He couldn't help but be embarrassed for his older brother. Winry and Granny Pinako had just finished explaining the automail surgical procedure and while it all sounded horrible, what Winry was about to do next seemed to be the worst of all. The surgery was long, the effects of paralysis could last for days; basic body processes need to be taken care of. The I.V. for nutrients went in with barely a wince and the tube for breathing would go in right before the procedure started when Ed was already unconscious, that left only one little problem: waste. A bedpan would not suffice, it needed to be automated. So that is how he found himself holding his older brother's hand and squirming while Ed looked at the floor to his right, a few humiliating tears leaking out his eyes. Hearing a snap of elastic, he looked away from those sad tears down to where Winry was positioned between Ed's legs. She looked up at Al questioningly, ready to start. Giving what he hoped was a small squeeze to the fingers curled around his thumb, he nodded at her. Her head went down, Ed's came up, both jaws tightened in concentration, and a few moments later it was over. Winry connected the tube to a plastic bag on the end of the bed, a little fluid dribbling into it. She gently eased Ed's pants back up tucking everything gently inside, covering the tape on his remaining leg. As the covers were spread out, both jaws relaxed, the fingers releasing his thumb. Winry gathered her supplies, popping off her gloves and backed out the door, closing it with her food as she went. The tears were wiped away and a blush was swallowed down as he turned back to the little boy in the bed.

"See Al, no problem."