A/N: I'm still considering whether i'll make a sequel, sorry about how short the last chapter was, my excuse will probably be that Danny and Bruce needed a little break  I know very lame. I might make a new bad guy that comes after Danny as a sort of key to immortality thing or Bruce for his powers. Or maybe make short drabbles on their lives in the manor and watchtower or visits to Amity Park.

Danny and Bruce will be living peacefully for the moment considering all the bad guys were gathered into one place, killed, and revived... okay then they were imprisoned for their old crimes. Life kinda sucks for them cause crime doesn't pay you know.

The Justice League will most likely ask Danny to join them in the future if they can get daddy's approval. Highly unlikely unless Danny asks his dad himself. Danny might be too modest to say he's up to league standards or maybe he's less eager as he did want a more normal life. There are a lot of possibilities. About Danny's love life, I doubt I'll put him with any OC's or with ghost Sam or red huntress Valerie.

Vlad and his love might show up. They died very violent deaths, so they could act as invisible guardians for Danny. Vlad does look to Daniel as his son especially since his family and friends were killed, maybe he ended up being obssessed with Danny's safety....

Danny is a very popular orphan.

This is just a response to the reviews, again sorry for the shortness.