Alright, so here it is, my first full length Fan fiction story. I'm a bit excited about this. So everyone know, this is set in an Au universe, some characters will be OOC at times, but I will try my hardest to keep them some what like they are originally. There will be a bit of Sakura bashing, I don't hate her or anything, she was just needed to be that way. Sorry. .

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Title: You loved me when you didn't know who I was

Rating: M

Type: Multi-chapter

Authoress: ilostmyplace

Description: "I'm seen by most men and some women as a young body, someone to possibly keep their bed warm for the night. I didn't think you were the same way, I liked it better when you complimented me on how smart I was, or my personality. Not my looks." She was the baby sitter to his niece and nephew, he was a business man too obsessed with work and the first person to see her as someone. Lying about who you are never works, it just makes everything fall apart.

Chapter One:


'Where is she! Where could she have gone?!' He thought while hurrying down the apartment stairs, there was no time to waste, he needed to find her so he could set things right. Though if the apartment he had come from was any clue, she was going to be long gone before he even figured out where she was. 'Think stupid! Think!' He mentally screamed, trying to remember where she said she might go if she ever left Chicago. Nothing came to him though; the only thing that did enter his mind was how this day was so much like the day on which he had first met her.

Wrenching his car door open and quickly getting in to protect himself from the blizzard of snow, he tiredly rubbed his dark eyes before starting the car and running a hand nervously through his dark hair. Nervous, that was something new, he had never been nervous before; he hadn't been a lot of things before she came along and turned his life upside down. As he pulled out of the parking lot, tires slipping on the ice a bit, he couldn't stop the memories that came unbidden to his mind.

-One year ago-

He stared out his windshield slightly cursing the snow and ice, it had caused him to have to slow down so that he wouldn't wreck, which meant he had to listen to the annoying woman in the passenger seat that much longer. Not that he was really listening, in all actuality he hadn't absorbed a thing she'd said, but instead just nodded his head and said 'Oh?' or 'Mhhhm' when needed. This seemed to satisfy the blabbering pink haired, green eyed, banshee.

It was funny, he hadn't remembered her being so annoying, she had actually been likeable when he first started talking to her, smart, funny, a little aggressive he had to admit; he hadn't pinned her to be one of his crazy fan girls. This changed after he asked her to go to dinner with him, his friend and his friend's wife, she became less smart, less funny, eager to do whatever he said, and fawning over him like some love sick school girl.

He was tempted to just call his friend and tell him he wouldn't be joining the pair, but he knew he would catch hell about it, from both the blondes. They would bitch at him about how he worked too damn much, didn't have a life outside of signing paper work and being bossy. That wasn't what agitated him about their complaining though, it was when they got on the subject of him being twenty-seven years old and not having a girlfriend, they said it was unhealthy and that he had to be lonely.

He had tried to explain many times that he didn't bother with girlfriends because they only wanted him for the money he had, and the money he stood to inherit, not because they wanted to be with him. He had made it adamantly clear to them that if he got lonely he could have any girl he wanted for a night, then get rid of her, they hadn't taken kindly to that. So here he was wishing that he didn't have friends that liked to get into all aspects of his personal life.

With a sigh of relief the light of his friend's house came into view, for once he was over joyed to see the overly colorful lights that decorated the trees and lawn, along with the roof and windows. Sometimes he wondered how his friend found any time to put up Christmas decorations and make it look brighter and better than anyone's in the neighborhood, or in the suburbs for that matter. Pulling into the drive way he shut the car off and got out, being the polite sort of guy he was, he let his date fend for herself. He had been hoping she'd wait in the car, but of course she didn't, and then complained that he didn't open the car door for her. What a joy.

Knocking on the door he waited, for the door to open which didn't take long much to his pleasure, his arm was starting to lose circulation because of the pink haired woman's grip. However he was sent for a whirl when the door wasn't opened by one of his friends or his niece and nephew.

"Who are you?" He asked, not sounding all that kind. He took in the sight of the short woman who stood in front of him. She could have only been about five foot five, maybe five foot six at the most. Her hair hung to her lower back, he had almost thought the straight locks were black but the light reveled her hair was actually a mixture of dark blue and dark purple. He couldn't really make out what her body was like, she was wearing the most unflattering clothes, a big dark gray T-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and an over sized gray jacket.

"I'm the baby sitter, who are you?" She asked, looking up just for a brief moment causing their eyes to lock, it shocked him for a moment that her eyes seemed to be fully white, much like her pale skin, but on closer examination he saw a hint of lavender.

" Uchiha Sasuke, I'm here to go out with Naruto and Ino." The woman was about to say something but she was interrupted by a man's voice.

"Hinata, who's at the door?" Turning around Hinata saw her employer Naruto come into the room.

"Oh, Sasuke you are finally here, come in, come in." Naruto walked to the door and Hinata moved out of the way as Sasuke stepped in with his date. She took notice of how tall he was, standing at six foot three, maybe taller she wasn't sure. His hair was blackish blue with two thick pieces that brushed his jaw, though the rest was about medium length and spiky, he was casually dressed in a black leather jacket, a plain but nice dark blue long sleeved shirt, along with a pair of nice blue jeans. She kept her eyes on the floor, not wanting to look at his face again, more specifically his eyes, they were relaxed but they also had an undertone of seriousness, and viciousness. They reminded her too much of a person she didn't want to think about.

"So who's the pretty lady, Sauske?" Naruto asked, sticking out his hand for the pink haired woman to shake. "This is Sakura, Sakura this is my best friend Naruto." Sasuke replied as everyone took a seat in the living room, excluding Hinata, who stood by the hallway.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Naruto." Sakura said, in a fake sweet voice Hinata noticed, but no one else seemed to.

"So where are my niece and nephew?" Sasuke asked, wondering for a moment why his friend's children were being so quiet.

" You know what, I'm not sure. Hinata can you go find Satoya and Nana please? Also, could you tell Ino to hurry up?" Naruto asked to the silent woman who just nodded her head and turned to leave, just catching what Sakura said.

"How are they your niece and nephew if you and Naruto are only friends?" Sasuke explained he'd been around when the twins were born, and they had become like his niece and nephew, so that's why he referred to them as such.

Hinata walked down the hallway, she found Ino first. "Mrs. Uzimaki?" The blond haired woman turned around,

"Oh Hinata, you don't need to call me Mrs. Uzimaki, you're Twenty-five years old and only a year younger than me, you can call me Ino. Now what is it dear?" Hinata managed to smile.

"Your husband would like you to hurry up." Ino waved her hand in a dismissive manner.

"I figured as much, I heard Sasuke come in he's probably more than ready to leave. Thank you for telling me. Are you going to get the twins next?" She asked and Hinata nodded. "I think they are in the playroom, that's where I saw them last anyway." Ino turned back to the mirror and finished applying her makeup, as Hinata continued on her way.

She found Satoya and Nana where Ino said they would be, they had been coloring with markers, she told them their uncle was here and to hurry up so they could see him before they left. With that she went back to the living room, just catching what Sasuke said.

"I don't think she should babysit the kids, she looks less than qualified." Hinata could hardly keep her anger in check as she walked into the room, her eyes narrowed a bit.

"How about before you judge me you get to know me? Just because I don't look qualified, doesn't mean I'm not." With her arms crossed she glared, she couldn't believe he said she wasn't good enough to babysit, he didn't know her, didn't know what she was capable of; she had enough people in her life that said such things about her. She didn't need him saying it too. Sasuke's lips opened as if he would say more, but he didn't get the chance as Satoya and Nana entered the room, bright eyes wide and blond hair a mess.

"Uncle Sasuke!" They both cried as they bound into his lap, causing Sakura to let go of him and scoot away a bit so they could hug him.

"Did you bring me something?" Nana asked, looking for a bag that her uncle may have brought.

"Yeah, di'ja?" Satoya followed looking behind the couch, he didn't notice his mother get up and leave to the kitchen with Hinata.

"No, I didn't get you anything this close to Christmas. You're going to have to wait." He said, smiling just a hair at his niece and nephew's upset faces.

"I'm sorry Hinata, he had no right to say that, he's just protective of the twins." Ino said once the two reached the kitchen, Hinata still looked upset, but not in a pissed off manner; she looked sad.

"You're right he didn't, but it's fine, if that's what he thinks then let him." She said giving Ino a smile when the older woman placed a hand on her shoulder.

"It doesn't look like it's fine." The blonde persisted, but Hinata just shook her head.

"It is, I shouldn't even worry about it, I'll be okay don't worry." Ino gave up.

"Alright if you say so, I'm still really sorry." Hinata shrugged, "It wasn't your fault." With that said the two went back to the living room.

"Are we ready to go?" Naruto asked, while still giving Sasuke a glare while getting one in return. If Sasuke wanted to be berated like a child he would have asked to be, he didn't care if he hurt the woman's feelings, that's what he thought and he wasn't planning on saying sorry.

"Yeah, I think we're ready." Ino replied breaking the staring contest, she knew this was going to be a long night.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged at the door, as was last minute important information, the time on which they were probably going to be home and so on. Hinata just caught Naruto telling Sasuke he needed to apologize, though she didn't linger long enough to see what his answer would be, somehow she just knew it would be no.

The night went by rather uneventful for Hinata, she played some games with Satoya and Nana, somehow always losing because they said so. She made dinner which wasn't all that hard, besides the fact that they both wanted different things. After that Nana and Satoya got into a little fight over who was playing with what, Satoya tried to burn one of Nana's toys after the incident. Finally she put them to bed then plopped down on the couch to watch some T.V. It didn't take her long to doze off, but when she woke up it was to the front door opening.

The night hadn't been the greatest for Sasuke, Naruto had told him to say sorry about a million times, finally he gave in and agreed. Sakura turned out to be far worse once they got to the movie, trying to hold his hand, be as close to him as possible, and she constantly whispered things in his ear about trivial things. Dinner hadn't been much better. Sakura somehow got really stupid over night, sometimes she would say things at random that didn't even pertain to what they were discussing. Then finally he arrived at Naruto's house so he could do what he said he would, wasn't that peachy?

"Hey Hinata, how were the kids?" Ino asked as the woman met them at the door already grabbing her things.

"They were great, though I think Nana is going to need another doll for Christmas, after a fight that she and Satoya had he tried to burn her doll, I didn't get to him in time so the doll has a big black mark on her face." Ino seemed embarrassed by what she heard.

"I'm so sorry, I can't believe he did that." Hinata shook her head,

"It's fine nothing major happened, he could have tried something worse, and I know what kids are like I have a little sister of my own."Ino managed a smile as she dug around for her check book,

"So other than that incident did anything else happen?" The blonde finally found her check book and a pen.

"No, they ate dinner, we played some games, I made them clean up their toys and then they went to sleep." Hinata replied, managing a very small shy laugh at the other woman's face.

"You got them to clean up? I never can, you're good." Hinata blushed.

"Th-thank you, it wasn't all that hard." Ripping out the check that was now filled out Ino handed it to Hinata.

"Well I'm not going to keep you any longer, I'm sure you want to get home, you'll be here next weekend?" Ino asked

"Yeah I will, six o'clock?" Ino nodded.

"I'll see you later then." Hinata said slipping her shoes on as Ino went to check on the kids, Naruto in tow.

Glancing up Hinata saw Sasuke looking at her, just standing by the door, she wondered why he was there but didn't dwell on it for long and opted to ignore him. Sasuke seemed slightly miffed that she didn't say anything to him, but then again he couldn't really blame her, he just wasn't used to being ignored. He moved in front of the door before she could get close enough to open it, arms crossed over his chest as he stared down at her, watching the slight annoyance dash across her features.

"Eh-excuse me." Hinata stuttered a bit, his gaze making her uncomfortable, "I'm tah-trying to leave." She said a little hesitantly.

"I know, that's why I'm blocking the door." He replied in a know-it-all sort of tone, which didn't exactly please Hinata.

"Why?" She looked up at him, trying to not look at the ground like she wanted to do.

"I want to ask you a question." He lazily shrugged his shoulders, smirking a bit, he knew he was making her somewhat nervous, even though she was looking up at him her eyes were darting to avoid his.

"What is it?" She asked a bit exasperated, she had things she had to do, she needed to get home.

"Will you go out to dinner with me Tuesday? My way of apologizing for what I said." Hinata was caught off guard for a moment, mainly because when he said Tuesday she thought of her other job, and it showed on her face causing Sasuke to go into a full-blown smirk.

"Well.." She was hesitating and Sasuke was rather pleased about it, he hoped she did accept, not because he wanted to go to dinner with her but because he could tell Sakura he was busy, not that he couldn't do that anyway but at least he could say what he was busy with.

Hinata was a bit shocked and searching for an answer, until one smacked her in the face when she saw him smirking.

"No." She said simply, watching the smirk fall off his face and his eyes narrow.

"What?" He seemed to be in disbelief.

"I said no, your apology wouldn't be accepted if you took me to dinner, or if you said sorry right now. You insulted me and you don't even know me, I don't go to dinner with people who insult me and I don't feel like being forgiving tonight." Hinata knew she sounded like a bitch, which wasn't really how she was, but he was annoying her with that smirk and his words still stung.

"Now, I'm sure your date is waiting for you, ask her to dinner instead, and I need to leave. So, please move." She stood her ground giving him a hard stare that was just directed to the left of his head at the door, that way she wouldn't have to look in his eyes and since her eyes didn't seem to have pupils he couldn't tell what she was really looking at.

Sasuke was shocked to say the least as he moved aside, he had never been turned down before, normally he was the one telling people no. He watched as Hinata left, not even giving him a second glance. His jaw tightened and his teeth ground together, he had no idea why but he felt angry and he knew she was the cause of if, but he didn't stay mad at her for long as his friends came out from around the corner.

"That was smooth, I think it's safe to say you really just messed up." Ino said rolling her eyes. This night couldn't get any worse.

Hinata shrugged her jacket off and dumped it on the back of her couch, she was so happy to be home. Hitting the play button on her answering machine she went into the kitchen where her cat was waiting for her, more specifically his food. She mentally ticked off a list of people she was going to need to call as she poured some hard cat food into a bowl and refilled the one with water already on the ground.

"Glad to see someone missed me, huh Domino?" She asked the cat gray and black striped cat, but he only continued to stuff his face.

Shaking her head a little Hinata went to her bed room and stripped down, pulling a big shirt and a pair of oversized shorts out of a drawer. Once she was done changing, she crawled into her bed and was soon joined by her cat, who sprawled out next to her as she stroked his side.

"You'll never guess what happened at my babysitting job today. I ran into the biggest prick known to man." Domino gave a content mew as Hinata continued to run her hand over his fur and tell him about her night.

Sasuke grumbled as he entered his apartment, throwing his keys down on the kitchen table and running his hand through his hair. After another rant from both Naruto and Ino, he had to deal with Sakura who was upset because she had to wait in the car for so long. Those weren't the worst parts though, no, it was when Sakura had gotten clingy and upset when he said he was busy Tuesday and couldn't go out with her. For the life of him he couldn't understand why she thought there was something between them, he had just invited her out for fun. Now of course Sasuke couldn't take the blame for this so he blamed it all on Hinata. She wouldn't accept his apology, and he had a feeling Sakura thought he was going to be with her Tuesday, that meant he needed to find some sort of meeting to attend.

Walking into his room he discarded all his clothing, except for his boxers, before climbing into bed. He twisted from one side to the other, not able to comfortable all the while his thoughts sailed around a certain pale lavender eyed woman.

"Damn bitch, I don't even know her and she fucks everything up." He huffed loudly before finally rolling onto his left side and closing his eyes, settling down just a bit. For some reason he had the notion she was going to mess up his life a lot more. He didn't like this notion at all.