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Title: You Loved Me When You Didn't Know Who I Was

Rating: M

Type: Multi-chapter

Authoress: ilostmyplace

Description: "I'm seen by most men and some women as a young body, someone to possibly keep their bed warm for the night. I didn't think you were the same way, I like it better when you complimented me on how smart I was, or my personality. Not my looks." She was the baby sitter to his niece and nephew, he was a business man too obsessed with work and the first person to see her as someone. Lying about who you are never works, it just makes everything fall apart.

Chapter 15:

This is the Depth of Beauty

And so it came to pass, after that night on the couch, with him holding her hand and her staring at him like a doe caught in the head lights of an on coming car, their dysfunctional relationship was born. Neither one spoke about what happened that night, or how she cried, and he, a bit awkwardly, comforted her. He didn't ask why she cried her eyes out, she didn't tell, and they told no one that they were in a sense together. Because even they weren't exactly sure about how together they were, for they hadn't talk about it either. All Hinata knew now, was that she was in his car, watching as cars passed by, with only the promise that she'd love where he was taking her.

"Sasuke really now, I have class tomorrow." She tried, once again, to get a destination from him. It was now midsummer and he loved doing this to her, he would tell her that he was picking her up and allude to what she should wear, then pick her up and they would go. Hinata looked over to him and saw the smirk that curled on the ends of his lips, lips that she imagined was pressed against her own again. Since the start of this they hadn't really done more than hold hands, pecks on the cheek, or occasionally the lips. She liked that he was taking his time with her, but there was something exhilarating about his lips touching hers, she wouldn't lie, she thought of them being other places as well.

"I know, I won't keep you out late, I promise." Sasuke answered, taking his eyes off the road briefly to glance at her. He couldn't fool himself, the white button up shirt she was wearing, covered by a black jacket made his mind run with fantasies. Though he often had to lock them away, so he could behave himself, especially since he was spending more and more time with her. Though he tried terribly, he couldn't beat the playboy part of himself all the way back, and the playboy side was saying 'Take her to a place with a desk, and make her look like a well sated secretary.' Of course he didn't though, instead he kept driving, taking her to another suburb, where a small restaurant was. It used to be his old stomping ground when he was younger, woman loved it, and he was pretty sure she would too.

It was another twenty minutes before they arrived at the restaurant and during that time Sasuke had snuck constant peeks at Hinata. First she started sitting up straight, looking out the window, if he pulled onto a street she was familiar with she'd open her eyes a bit wider, thinking she knew where he was taking her, but they'd settle to normal once he turned to a different street. After a while of constantly being thwarted in her attempts to figure out where they were going she slumped lower in her seat, and not too long after she crossed her arms over her stomach. That's how she was currently sitting as he pulled into the small parking lot, which was mostly empty. Had to love week days, few people were out and about, except for him, and her because he yanked her from her apartment more or less. She'd thank him later.

Shutting off the engine he watched as she sat up straighter again, eyes scanning outside of the windshield and window, her hands automatically unbuckling the seatbelt without sparing it a glance. "We're here." He said, though it seemed she'd figured that much out on her own. He got out of the car himself, after hitting the red button that released his seat belt.

He took hold of Hinata's hand as she moved closer to his side while they walked to the door. Her hands felt a bit cooler than his own, as her fingers tangled between his. He also noted how it filled his palm a bit more than the tiny woman he used to date, with their boney, skin-taut hands. Opening the door she went in before he did, not letting go of his hand as he quickly followed behind her. They stopped at a sign that said 'Please wait to be seated.' and not long after an older woman, with gray and white hair appeared, she was a short and stout thing, hair short and curly like most older woman kept it.

"Sasuke! It's good to see you again." She chirped happily, blue, glass covered eyes landing on him then darting to Hinata a moment, brow wrinkling before smoothing back out. "It's been a long time, how have you been darling? Who's this young lady? Your normal seat?" She asked in quick succession, grabbing two menus, her tone holding a light grandmotherly scold of disapproval. He knew what she was thinking and was quick to change it.

"I'm fine, this is Hinata. Also, no, can we have one of the window tables?" He asked with a smile, which the old woman returned, eyes lighting up almost instantly. So this Hinata wasn't like the other woman that Sasuke had brought in, marvelous! With a happy nod of her head the older woman bustled away to one of the open tables, setting the menus down when they arrived and stepping aside for them.

"It's nice to meet you Hinata, Tyler will be out to get your order in a bit, he's on break at the moment. I'll go grab him." As soon as those words left the old woman's mouth she bustled off, probably to grab said teenage worker from the back. Sasuke picked up his menu and Hinata followed suit with her own, both sitting in relative silence until Hinata spoke, placing her menu down. Sasuke never got use to how quickly she made up her mind on some things. He was sure she had her dinner picked out, what appetizer she was going to suggest, and even dessert, though he knew she'd refuse the first three times when he would ask her if she wanted some. He'd learned a lot about her.

"The bruising has really gone down." She murmured looking at his face again, as he titled the menu down a bit; he was so slow at ordering his food. Her eyes skimmed the bruising that was still left, it'd drastically reduced, now there was only some dark blue over the bridge of his nose, and just under his eyes the skin was still a brown-ish yellow. His lips twisted into a smirk and she knew what was coming, she shouldn't have even said anything.

"I wonder, how much do you look at me Hinata?" The words slipped off his tongue and through his lips like tangible, liquid, teasing. His right eyebrow arched, just like she knew it would and last but not least, one of his hands came up to cradle his chin in his palm. These movements were all distinct hints that there would be more teasing to come, however, she had her own plans. Holding up her hand she curled and uncurled her finger in the 'Come here, come closer' fashion, a soft deceptive smile on her lips.

And unwittingly he fell into her trap, just like a male spider, into the web the she-spider wove, only to be eaten when she was done with him. Leaning forward, he tilted his head ever so slightly to the side as her fingers came forward to coast over his skin, oblivious to her plot. Soon he drew back though, as she pushed into the brown-ish skin just under his eye, not terribly hard, but enough to make the tender flesh throb a moment. "I only like to look at you when you're pouting, it's the only time you're cute." She replied, giggling a bit.

And just as she said, there was a pout on his face, larger fingers caressing the spot she had poked, bottom lip jutted out just a fraction. Well he should have known by now, if he was going to play like that, she was going to play back "You are just too smart for you own good." He murmured, what he really meant to say was 'You are just too much of a smart ass for your own good.' But even he knew not to say that to a date, and he noticed she caught on by the way she giggled and shook her head a bit.

Finally the Tyler boy showed up, not that it was very long, Sasuke was just a wee bit grumpy. They ordered their drinks, and Hinata the appetizer. Though she only ordered after a million and one glances to him to make sure it was okay. It was. Only the last two times they went out did she start letting him pay for dinner. He really didn't understand why she felt so bad when he did, but they were making progress so he didn't ask. After a bit more chatting, and some cheese sticks later, which he found out were her favorite appetizer, he was smiling well technically, smirking again.

She talked animatedly about some of the hands on things she got to do in her classes, and before long she'd be putting in some hours at one of the hospitals. He liked how animatedly she spoke of being a doctor, even when she talked about some of the gross things she learned. He in turn got to tell her about his boring desk job, though very soon he should be back in meetings, now that his, abused face was clearing up, and yes he said abused to try and make her feel bad. It only made her laugh.

Then dinner came around, they quieted down considerably, until she stole one of his onion rings, it was the biggest one! She then proceeded to eat her captured prize right in front of him, even though he threatened to get revenge if she did. Sasuke started pouting again, though this one Hinata noted, was far more for show. All his facial movements were more exaggerated. Then dessert came around, she was hesitant to order anything but he insisted, and soon there was a chocolate Sunday in front of her. Before she even got a chance to stick her spoon in it, he nabbed up the cherry and popped it into his mouth, much to her protest. That was her favorite part of the dessert!

However, she forgave him, it was only fair, she took his onion ring. However it seemed he wasn't done with her, because she saw his hands move, the little red stem in his hand, as she took a bite of her Sunday. A mischievous smile curled the ends of his lips as he popped the stem into his mouth, and instantly she knew where this was going. She doubted he could tie it in a knot, she know she had never mastered that talent, not that she'd really sat down and tried. However, she should have known better, because not long after the stem went in, it came out tied in a knot. That didn't bother her as much as the look he was giving her did. Dark eyes boring into her, watching her every movement, not really like an animal, just a person that was very; as they said,' hungry.'

Sasuke couldn't help but grin as she fidgeted under his stare, the look having done its job amazingly enough. He found it funny how she became very interested in her dessert so she wouldn't have to look at him. However the ice cream and fudge syrup were gone soon enough and she had to look up at him. The Tyler boy brought by the bill, which Sasuke paid, Hinata almost protested but stopped knowing they'd get into an argument. So instead, all she did was smile at him. "Thank you for dinner."

Sasuke shook his head a bit, she knew he thought it was ridiculous for her to thank him for dinner; apparently the other woman didn't do that. But at least this time he responded with "You're welcome." And not something like 'It was nothing'. She watched him, watch her for a bit, before he shook his head and stood up walking from the table. She followed after him quickly as they both headed to the car. He got in his side and she got in her's, the drive was very silent she noted, there was no little bit of talking, and the music was low. Her eyes picked up on the fact that his fingers were drumming against the steering will constantly, in a silent beat.

It made her nervous, because every time his eyes would shift over to her they were serious and she was left to wonder why. She shifted a bit, trying to make herself more comfortable, though it failed rather miserably, if anything it made her feel worse as his eyes once again bore down on her. So she opted for silently looking out the window as he took her home, the lights blurring together once in a while when he started speeding. She however noticed that as they got closer to her home he started to slow and even calm down. Letting out a small sigh she relaxed against the seat finally, enjoying the rest of the silent drive.

As he finally pulled up alongside of the curb and stopped, Hinata unbuckled herself and turned to him, opening the door at the same time. "Thanks for taking me out, I had a great time." Scooting across the seat a bit to get out, she froze in her spot at his word, turning her head back to look upon him with furrowed eyebrows.

"You hurt me again, and I don't even get a kiss on the cheek?" This time around he didn't smirk, oh no, Sasuke grinned. Hinata couldn't help but catch the cocky 'sparkle' in his eyes, as she bit her bottom lip and gave him an 'Oh really?' look. She retracted her hand from the door, and crossed her arms over her stomach, clearly waiting for him to tell her how.

Sasuke chucked a bit, and then pointed to his face, it dawned on her what he was talking about. "You poked me, it hurt. And you never said sorry either." He tried to pout a bit, but she could see the ends of his lips wavering, trying their hardest to pull into a smirk. She swore she was going to have to teach him how to smile. She returned his pout like smirk with a light frown and a wrinkling of her nose.

"Fine, I'll give you a kiss on the cheek, but I'm not saying sorry, you deserved that poke." She finally murmured, screwing up her face a bit as he turned his face and tapped his cheek with a pointer finger. He could be such a demanding jerk sometimes! Placing one hand on the middle console of the car, she leaned forward to press a kiss to his cheek, but as she got closer he all of a sudden turned his head. His hand shot forward as she jerkily stopped, placing pressure on her neck as he leaned in the rest of the way. His lips sealed themselves against her's firmly parted slightly so he could draw her bottom lip in between his teeth, biting down on it with enough force to make her give a startled, gaspy-moan.

Her lips parted a fraction and there was no stopping his tongue as it quickly pressed against the small opening. He wasn't asking for access to her mouth, he was demanding it. He didn't wait for permission to have the kiss, instead he took it. With her eyes closed tight, Hinata grasped at the back of his shirt lightly with her free hand, a slight reluctance, though it was fading as she felt teeth on her lip again. A small bit of her snarled that he'd planned this and was being overly in control, the rest of her was giddy and eager to give in. The eager side won out as she parted her lips more, heart pounding furiously in her ears.

His tongue caught a bit of her top lip fleetingly, as he sought out her tongue, which pressed against his. He could still taste a bit of fudge from the sundae she'd eaten not all that long ago, his tongue sliding against her own, taking dominance, though hers wriggled and pushed back in slight defiance. The hand around her neck loosened and his fingers kneaded into the flesh just under her hair line, his other hand coming to her throat, fingers barely coasting over the pale flesh as he pulled away. Pressing his curved pointer finger to the soft underside of her jaw, he watched carefully as she tilted her head back, taking in a light breath of air eyes fluttering slightly to look at him through little slits as she gave against the pressure.

Her lips were still parted, though only a bit, cheeks flushed a gentle red. He could feel her pulse slamming against the tips of his fingers splayed across her skin. He almost wanted to groan as he caught her pale eyes staring at him from under heavy lashes, he was sure she didn't do it on purpose, but she was giving the best 'fuck me now' look. He gave a gentle but frustrated growl, before dipping his head and pressing his lips to her neck. There were no light sweet kisses, instantly he started to suck on her throat, pinching the soft skin between his teeth as he made his way to the hollow of her throat, soothing the small red marks with quick flicks of his hot, wet tongue.

The gentle groan that vibrated from her throat and leaked out over her lips sent a shiver up his spine. Her fingers felt amazing as they lightly danced over his shirt, and up the back of his neck, playing with the tips of his hair. "Sasss-uh-kay." She called to him gently, as his tongue pressed against the hollow of her throat, he didn't hardly respond besides giving a small grunt that showed he at least heard her make a noise. Leaning her head back down, her fingers tangled and pulled at the fringes of his hair as she once again called his name a bit clearer. "Sasuke." He responded that time, startling her a bit as he moved closer to her, the side of his face pressed against hers and his lips just before her ear.

His breath was purposely heavy, her skin breaking into rigid goose flesh from the hot moist air that teased across the shell of her ear. "Will you go to the Winter dinner with me?" Her rasped, making sure that his lips skimmed across her ear. Hinata was confused; mind trying to process his words and the slight, but slowly growing heat in her belly. She blinked a few times, the sound of his breathing distracting.

"Yeh-yes." She finally stammered out and he slowly pulled away, a smile on his face. He placed a kiss to her cheek, before sitting back fully in his chair. He refused to look at her, as he seemed to be thinking, his face contorting in slight disgust as he sat there. She remained silent, wondering if she'd done wrong, shaking her head slightly to get her bearings back. Finally he looked at her, dark eyes holding this sort of light look that she wasn't use to. At least he was smirking and not smiling, she would have worried if it were the other way around.

"We've got a little more than three months to get you ready then. I'm going to need someone who can teach you everything. You'll need to have a formal dress made for you as well." He wasn't really talking to her, she noted, but ticking off things that had to be done in his mind, and letting her know what they were. She settled back in her seat, eyebrows furrowing a bit, all the while she wondered what she'd gotten herself into. Without really thinking about it, her lips started to move, and the words tumbled out.

"You'd think you'd have asked me out first." She froze when she realized she'd spoken her thoughts, and couldn't help but swallow thickly as she noticed his eyes serious and resting on her. Had she upset him? "I-uh." She tried to speak, but words escaped her, she couldn't think of a damn thing to say, and he wasn't hardly breathing, just staring at her. Nervously her fingers twitched, relieved when he blinked.

Sasuke had been unsure of 'asking her out' as she put it, not sure about sealing what they had, it wasn't like marriage or anything, but he knew once he stepped in it'd be hard to get out. However he reached for the glove box, watching as she shifted a bit so he could easily pull the little handle, and let the panel fall down. Her rummaged through the glove box a moment, before pulling out a long dark blue and black box. He shut the panel, and placed the box he grabbed on the center console, his eyes moved to her before back to the box. "Take it." He finally muttered, watching as she reached forward and gingerly picked it up. She slowly opened the lid and revealed a basic, thin, silver chain, with the Uchiha logo as a charm on the end.

Hinata looked up at him slightly confused, maybe he wasn't angry, but then what was all the staring for? She didn't have to wait long for the answer. "I suppose I should have asked you to be my girlfriend first, or something like that." It was obvious he had very little experience in dealing with a real relationship. All the stupid, chatty woman, hadn't been any good for that, and here he was, very honestly lacking some smooth line to spit out. So, gripping the steering wheel, he just spit the stupid words out. "Will you be my girlfriend? Officially, and I can tell my father, brother, the press and everyone else?"

She didn't answer right away, and Sasuke started to worry a fraction when she didn't look up from the necklace, after looking back down at the simple jewelry. However finally she did glance back up, her pale eyes locking with his dark ones, her hands and the necklace lowering into her lap.


Hinata thought she may have regretted her answer last night, as she now sat beside Sasuke, her hand not far from her throat as she stroked the little Uchiha charm. She was waiting for one, flamboyantly pink haired woman, to enter the office and join them. They were going to be figuring out when she would have time to help Hinata learn everything she would need to know. What forks to use, bits about the Uchiha company, scraps about the family, and manners, though Hinata thought she had far more than Sakura did. Of course she'd protested a bit when Sasuke had told her about this, but she relented soon enough, especially after she made him explain to Ino why she couldn't grab the twins right after class.

She cleared her throat nervously, eyes shifting over to Sasuke who didn't seem bothered in the least, he just sat there straight as could be, but relaxed at the same time. She didn't really understand how that even worked, because it shouldn't have, but for him it did, he seemed like he owned the small office even though he wasn't on the right side of the desk. She sort of envied the air he always had about him, which he could call up and use at command whenever he wanted. Her thoughts weren't allowed to linger though, as the door behind them opened. Turning back slightly, she watched Sakura come in, finishing up a call on her cell, and carrying a few folders in one hand.

She slide around the chairs, and behind her desk, dropping the fairly thick folders onto it, finally hanging up her phone and dropping it down on top of the folders. Pulling out the high backed rolling chair, she sat down gracefully, finally staring at the two of them. "So, how are we going to do this?" She didn't even bother saying a hello, or being overly civil, which Hinata didn't think she would be, but really.

Finally Sasuke moved besides breathing, he turned and looked at Hinata, fixing her with a look that obviously said 'talk.' And of course she didn't want to, she disliked Sakura a lot, however all she could do was swallow thickly and force a small smile onto her face. "I was hoping we could do this anytime after three o'clock on the weekdays. I'm not available on the weekends, and I'm sure you're not either." Sakura nodded her head in agreement, which she really didn't want to do, she'd have rather told them both to fuck off, but Gaara thought this was a wonderful thing.

"Where will we be doing this then?" She interlaced her fingers together, waiting for a reply from Hinata, but her eyes were drawn quickly to Sasuke as he spoke.

"The practice will take place at my apartment."