Al dragged a sleepy Winry into the room by the hand and pointed at the still exposed Ed. When he saw that it was no longer hard he calmed down a little and went to fetch Winry's supplies and some of the coffee Pinako kept going lately. When he came back she was running her fingers through Ed's hair in hopes that he would sleep through the replacement.

He watched as she took sips of coffee in between laying out her tools. When she finally set it aside, Al moved to the head of the bed and grasped Ed's left hand. Pulling the covers farther up Ed's form, he watched as Winry removed the tube.

"What is that white stuff?"

Winry looked up, surprised to find him watching. A blush spread across her cheeks as she stammered, "Well, Al…..think back to what your mom told you about the changes girls and boys go through."

"She said that voices got deeper and both get hairy and sometimes….." He trailed off as her blush deepened. The room was silent except for Ed's slight snoring as Winry finished her work. Then as she was snapping off her gloves Al spoke again.

"Winry, does that mean that you are…..I mean I see some……" He broke off staring at the ground.

Winry squirmed suddenly very aware of her awkward growing body. Taking a deep breath, "Yes Al and when you get your body back so will you. Ask Ed more about it."

"But Winry…."

She ignored him, toweling off her hand she shut the door behind her.