"Big Brother"

A big brother's job is never done, especially when your little sister happens to be Tracy Quartermaine.

"Safeguard"-100 prompt

Alan looked up and smiled when the door opened.

"Daddy!" The three-year-old wiggled out of the nanny's arms.

"Ah, my boy. You know now you have a great responsible." Edward said.

"Mommy had baby?"

"Mommy had the baby, son. You are the big brother." Alan looked up at his father in amazement.

"When is Mommy coming home?"

"In a couple days with your baby sister, Tracy Lila Quartermaine."

Alan looked intrigued. "What's a Tracy?"

Edward just chuckled and said, "We just need wait and see, I guess."

Four days later

"Alan, I need you to promise to protect your little sister." Lila said as Alan looked at the wiggling thing on the bed.

"Mommy, what does she do?" Alan poked Tracy, who looked annoyed and cried.

"She cries. But doesn't she seem like she was traced from the angels? That's how we came up with the name."

Alan stared at his little sister. I, Alan James, promise to protect you, as a big brother.

Alan-8 Tracy-5

"Jeeze, Trace, why did you let Nanny do that with your hair?" Alan asked. "You look like a poodle."

Tracy pouted. "She didn't give me much of a choice. Besides, who cares? I don't looked like big baboon."

"Hey!" Tracy took off with Alan chasing her.

When Alan went to the first grade room to pick up his sister after school, Tracy was pouting and crying.

"Only babies wear pigtails. Baby! Baby!" Alan looked over at the young boy teasing his sister.

"Trace, has this jerk been bugging you?"

Tray pouted and nodded. Alan studied the boy who was a redhead, a good foot taller than his sister, and sighed. "What's your name?"

"David Sutton." David looked up at Alan and just realized that Alan was a good three feet taller than him.

"Do you have a little sister or brother, David?" Alan asked causally, checking the hall for teachers.


"If you ever become an big brother, you'll understand they're impossible. If they're miserable, you're miserable, you know? " Alan swung his arm over David's shoulder. "Now look at my little sister. Does she look miserable?"

David nodded.

"You know what that means?"

"You're miserable?" David asked.

"Aw, smart boy." Alan grinned at Tracy. "He looks thirsty, don't cha think?"

Tracy grinned. "Yeah."

Alan turned the fountain on and dunked the boy. "Don't mess with my sister, ok?" David nodded. "Trace, let's go home."

Alan-18 Tracy 15

Alan heard phone ring and snuck off to get it.


"Alan?" His sister whispered.

"Where are you?"

"The old brook. David took off with the car and I walked to the store to call. Could you come and get me?"

"On my way."

When Alan arrived, Tracy was sitting on the cooler, trying not to cry.

"Hey." Alan jimmied the old Coke cooler open and handed his sister one. "David's a jerk?"

"Yeah." Tracy sniffed. "I guess David's a jerk."

"Aw, Trace, you were too good for him." Alan stared at his little sister in the moonlight. "No one will measure up to you."

"Cut out the sister-brother crap. You're leaving in a month."

"I'll always be your big brother and you'll always be my pain in the ass little sister."


Alan-dead Tracy-60

"I'm Henry the eight, I am, Henry the eight I am I am, I got married to-" Alan sang, waking Tracy.

"Oh, will you shut up?" Tracy groaned, rolling over. "It's 3 a.m. I want sleep."

"I need to talk to you and no one is watching."

"Great, use your ghostly superpowers to break me out." Tracy started to cry. "Please I want to go home."

"I'll try. But before now, watch yourself around Father and Monica. Ned might be coming back as CEO. "

Tracy sighed. "That wouldn't be bad. What's the status of ELQ now?"

"No one knows. Father is playing close to the vest." Alan noticed Tracy looked tired. "Sleep. I'll be here."