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"It'll be OK. You'll have done better than you think you have, trust me."

Rose nodded and sent a small smile at Matt. They were standing in the courtyard at college outside of the sports hall, having just come out of their last ever Law exam. It hadn't gone well for Rose however. Well, she thought she'd done justice to the first question but had completely messed up the second. All in all, Rose thought she'd just kissed goodbye to any chance of her getting an A in Law. Now, all she wanted to do was get home as fast as possible and cry on her bed.

"I'll see you soon," Matt continued, glancing at his watch, "Don't worry about it, OK?"

Rose nodded numbly and returned his hug before he quickly walked away. She sighed heavily as the first few drops of the rain that had been threatening all day began to fall. Swallowing the urge to cry, she set off home, walking as quickly as possible, partly to avoid the rain and partly because she wasn't sure she could hold the floodgates back any longer.

The heavens had really opened by the time Rose reached the TARDIS and, as a result, she was drenched. She fumbled with her key, cursing as it slipped out of her wet hand before finally getting inside.

"Oh, look what the cat dragged in," commented a cheerful voice.

Rose looked up to see Jack grinning at her across the control room, "Careful you don't flood the TARDIS, Rose."

She smiled weakly in reply before silently crossing the grating and disappearing down the corridor to the interior of the time ship. The Doctor looked after her from his position under the console, with one eyebrow raised. Something was wrong. She always said at least hello before disappearing off to put away her college bag. He knew she'd had an exam today that she'd completely stressed over… maybe she was in need of some good old TLC.

Meanwhile, Rose had entered her bedroom, firmly closing the door after herself and collapsed onto the bed, burying her face in the pillow that smelt of the Doctor. Only then did she let the tears come, instantly soaking the pillow that was already damp from the raindrops falling off her wet hair. It wasn't fair. She'd tried so hard…

A gentle knock at the door interrupted her misery.

"Rose, sweetheart, are you OK?" called the Doctor through the door, not wanting to go in if she was in need of some privacy,

"Yeah," Rose replied quietly, standing up and making her way into the ensuite bathroom. She swallowed another sob as her thoughts returned to the afternoon's paper,

"Can I come in?" asked the Doctor, frowning as he heard her muffled sob,

"Alright," she replied, scrubbing frantically at her face with a cold flannel. No matter how much she loved the Doctor and the amount of times he'd seen her at her lowest, she still didn't like looking weak in front of him. She'd already cried once this exam period in front of him and wasn't in a hurry to do it again.

"You're soaking."

The Doctor's brief statement made Rose jump. She hadn't heard him enter the room.

"Yeah, well," she shrugged, taking a deep breath as another sob threatened to erupt, "It's raining."

The Doctor nodded, taking in her tense shoulders and blotchy face. He knew she'd been crying for some reason and was attempting to stop herself now in front of him. He wished she wouldn't. It was perfectly fine for her to break down in front of him. It gave him an extra excuse to cuddle her after all.

"Come on," he said, walking over to her and placing his hands on her shoulders, "Get in the shower. You need to get warmed up or you'll catch a cold and you don't want that right now."

Rose nodded, wiping her hand over her cheeks, hoping he'd think she was just clearing the rain water off. The Doctor inched past her and set their power shower going in the corner of the large bathroom. Meanwhile, Rose started stripping her damp clothes off and throwing them in the basket for collection later.

"There you go," the Doctor said, withdrawing his hand from the spray after he was sure that the temperature of the water was perfect. He helped her step into the warm mist before closing the door and perching on the toilet (after putting the lid down, of course).

"So, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" he asked, raising his voice slightly to be heard above the noise of the water.

Rose froze in the shower, her back towards him. "N…nothing's wrong,"

"If you say so," replied the Doctor, leaning backwards against the tank, "But you know you can always talk to me. If, oh I don't know, something went wrong this afternoon in your exam and it made you upset, we can discuss it. But if like you say there's nothing wrong, I'll just assume those tears are really rain drops."

There was a silence in the bathroom for a moment, except for the pattering of the shower hitting the floor.

"Have you been speaking to Matt?" Rose eventually asked, wondering for a split second if somehow one of her best friends had contacted Jack or the Doctor before she'd gotten home,

"Nope," the Doctor replied, twisting around to face her, "I can just read you like a book. It doesn't take a genius. Or…" he said slowly, "Maybe it does." He grinned suddenly and despite herself, Rose let out a small giggle,

"Was that a giggle?" the Doctor asked, standing up and crossing over to the shower,

"No," Rose replied, biting her lip,

"That was a giggle," he stated, opening the shower door and leaning against it, "I distinctly heard a giggle coming from you."

Rose tipped her head to one side, a small smile on her lips despite her best efforts, "You must be hearing things,"

"Oh no," the Doctor said, "Time Lords don't hear things. But I do know that I'm not hearing a giggle right now and I really want to…" Suddenly he leapt into the shower, fully dressed and began to tickle his companion, making her squeal and then erupt into laughter. "That's more like it!" he declared, satisfied.

Rose leant against him as her ribs ached. "You're all wet now," she said, feeling the damp fabric of his suit,

"So we're evens," the Doctor replied, tucking his arms around her and kissing her head. They stayed in that position for a few moments longer, breathing slowly together before Rose lifted her face to his. "I think I'm warmed up now," she mumbled,

"Good," the Doctor replied, stepping out of the shower and pulling a warm towel from the rack. He then turned back to her and wrapped the enormous piece of material around his Rose before fetching a smaller one that she began to wrap her hair in. In the meantime, the Doctor peeled off his sodden jacket and shirt and quickly dried himself.

"It's not fair."

The Doctor turned to see Rose had taken his seat on the toilet and was frowning heavily,

"What's not fair?" he questioned,

"That I do my best an' try so hard and then there's a really stupid question set in the exam which I can't do 'cause it doesn't make sense," Rose muttered,

"Is that what was making you upset?" asked the Doctor, delicately,

"Yeah," Rose admitted, beginning to look down again. "Doctor," she choked, her eyes filling with tears, "I think I've just lost my chance of getting an A in Law."

The Doctor acted immediately. He pulled her up before wrapping her form in a big hug. "Hey now," he whispered softly, "No tears."

Rose pressed her face into his shoulder trying to stop her sobs that were shaking her whole body. She couldn't believe how disappointed she felt. It was such a stupid system- she has one bad exam and her score slips a whole grade. Sure she didn't need her final grades to get her into university like so many of her friends and peers at college, but it was just a matter of pride. She wanted to show the world that she was clever; that she did have a brain. After dropping out of school with only a handful of GCSEs, Rose really wanted to prove herself. The Doctor had shown her that she was clever and she wanted everyone to know that. But now, just 'cause of one stupid exam, she might have blown that.

"Rose, my angel, don't be silly," the Doctor said, after she'd told him this in-between desperate sobs, "Just because you've had a bad exam doesn't mean everyone's gonna think you're stupid 'cause you're not. I wouldn't have invited you to travel with me once let alone twice if I didn't think you were smart." He pressed a kiss to her forehead before continuing, "What do you think went wrong exactly?"

Rose let out a miserable sigh. "It was the second question," she answered, brushing the fresh tears off her cheeks, "I couldn't work out what it was about an' afterwards, everyone else said it was one thing but I thought it was that but mainly somethin' else so I think I've just lost loads of marks for that question, which is half the paper,"

"So, you put some information about whatever everyone else thought it was in your answer?"

"Yeah, but not enough." Rose sounded completely and utterly defeated; something which the Doctor hated,

"How do you know that?" he challenged, not unkindly, "You never know, you may have collected enough marks to get over the A boundary. We worked it out after your January exam results, didn't we? You only needed so many marks in this exam to get an A,"

"I don't know," Rose said, feeling a sudden pulse of hope inside her despite her unhappiness at having mucked up the paper, "I hope I did well enough but I'm not gonna know for months. Stupid A-Level results take so long!"

The Doctor chuckled. "It won't be as long for you as it will be for your friends," he said, with a smile.

Rose's face brightened. "Are we still going to Barcelona?"

"I remember a rather violent pillow fight last October. I wouldn't dare say no," the Doctor grinned, "Right, c'mon you, let's get dressed and grab something to eat. Have you got to do any revision tonight?"

"I'm taking the night off," Rose said, decisively, "I'm sick of revision so I'm all yours. Can we go out somewhere?"

"Anything you want," the Doctor replied, cupping her cheek and kissing her gently. He suddenly thought that their first anniversary was coming up in just under a week. He'd have to start thinking where he was going to take the love of his life. Because that's exactly what Rose was.

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