee's arms, Pepito kissed his lips before going back to his neck. He felt the other wrap his left arm around his shoulder as the right hand traveled down his body to shyly stroke his shaft. That was just too much! He moved up to a safe place on Todd's neck before biting down hard this time, tasting salty, slightly metallic blood.

When he felt the other's mouth clamp down on his skin, and the sharp pain of the teeth breaking through, Squee let his head fall back, groaning loudly. He wasn't going to last much longer. Luckily, Pepito seemed to sense this, and the energy that surrounded him gently lowered them both to the bed . It then released its control of his body without completely dissipating. He felt Pepito lick the blood from his neck before raising his head to kiss him once again. Todd kissed him back with vigor, strangely excited by the taste of his own blood in the other's mouth. One of Pepito's hands ran through his hair affectionately as the other pressed a finger coated in a cool wetness against his entrance. He couldn't remember it happening, but at some point during their activities Pepito must have summoned the lube with his powers.

Pepito gasped Todd's name as the grip on his cock tightened when his finger entered him. In return he caused the vines that still surrounded the other's member to tighten as well before pulsing with surges of heat. The muscles around his finger clenched and then relaxed, allowing him to add another. He thrust himself into Squee's hand in time with the movements of his fingers. When he felt the other meet his thrusts, he added a third finger, preforming a scissoring motion to help prepare him for what was to come.

Squee wrapped his legs around the half-demon's waist, pulling him closer. "Humm...Pepito...now. Please. I need you now."

Feeling his own manhood pulsate with need, Pepito waisted no time in acquiescing this request. He removed his fingers delicately from the other to squirt a generous amount of lubricant into his hand, lowering it to tangle with Todd's hand on his own member. After making sure that he was throughly coated he pressed the head of his cock against his lover's ass, watching his face contort in bliss as he pushed in slowly. Holding Squee's hips, he gently advanced until he was fully seated inside the mortal's tight, hot passage. He released a sigh at the sensation, forcing himself to remain still until the other was ready.

As Pepito entered him, Squee took a deep breath, unconsciously holding it as the other's length filled him. His member was as amazingly hot as his hand had been before, making the whole of his passage feel a warm, tantalizing pleasure. His hand that still rested on the other's shoulder pulled Pepito down to kiss him deeply as he slowly began to move up and down on his cock.

Pepito kissed him fiercely, matching Todd's movement with his own thrusts. As the other's movements became more enthusiastic, he sped up his pace, leaning back some to get the right angle to hit his prostate. When he leaned back, he noticed that Squee was a little too red.

"Breath, Amigo."

Squee nodded, as if just remembering that breathing was an important thing. He took in a large breath, which was followed by a gasp as the other hit his sweet spot.

Pepito smiled at his reaction. "That's good."

"So..is that...don't stop." Squee's words were spaced by pants.

"Don't worry." As if he could resist the enticing sight and sounds laid out before him!

Pulling out almost entirely, Pepito drove his member back in, harder than before, hitting that spot perfectly. As the other screamed his name, one of his hands took hold of Todd's shaft, stroking it in time with his own thrusts. The other found his hand to hold it tightly against the comforter.

For a moment all thought was pushed from Todd's brain before he began meeting the other's thrusts enthusiastically, rocking his hips toward his hand as well. "Yes! Pepito, fuck me! Harder."

Pepito stared at the other in awe before noticing that his mouth was hanging open. That was just so out of character for someone who constantly kept themselves guarded like Todd. Deciding that sex was truly an amazing thing, the demonic young man sped up his efforts even more, much to the complaints of the noisy mattress below them.

"Humm...Todd, you're so fantastic...so hot..so tight..so good."

"Ahh. Pepito...I...I'm going to..."

"Good. Cum for me, Amigo.

Through he was somewhat afraid that he might make his earlier prediction of Todd not being able to walk after it was over a reality, Pepito kissed him passionately before pounding into the other faster and harder. He heard Squee practically whimper his name and felt his passage tighten and convulse around his member as warm fluid spilled over the hand on Squee's cock. Pepito came deep within his body seconds later. He finally broke the kiss, allowing them both to take deep breaths. He rolled to the side, falling onto the bed beside Todd before pulling him onto his side as well for a tight embrace.

When he was pulled into a hug, Squee clung to Pepito as tightly as he was clinging to him. When he had finally caught his breath, he released a deep sigh. He kissed Pepito's cheek, running his fingers through his raven hair and gently over one of his horns. "That was amazing. You're amazing."

"Only because I have such wonderful inspiration. And you're not so bad yourself." Pepito kissed the other's forehead, then each cheek, his nose, his eyelids and finally his mouth. "Wanna take a nap?"

Squee's smile grew brighter with each little kiss. When Pepito rolled onto his back, pulling Squee with him, he rested his head on his upper chest. "Sure." As his eyes started to close a thought occurred to him. He did feel pretty sore. "Hey, Pepito. What if, when we wake up, I really can't walk?"

The other smiled softly in amusement. "Then I'll take care of you. I love you, Todd. I'll always take care of you."

Snuggling in contentment, both young men fell asleep in each other's arms. For once, neither worried about what their feelings would mean or what problems or terrors tomorrow would bring.

The End



Sorry it took me so long to write this, but it was kind of hard for me to write because it was my first time writing sex. It also kept getting weirder...yes even weirder than this ended up being.

I just noticed that they didn't use protection, so in case anyone really young is reading this: That is BAD! Don't do it. Also, you CAN get STDs from unprotected oral sex as well, even if you're receiving the oral sex from someone else, though it is less likely. And from blood play.

For more info about how to achieve multiple male orgasms using control of the PC muscle go here: www.whitelotuseast .com /MutipleOrgasm .htm without the three added spac that will hopefully make it actually show up on Fnet. They are before both periods and before the slash.