Gotham Phantom


The youngest Fenton just stood there in the rubble…stunned and in disbelief. Before his own baby blue eyes, his family and closest friends were gone. The explosion, Nasty Burger, and his evil future self…his thoughts were in a haze and emotions undecipherable. Too much was happening in the young halfa's life…

It felt like hours…days…eternity, before he finally heard the sirens of an ambulance and police cars zooming in to site of the tragedy. In matter of minutes, fatigue and shock took over him.

Voices…they sounded so familiar…blinking open his eyes, he was a bit shocked to see Mr. and Mrs. Foley as well as Mr. and Mrs. Manson all looking at him intently and… worriedly?

The accident…Sam and Tucker…they were…the first word that he had to say was…

"I'm sorry…" Sad sapphire orbs looked back on the confused and worried adults in the room.

Mrs. Foley was the first to speak as she walked to Danny and hugged him tightly.

"Oh baby, you have no fault in this, you don't need to apologize for anything…" Her motherly look made Danny want to just sit there relax in her comforting arms. The other grown-ups followed and each one gave the boy a reason to live on.

"Samantha was always so depressed with us, but you always made her smile, both you and Tucker meant the world to her," Mrs. Manson wiped a tear from her already swollen eyes.

"Tucker never had had such a friend as close to as you, you were like a brother to him…" Danny smiled a little at Mr. Foley's words…Tucker and him had always shared everything…

"Finally! We're getting a smile from our little boy!" exclaimed Mrs. Manson as she held hands with her husband who went on, " we were starting to think you were going goth too!"

By this time, the room was full of laughter and despite the recent tragedies, Danny felt…okay.

"Danny," Mr. Foley stood up, "as you already know, we've all lost someone important to us, and the hardest hit was on you, son."

Mr. Manson put a reassuring hand on Danny shoulder as Mr. Foley continued.

"We, the Mansons and Foleys, have lost our children while you have lost both a sister and parents…we talked this over and have decided to ask you whether you would…accept all four of us as your foster parents…"

Danny was stunned, and he was about to interject when…

" And no, Danny, we don't hate you, you are just a child and this whole thing was an accident waiting to happen," Mrs. Manson added on, "we all know what your through and we all thought it was best that you get adopted by…"

Danny practically screamed, "Don't! I don't want to be adopted by Vlad Masters! Please! I'll-"

"Don't worry honey, we didn't mean him, as much as he is popular and rich, we've all agreed that we're not exactly getting the right vibes from this man…" Mrs. Foley interrupted, "your mother and I talk about a lot of things over the phone and had a lot of mother to mother chats, I know that Masters is a Fruitloop."

Danny sighed in relief in her words and was a chuckling at the last statement.

Mrs. Manson continued, "we actually asked someone we trust very much, his father was a close family friend, and despite the fact that he's a stranger, we're confident you'll be fine..."

Danny again was going to interrupt but, " and the reason why we didn't want to adopt you ourselves is because Amity Park will hold too many painful memories for you…"

Danny was speechless to say the least, he was relieved that he wasn't going to turn into his future older jerky self (as Sam had put it) but utterly bewildered by the fact that he getting adopted to a completely stranger.

"Who is he?" apparently, curiosity got over the shock.

"Bruce Wayne of Gotham City." A deep baritone voice answered for the parents.

A tall muscular man in a black suit came to Danny's view, similar to Danny, he had black hair and icy blue eyes. Stretching out a hand to the Mansons and Foleys,

"I'm sorry for your loss…"

The other adults just nodded and smiled sadly at the young billionaire of Gotham.

"So this is young man?" He shifted his blue eyes to Danny's. Those eyes…Danny felt like he knew those eyes, the aura they gave out…the guy reminded him of Clockwork, the wise and ever-observant master of time.

"Uhh…hi Mr. Wayne…" He accepted the hand shake which he thought was pretty firm.

"Please, call me Bruce, I'm not that old you know," He gave Danny a grin before letting go of his hand. Danny smiled, he seemed nice.

"So Danny?" all eyes were on him as they waited for his answer… "okay, I'll go"

All four grief-stricken adults huddled around him as he whispered, "Thanks Moms and Dads…"

Bruce Wayne stood at the doorway as he watched and observed. He was a surprised to say the least when the Mansons called in for help. They were a very close friend of his deceased parents and he remembered them well in childhood. At first, he was firmly against the idea of adopting a teenager, but Alfred had been there and through some unknown and unbelievable way, the old man convinced him to say yes. He had a very suspicious feeling that the butler had only wanted him married and settled to have grandkids around the mansion. This incident had further confirmed his theory.

The kid seemed okay, not too tall or short, a bit pale and skinny but the firm handshake begged to say otherwise. He wasn't weak. According to what he looked up, his parents were professional ghost hunters in the ghost-infested town of Amity Park. No, he wasn't really shocked; he had experience with ghosts before he was even in the Justice League. The town was also famous for its teen ghost hero, Inviso-bill or as others says Danny Phantom. He had seen a picture of this hero, his sharp eyes had already noticed the striking similarities in both names and faces between the ghost and the boy before him.

"Mr. Wa- errr…I mean Bruce?" Danny would have been unconsciously scratching the back of his head but... Bruce raised an eyebrow at the teen who was awkwardly unable to stop all the hugging…or in more rather accurate terms, suffocating.

He gave out a deep chuckle before the dark knight came to his rescue from overly affectionate adults.

"You okay?" Bruce glanced at the youth who was obviously too nervous for what's to come.

Danny Fenton tried to stay calm, but he just couldn't... the memories were too fresh, the reminders too much for him. He knows that he'll eventually get over the loss, but for now he was doubtful of the quote 'Time heals'. He didn't want to act like such a sap in front of Mr. Wayne, a still complete stranger to him.

Taking a huge deep breath, he steps into the most peculiar house ever seen in the history of Amity Park, the Fenton Residence. He was grateful for the Gotham billionaire's supporting hand on his shoulder before he went in.

"If you want, I can keep your home maintained, so it'll be safe from renovation and such..." Bruce was more than willing to let the house stay as it is, from experience, he knew little changes like this hurt a lot for any kid.

"I...thanks Bruce, I really appreciate that..." Danny was eternally grateful for that actually,but common sense told him saying thanks was a better option than hugging the man in front of him.

"Would you happen to have a spare basement?" Well that was random... Danny shook the thought away as he continued, "if it's not too much trouble, I kind of was wondering if I could move my parent's lab to your place..."

Batman grinned at the pleading look on the boy's face, raising up his hands in surrender...

"Okay, okay, in exchange, I want you to please avoid any violent scientific experiments. According to what I hear, your parents were quite the inventors andyour English teacher almost became their lab rat..."

Danny nearly heaved over from laughter in the flashback.

"The best part about my parents is that they left a lot of good memories for me, my sister Jazz was always criticizing them on their parenting skills especially on me."

"It's good to see you can still smile Danny, that tells me you had good family..."

The boy smiled widely.

"Go on and pack your stuff, I'll handle the transfer of the lab..." He turned to leave Danny some privacy.

Danny sighed as took one last look of the kitchen where he first got hit by the stupidly named "BOO-merang".

Taking off to the upstairs, he turned to his own room where he started to quickly pick out his stuff. Packing up only the essentials, he began picking out things he thought invaluable. Going into his sister's room, he spots Bear-bert. Smiling, he slips it into his duffel bag. In his parents room, his mom's red-tinted goggles and his dad's large black gloves. Finally, he pockets a photograph of him, Tucker, and Sam together in front of their house. He had the same picture in Sam's diary and Tucker's red beret & PDA all in the courtesy of his foster parents. He was also completely clueless to fact that he was heir to both the Foley and Manson legacy.

Checking over all his stuff, he reluctantly leaves the upstairs with his bags and heads to the lab armed with a backpack. In a matter of minutes, he had hid filled with the Fenton thermos, Fenton gauntlets, his mom's Fenton utility weapon, the Fenton Fisher, and yes, basically all Fenton weapons small enough to fit in his pack.

Bruce waited patiently at the front porch and was greeted with a familiar beeping.

"Bruce here, what's up?"

A woman's voice replied, "Diana here, I heard you've gone back to Gotham but didn't find you there. Where are you anyway?"

"Amity Park, most haunted town of U.S.A., located at Texas...Why do you ask?"

In a flash of all the colors of America, Wonder Woman came swooping down along with rest of league.

"Isn't this out of protocol?" Bruce was obviously unamused.

The ever-cheerful speedster admittedly points out, "Well, we were all curious! Come on! When did you ever leave the watchtower or Gotham city without having a world-threatening incident in another part of the globe!"

The rest of the League have to admit, they were curios and worried, they really did think something big was up. Luckily for them, that part of city was deserted for that afternoon.

Before their conversation could continue, there a shout, "Hey Bruce, are you still out there, I'm done packing!" Before the teen could set his sight on the colorful costumed bunch, they were gone.

"So you ready for Gotham?" Bruce asked the boy careless as if nothing had happened.

"Yup, I've got everything, hopefully you won't regret adopting me after this," Danny replied jokingly at Bruce who smiled.

"I highly doubt that, come on," He opened the door of the black limo, gesturing Danny to get in first. While his back was turned, he took the chance to glance at the dark corner. His sharp ears could hear a stifled gasp before he followed the halfa into the car.

They were heading off to the airport where he'll be taking his first flight to Gotham. If Sam or Jazz were there, he would probably have a clue on where exactly he was going. Tucker, well, they'll both probably be completely oblivious to outside world and be engrossed in a video game available in the plane.

Bruce had left him for a business meeting and left Danny, a fourteen year old, in a private jet to Gotham. He said he'd be back to meet up with him in Gotham. Oh well, that just means he could eat more not-so-healthy amount of junk food and video games...

Somewhere outside the earth's atmosphere...

"Geez Bats, didn't know you were so lonely that you had to adopt more Robins and Batgirls!"

The red-suited hero whizzed around the room ,not being able to hold his excitement in the meeting.

"Bruce, I really have nothing to say, but we have to ask...Why?" Superman was really starting to doubt his opinions of the Dark Knight.

The darkly clad billionaire was frowning...deeper than usual.

"I was helping an old family friend, the Mansons, did you hear about the accident in Texas?"

"Yeah, it said it almost wiped out an entire family and two more kids..." The winged red-head frowned, was this kid involved in the explosion?

"One of those kids was the only heir to the Manson fortune and the other kid was a best friend of hers...and the family was her other best friend's one. The only survivor of that accident was Daniel Fenton."

"What does this have to do with you adopting a kid named Danny?"

"Danny is Daniel Fenton, The Mansons and Foleys, parents of the two kids assigned themselves as fosters and asked me to adopt him. The decision making was manipulated by Alfred so here I am, explaining myself to the league..."