Exasperating Exams

Outtake from the A-Level series but you don't need to have read it to understand- the basic plot line is that Rose does her A-Levels after the Doctor leaves her behind on Earth and they start having a relationship when he returns. This is out of 'A-Levels and Aliens' when Rose is doing her A-Levels. Like me. And she gets a bit stressed out. Like Me. Enjoy!

Dedicated to everyone who is taking exams this exam season or ever has. Which is probably all of us.

Disclaimer: Nothing you might recognise belongs to me

The TARDIS was very quiet.

The Doctor and Jack were creeping around, going about their business whilst down the corridor, in the bedroom that she shared with the Doctor; Rose Tyler sat at the desk that the TARDIS had kindly placed in there, attempting to revise for her A-Levels. It was a long, dull and boring job and Rose wasn't enjoying it at all. Not one tiny bit.

The Doctor looked in on her roughly about every hour in between fiddling with bits of the TARDIS and challenging Jack to arm wrestles. They were both bored without Rose in the middle of things and longed for her exams to be over, almost as much as Rose did. They were feeling very sorry for her as the stress was taking its toll and she had begun to look tired and withdrawn several days ago but with another three or four exams to go, the end wasn't in sight yet.

Pulling himself out from underneath the console, the Doctor checked his watch and saw that it had been nearly an hour since he'd last poked his head around the door and received a tired and stressed smile back from his angel. Feeling rather thirsty, he decided to make them both a well deserved cup of tea- and Jack too, if he could find him.

Ten minutes later, the Doctor was carefully balancing two cups of tea and a plate of biscuits on a tray that he swore he hadn't seen for donkey's years, and attempted to open the bedroom door. Once he finally got it, he stepped inside and nearly dropped the tray at the sight in front of him. Rose was sitting at her desk with her head in her arms and her shoulders were shaking slightly.

"Rose?" the Doctor asked, putting down the tray and crouching down next to her, "What's wrong?"

She mumbled something incomprehensible and shifted her head slightly, letting out a muffled sniff.

"Rose?" the Doctor repeated, gently stroking her back in what he hoped was a soothing way.

She turned her face slightly towards him, blinking away the tears that blurred her vision slightly. "I'm gonna fail," she whispered, sadly, "I can't take this anymore. I can't do it,"

"Yes, you can," the Doctor told her,

"I can't," she insisted, "The stupid exam's tomorrow an' I'm trying to remember all the facts but it's just not going in anymore an' I'm not gonna get the syllabus finished an' there's bound to be a question on the stuff I don't know 'cause the exam board's mean like that an'…."

She ceased her rambling when the Doctor picked her up and set her on the desk so they were facing one another at eye level.

"You can do it," the Doctor said calmly, holding her hands in his, "And do you know why I know that?"

Rose shook her head, trying to swallow the sobs that kept on wanting to erupt out of her,

"Because," replied the Doctor, "You are Rose Tyler, my companion and lover and don't forget I only take the best. I know you probably better than anybody else in the universe does and I know that if you put your mind to it, you will succeed because that's what you do,"

"It's just so hard," Rose whimpered, "I feel like my brain can't take anymore an' I'm all tense an' I need a massage an' I wish I'd never decided to take my bloody A-Levels!"

Another couple of tears spilled down her cheeks which the Doctor hastily wiped away with his thumbs. "You need to take a break, my angel. You've been hard at it all afternoon and even a brain as superior as mine can't take that. C'mon, take a break, drink your tea and have a biccy and smile, OK?"

Rose attempted a watery smile before clambering off the desk and putting her arms around his waist, wanting a cuddle. He immediately wrapped her up in a hug, pressing kisses to her hair and rocking her gently from side to side. Rose closed her eyes from where her face was pressed into his collar and inhaled deeply. She didn't know how he did it but everything always seemed better when he was around. She thought it was like a sort of social support… social support that she still had to learn for her Psychology exam…

"You're tensing up again," the Doctor commented, feeling her growing rigid in his arms, "Stop thinking about it!"

"Can't help it," Rose mumbled, "It's this room. I think it was a mistake to revise in my room 'cause of all the environmental cues…" She trailed off, a disgusted look on her face. "Oh great, now I'm using Psychology in conversations."

The Doctor smiled. "Let's go to the control room then. And I'm sure if you ask the TARDIS nicely then she'll provide you with a study room,"

"But my History revision…" Rose said, looking back at the pink folder on her desk, "I need to do it…."

"Bring it then," said her lover, with a mock sigh, "But you are having a break first!"

Rose beamed at him and followed him out of the room, her earlier misery forgotten. Life was so much better when you had a Doctor around.

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