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A poem by Rachel, found by her mother after her death

To Whom It Concerns by Rachel Berenson

To Whom It Concerns: Rachel's homework will be late, the excuse is it fell on her pancakes and got stuck on her plate

To Whom It Concerns: I lost and gained a lot in this war, sometimes I forget what I'm fighting for

To Whom It Concerns: Rachel is great at the mall, but she doesn't like the spotlight when she's cruising the hall

To Whom It Concerns: I fell in love with this war but surprise surprise, I also hate it to the core

To Whom It Concerns: I just turned fifteen, people say I'm beautiful but I am too vicious and too dirty to be clean

To Whom It May Concern: I am not made of steel, when I get blindsided my pain is quite real, I don't mean to squawk but it really burns. I just thought I might mention it To Whomever It May Concern