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Greetings, one and all! It is I, Dave aka GeriatricYoda here with a quick note to inform/remind you that this Doctor Who series IS continuing, and that the first two chapters of S1E2: "The Starbase of the Dead" can be read here: .net/s/5827194/1/The_Starbase_of_the_Dead . You can expect BIG things of this one, folks - planning for this second episode has been verging towards epic proportions! So, don't just expect a standard 'zombie horror in Space with the Doctor conviniently thrown in'! It all has a purpose... one you may never see coming!

"One person is operating that entire vessel?" repeated the Commander incredulously, "But Challengers require a minimum skeleton crew of nine. Scan it again. Maybe your systems aren't as advanced as you like to think."

"The Schrödinger's scanners are operating at one-hundred and ten percent efficiency, Commander," Hub answered curtly, the emotionless tones disregarding the seemingly blithe retort. "Perhaps the more logical assumption is that the unidentified Challenger launched with an effectively larger crew, and that number has simply…diminished since then."

McCormack grimaced, and stroked his chin. "That's a pleasant thought. But, then why come here? There are a dozen other UEF stations based closer to any hospitable planet than this scrapheap… why come this far out of their way, especially if they're understaffed? You are sure?" he added for clarification.

"Secondary scans are complete and confirm: there is only one life sign onboard. Unidentified vessel now at four lightyears, and closing…"


"...I don't know what's waiting for us down there," sighed the Commander as he rose and holstered his plasma handgun, "but I have a very bad feeling about all this…"

The new scans revealed one life sign…but over fifty separate motion sources…


"Corporal Rockwell, good to go, Sir!"

"Anderson ready, Sir!"

"Mayfair, armed and dangerous!"

"Guildford, running hot!"

"Beaufort – oh, I'm good, baby…"

"Okay, okay!" snapped Sergeant Keller, gesturing sharply for his team to fall-in. "Quite the theatrics, people! Just a simple 'here' would've sufficed. Now, we're about to go and see just what Hub's dragged through the cat-flap this time, but don't let the Commander's orders for arms got get you all excited, you hear? Safeties on, and hold your fire until expressly ordered otherwise. Are we clear?!"

"Oorah!" roared the team in unison.


"Regardless, Doctor Utada, any theories that could aid the First Contact would be invaluable," assured the Hub, "now, that theory?"

"Well," Ruri took a deep breath, scarcely believing what she was about to propose, "if we are looking at over fifty new life forms roaming freely on a ship that can hold a maximum-capacity of eighty, but which is only registering one, then that would lead me to deduce that we may be looking at carnivores, and that the crew…oh," her voice died in her throat as she struggled to fight back a vile gagging-reflex, but the Schrödinger's A.I. was smart enough to finish the train of thought for her.

"So there is a high possibility that these new life forms – if that it is, indeed, what they are," it added, a gesture the scientist would've taken as kind-hearted reassurance from anyone else, but knew was little more than clarification of the facts to the Hub, "- these new life forms could very well have attacked and killed the crew...."


Kenshiro 'Kenny' Junior knew better than to try and enter the Docking Bay through the main door, figuring that the arrival of such a damaged Challenger this far from any planet would've attracted the attention of the military Response Teams stationed on the Schrödinger by now – he wouldn't get both feet in the bay before he was spotted by a grunt. But after a year stuck on the station with little else to do than explore, young Kenny had his ways around every obstacle.

Stopping just short of the corridor leading to Twelve's door, he crouched beside a steel grate and turned to the access panel, a mischievous gleam in his eye as he hurriedly tapped in the access-codes. A gleam that quickly faded when the panel emitted a flat 'blart', denying him entry...


McCormack breathed a heavy sigh of relief. "At ease, men," he ordered, keeping his own weapon trained on the shadows of the ship's loading compartment. "Whoever that is in there, this is Commander McCormack of the UEF military – come out nice and slow..."

What emerged from the shadows was neither nice nor slow; a middle-aged woman in a blood-spattered lab coat tore down the ramp as if the Devil were at her heels. Her face was ashen, a startling contrast to her fiery red hair, her green eyes pale, almost glazed in delirious fear.

"Seal it up!" she cried, he voice strained with a terrified sense of dire urgency that chilled Kenny's blood as the Response teams once again raised their guns to meet her. "For God's sake, seal it back up! You can't let them loose – don't let them escape!"


His voice trailed off at the sight of what met his eyes; the figure across from him was human – or, at least, had once been human. Its skin was a mottled orange, flesh peeling off or even completely missing in places. Blood was splashed all over its clothing, and smeared around its twitching mouth. Its eyes were bloodshot, pupils little more than piercing pinpoints. When it growled at him, its split and bleeding lips parted to reveal rows of sharpened teeth, pink, human flesh caught in-between, vile green saliva frothing and spraying with each snarling breath. It was definitely no longer human....

How's THAT for a traditional 'Next Week' Montage? :D

Now, for what I would like to be a regular feature at the end of all my episodes - something I call the 'Whoniverse Showcase!' Below is a short list of great Doctor Who fanfics - or, in the case of a LOT of great fics (you know who you are, Laura and Fishie!), great Who-authors! Click them, read them, love them - and let them know what you think!

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The Frozen War, by Avid Flash: .net/s/5376290/1/ - A very spooky and claustrophobic story! When they arrive at a alien museum, can the Doctor and Martha figure out why the other visitors are vanishing all around them...only to be found later in the artwork of the museum's exhibits? I love this...

Well, that's all for now! Be sure to check out the 'Showcase' at the end of 'Starbase' - hey, that rhymed!