Title: Perchance to Live
Author: Milena D.
Rating: T+ for now
Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure, etc. Daniel/Vala all the way ;)
SPOILERS: Just for episode 10x01 "Flesh and Blood" and only for one line. That might change but I'll give a warning if it does

Summary: Completely AU plot containing the characters, villains and certain mythologies from the show. DV and slight SJ but it's very slight.

Author's Note #1: There's just no excuse…I mean, other than striving for (and achieving) straight A's in school…I saw that this fic hasn't been updated in over 2 months and the shame, just ugh. I'm so sorry. I hope this chapter can make up for some of the wait. And after exam period, I have Xmas break so lots of writing time!!! I'll try to get some chapters in reserves in case another busy spell hits…

Author's Note #2:Mucho thanks to my long lost sister Stef who beta'd this chapter for me when no one else would. cue musical swell Thanks Stef:D She's also to blame -- I mean -- she's also to thank for the wonderful title:D

Author's Note #3: I just wanted to mention that the Daniel in my fic starts out as similar to the early seasons of SG-1, minus the trauma of having and losing a wife.

Disclaimer: I own the plot, unoriginal as it may be Don't own the characters.

Chapter 3: Propositions

As soon as Daniel's arms had closed around her, her mind thrust her into the memory of a similar embrace just a few days ago. The fabric against her cheek was different, as was his scent, but the arms locking her to his chest were the same. The force of her memories combined with the warmth emanating from the man holding her were enough to suck her into the moment, blocking out any and everything else. Her mind raced but she couldn't hear it, there were a million questions streaming through her head but Daniel's gentle squeeze muted them. That is, of course, until an unfamiliar throat-clear sounded behind her and instilled a fear in her so powerful that she instinctively pushed Daniel away with enough force to make him stumble.

Vala whipped around placing herself in front of Daniel, sure that she'd find one of Qetesh's goons behind her, but was surprised to see an older man standing casually next to Denya. His brown eyes were surprised but it seemed to be a reaction to her abrupt actions and expression.

"Hi there." he said after a pause, warily watching her reaction.

Denya's eyes moved between Jack and Vala. Her friend was scared and it was understandable; there was no telling the punishments that could befall them for having men in the compound, and no telling what would happen to those men should Qetesh get a hold of them. Neither Denya nor Vala had anything substantial to back up this fear of attachment to anyone on the outside but stories of Qetesh's past retributions on those who dared were enough to keep anyone from trying. The only reason Denya had brought Jack and Daniel this far was Vala's recent turn to reverie. She'd always had a buoyant personality and it hadn't changed but every so often, Denya would catch her friend's eyes losing focus as if she saw something no one else could see and she would wager her remaining years of service that one of these men were responsible for those changes.

"It's alright, Vala. This is Jack, he's a friend of your…friend." Denya said reassuringly as she watched Daniel break free from his stupor and enter back into reality.

"Vala?" he called softly, stepping forward and touching her forearm. The gesture didn't startle her but her muscles did seem to unclench ever so slightly. Emboldened by her reaction, he let his hand slip down her arm to reach her hand but before he could reach his destination, she yanked her hand away and stepped towards Denya.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, her grey eyes large and beautiful under her frown despite their constant movement to the four corners of the court.

"Jack wanted to meet you." Daniel said simply, attempting to throw all of the attention away from him though Vala's gaze didn't rest on Jack for long before returning to his. He grinned sheepishly and continued, "I…wanted to see you…again."

That at least softened her eyes and caused the corners of her lips to quirk slightly.

"Besides, I made you a promise and I wanted you to know I haven't forgotten about it, about you." Daniel said earnestly. As quickly as Vala's half-grin had grown, it fell as soon as the situation returned to the forefront of her mind.

"You have to leave." she told them firmly, grabbing both Daniel and Jack by the arms and pulling them forward toward the house and the exit.

"Wait, what?" Daniel flustered "Vala!" he exclaimed, breaking her strong hold on him and trying to take her hand instead but she let go of Jack to thwart his efforts.

"You can't be here, Daniel." she told him firmly, staring him down with a frown.


"Val!" Denya called, cutting off Daniel's complaint. They both looked over to the blonde and then to the other side of the courtyard where she was gesturing. There stood a handsome man, tall with mousy brown hair and a look of importance. As soon as Vala laid eyes on him she snatched her hand out of Daniel's and took off to meet the man, a giant grin lighting her face.

Jack watched his friend's heart crumble as he'd predicted and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Sorry, Daniel." he sympathized, he'd save the 'I told you so's' for later.

Daniel nodded, feeling like an ass.

Denya, witnessing the scope of the action, sauntered forward and looped her arm with Daniel's comfortingly.

"Poor Daniel," she teased him, trying to restrain her snicker when he turned his glare on her. She let out a melodramatic sigh and patted his arm patronizingly. "You both do realize that he's just a client, right?"

By their widening eyes, they hadn't. Now Denya didn't hold her laughter back. Their faces were so descriptive, especially the younger one. He showed joy at the revelation, hope at the realization that Vala didn't have someone special, and anger at the fact that he was faced with one of the men who used the raven haired beauty.

"You two are justadorable." Denya crooned, reaching up to pinch Daniel's cheek but he moved out of the way and shrugged her arms off before she could.

"That's one of them?" he ground out, his jaw clenched as he watched Vala let herself be held by the stranger. "I thought…appointments…were held at night…"

Denya turned her eyes to the scene he was watching and couldn't quite muster her usual quips.

"They are…some clients are just a little more…attached…than others." she explained, seeing Daniel's hands clench out of the corner of her eye.

"Attached?" Jack asked skeptically.

"Well, obsessed." Denya admitted, before nodding patronizingly toward Daniel "I was trying to spare the little one."

"Stalker-obsessed? Or 'if I can't have you no one will'-obsessed?" Jack asked.

"Oh no, neither," she said quickly, "more of a 'has it in his mind that they're getting married and already set up a nursery in his house for the baby the Ori will be blessing them with'-obsessed…"

Jack wasn't sure he liked this third option better.

"Is he dangerous?" Daniel asked with a hard tone, his eyes never straying from the couple on the other side of the yard.

"No, no." Denya said hurriedly, "well..." she amended but took back again when both men turned to her.

"He's not!" she assured them "Not anymore, he was warned and now he's getting charged double for the same time so it works out well."

"How do you figure that?" Jack pressed, starting to feel the burgeoning urge to help Daniel in his little quest.

"Well, come on," Denya said obviously, "she comes home once with one little bruise and now she's getting paid double what she used to. It's a lot better than a lot of other girls have gotten."

While Daniel seethed silently at her words, Jack pressed on.

"Why is she getting better than the rest of you?"

"Qetesh has always had her eye on Vala, we'd probably begrudge her the special treatment if we didn't pity her for her Majesty's extra attention." Denya shrugged.

"Majesty?" Daniel finally spoke.

"Qetesh." Denya said simply but was met with blank stares "Qetesh…she's a former Lady of Goa? The People of the Snake? She was kicked out for something, we don't know what but she's seen fit to make Tau her happy little home and us her enterprising business." she added bitterly.

"She's from Goa!?" Jack demanded, sharing a disturbed look with Daniel.

"Yep. We're very multicultural over here." Denya praised sarcastically before pointing to the man currently placing something small in Vala's hands, "Tomin over there is from the Ori…probably explains the slightly unbalanced personality." she mused.

"The Ori!?" Daniel exclaimed and Denya nodded exaggeratedly, amused by their overreaction. She leaned back on the tree as they watched Tomin finally leave the compound.

"He's the ambassador? Or the…what is he?" she wondered aloud "It starts with an 'm' I think…masseuse…manager…messenger…"

"Missionary?" Daniel asked.

"That's the one!" she replied with a smirk, "Must make Vala's appointments so very…bland."

They didn't appreciate the joke, Denya shrugged apologetically against the tree.

"I can't believe you've got Goa'uld as employers and Ori as clients…" Daniel muttered.

"Ori?" Vala asked as she came back within earshot.

"Your client." Daniel replied with a tone that expressed his discontent.

Vala ignored his ire and pocketed the present Tomin had given her.

"Another one?" Denya asked her and Vala nodded silently.

The men watched the two women and Jack raised his eyebrows.

"Another?" he asked.

"Another engagement ring." Vala smiled mischievously.

Confused, Jack threw Daniel a glance before nodding.

"Mazaltoff?" he offered but Vala shook her head.

"She tells him that Qetesh catches her wearing the last ring and confiscates it under the 'no getting attached' rule, so Tomin brings her a brand new one at the next visit." Denya explains, "She's always thinking of the future this one."

"You're gonna pawn the rings when you get out?" Jack asked, impressed with the foresight.

"That's the plan." Vala nodded, beaming. "The biggest problem in getting out is staying out. Girls that don't plan ahead have to come crawling back to this place after a while and I don't intend to fall into that ugly cycle."

"Well hopefully you won't have to worry about that soon." Daniel reminded her and Vala's face turned back into stone as she walked past him.

"I told you to leave, Daniel." Vala warned him as he followed her with Jack and Denya trailing behind.

"And I promised you I'd get you out of here." he replied, making her whip around to face him with incredulous eyes.

"I didn't ask you to do that!" she threw back at him.

"I know you didn-"

"I told you toforget me!" she cut him off heatedly, "Which part of that was hard to understand?"

"All of it!" he retorted, his own voice raising. With them having stopped their fast walking, Jack and Denya hung back together to watch it all unfold.

"You soldier boys are all alike, give you a gun and you'll perform miracles but one simple sentence is enough to confuse you." Vala sniped at him.

"I'm not a solider, I'm a linguist." he shot back smugly.

"How is thatbetter?" she bit back, turning around and swiftly resuming her march.

"Look, I know what you said but I couldn't jus-"

"Well you'll just have to try a little harder, won't you?" she stopped to face him again. "Have you any idea what you've done to yourself just walking into this god forsaken place?"

"What?" he asked slowly, thrown off by the change of subject. Jack looked at Denya and she nodded her confirmation.

"As soon as you walked through those doors, Qetesh knew your name, by now she'll know who you are, where you live! If you stay any longer she'll have everything there is to know about you." Vala said, her panicked anger fading and leaving her with a steady feeling of anxiety.

"You can't believe how amazed I am that you'd even come here to see me. The idea that you actually planned on following through on what you said is the most beautiful thing anyone's ever done for me," she said softly before glaring at him "but don't be an idiot. Get out now."

"No." he said definitively.

"Daniel!" she ground out.

"No!" he repeated with attitude, "I'm not reneging on my word."

Vala looked away with frustration and caught sight of Jack.

"You! You're his friend aren't you?" she questioned a startled Jack who moved forward with Denya to join the conversation.

"One could say that."

"Don't bother trying to get Jack to talk me out of this, he'll support me in whatever I do." Daniel said with more confidence than he felt, hoping the message got through to Jack. Judging by his shrug and blank eyes, it didn't.

"I won't." Vala returned, "But I want you to think of your Jack when I tell you that Qetesh will know everything about you. Who you are and who your loved ones are. Are you seriously going to put them in harm's way for a promise I never asked you to make and am asking you not to try to keep?"

Without ridding her face of the sincere gaze she'd directed at Daniel, she crowed with delight to see the guilt seep into his expression. Jack, behind Daniel, marveled at the woman's manipulation tactics and fervent desire to get his friend to drop his mission. He'd walked into the place knowing she was scamming Daniel and he'd be walking out later knowing he'd do everything he could to help her.

"Just go home, Daniel." Vala beseeched him softly.

Daniel swallowed heavily and couldn't meet her eyes. He couldn't believe that he'd be carrying out her wishes, he couldn't imagine going home and forgetting her for all the new memories the future held.

Vala cursed herself another million times for ever getting him involved in her life and wrapped her hands softly around his wrists.

"I promise I'll look you up in three years." she winked, trying to lighten the mood but not quite succeeding. When his pained eyes met hers, it was her turn to avoid his gaze. She cleared her throat and pointed to the exit.

"When you leave, make appointments with Denya and me in the office near the staircase. You can cancel them in a few days but at least now you'll appear to have a semi-credible reason for being here." Vala added.

Daniel nodded numbly and took a small step forward to leave but Vala held him back. He turned to look at her and she pulled his head down for a kiss much less chaste than the last they shared. Without bothering with logic, rational thought, morals or anything of the like, Daniel hungrily returned her kiss, wrapping his arms around her lithe body and drawing her nearer. Behind them, Denya looked on with a saddened heart at a happy ending that would never be and Jack looked on with resolve at a happy ending he would ensure.

As they broke from the kiss, gasping and flushed, Daniel leaned his forehead against hers.

"For the cameras, the story will be more credible now." Vala lied poorly. Daniel laughed humourlessly.

"This isn't going to help me forget you, you know." he noted and felt some satisfaction at her guilty wince.

"I know, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have…" she apologized as she tried to leave his arms. Daniel would have none of it. The memories of this moment would undoubtedly haunt him for a long time but if they were the only he'd have of Vala then he wouldn't waste the opportunity. Keeping his right arm fastened securely around her waist, he lifted his free hand to her cheek and pulled her lips back to his for a slower kiss that conveyed every emotion they wanted to keep secret.

"Vala." Denya interrupted the moment all too soon. She hated to separate them but the guys needed to leave. Vala broke their embrace and nodded quickly to Denya.

Without a word, Vala stepped out of Daniel's arms and he let her go. Without a glance, Vala joined Denya and Daniel left with Jack.

There wasn't anything Denya could say, there were no words to comfort Vala that wouldn't already be running through her head and it wouldn't be fair to offer her hope so they simply returned to the shaded spot under the tree and sat in silence.


Daniel stayed silent in his morose little world while Jack made the appointments they'd be canceling soon. He had the fleeting thought that he didn't necessarily have to cancel it later, he could come back and…that's when the thought stopped and he pushed it out of his mind. Jack nudged his arm when he was done and they made their way for the grand doors.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked curiously. Daniel lifted his head and narrowed his eyes incredulously at his friend's callousness.

"What?" Jack defended himself with a shrug, "We're not leaving her here. There's no reason to be so gloomy." he explained nonchalantly, watching with satisfaction as light crept back into his young friend's eyes.

"I thought you held the opinion that she was 'a call-girl trying to play me with an obviously contrived story'?" Daniel half-smirked at Jack who rolled his eyes back at him.

"I've got eyes and ears, Daniel." he said, "That girl did everything she could to make you leave, not exactly the trademark of scam artists."

Daniel almost smiled at that but remembered Vala's words.

"What about Qetesh? What she can find out…"

"Daniel, she might know people but I'm willing to bet we know a hell of a lot more…and with bigger guns." Jack dismissed his rebuttal easily and this time a real smile blossomed on Daniel's face.

"So…how?" Daniel asked his former leader eagerly.

"Well, yes. That would be the next step wouldn't it?" Jack replied, essentially clueless on how to undertake their goal.

"Dr. Jackson, General O'Neill." a deep voice interrupted their progress to the exit from the foot of the staircase.

"She was not exaggerating about those resources." Jack muttered.

The man who'd halted their exit was very big, very very big. He was obviously a body-builder turned security guard though he had a tattoo on his forehead marking his clear ownership by the House of Qetesh. He carried a fighting stick in his hand and wore clothing Daniel had only ever seen hanging deep in the back of Teal'c's closet.

"Yes?" Jack addressed the man.

"My lord Qetesh requests your presence." he intoned lowly with the unspoken suggestion that they should comply.

"Of course," Jack smiled easily "anything for such an enterprising…entrepreneur."

The security guard's eyes narrowed, possibly with confusion but more likely with a subtle threat. Heeding the warning, Jack and Daniel followed the man up the grand carpeted staircase and down a beautifully designed hallway to an open door.

Obviously, Qetesh was not the kind of CEO to hold board meetings and crunch numbers with her accountant, maybe because there was a serious lack of desks or tables in the immensely spacious room. There was exotic plush carpeting from wall to wall and the room was covered in vibrant reds, oranges and golds. The space was filled with a dozen or so workers dressed minimally and all fawning over the figure sitting pleasantly in an elaborately carved black marble chair, Qetesh.

The woman was breathtakingly gorgeous and her chain and silk covered bikini-based outfit did nothing to hide it. She let them stand awkwardly in the doorway for a moment or two, clearly asserting her power, before addressing them. With a wave of her hand, every worker left the room and they were able to notice a smug-looking dark-haired man spread out on the sofa near the window several feet away. With an almost imperceptible nod she ordered their guard to leave the room as well and then they were four.

"Dr. Jackson, General O'Neill," she said with the distinctively low voice of the Goa'uld. Her eyes didn't glow as they should but judging by her operation's size in Tau, Daniel figured she'd been away from her country for a very long time and so wouldn't have access to the minerals that caused the luminescence.

"Qetesh, I presume." Daniel replied, trying to keep an even tone.

"You presume correctly." she granted smoothly.

"Is there something we can help you with?" Jack asked genially, trying not to be bothered by her responding smirk.

"Isn't that interesting," she remarked with a secretive smile as she lifted herself gracefully out of her throne and activated a panel on the nearest wall to expose a multitude of camera-fed viewing screens. Another button and every screen filled with a looping clip of Daniel and Vala's intimate goodbye. "I was going to ask you the very same thing." Qetesh smirked.

"What do you want?" Jack asked, dropping every pretense and adopting his commanding presence.

Qetesh's exotic eyes slid fluidly from Jack to Daniel and back to the screens.

"Make me an offer." she proposed with a lilting voice and challenging quirking lips.

"What?" Daniel retorted in shock. "An offer?"

"It's quite simple, Dr. Jackson," Qetesh murmured, sliding a finger across her bare creamy-skinned abdomen as she examined him, "you want her, I own her. Make me an offer."

"Now wait just a minute."

The protest didn't come from either of them, surprisingly, but from the previously lounging dark-haired man. He'd been silently smirking as he enjoyed the exchange but now he was on his feet and approaching them.

"Dr. Jackson, General O'Neill, this is my associate, Ba'al." Qetesh introduced him distractedly. Uncaring of their guests, Ba'al slipped into his mother tongue, Goa'uld.

"What are you playing at, Qetesh?"

"It's none of your concern."

"I daresay it is! You know she's my favourite!"

"So you'll find another way to occupy your afternoons."

During the entire exchange, Ba'al was clearly angered but Qetesh never broke her serene, calculated exterior. Daniel tried to look clueless and uncomfortable like Jack but it was difficult when he understood their argument. He'd only ever heard Goa'uld spoken by Teal'c on rare occasions but he knew enough to decipher the situation.

"Besides, darling, the doctor won't break his moral code, not even to free her. Will you, Dr. Jackson?" Qetesh asked him, clearly having caught him. Daniel glared back at her with all the disgust he felt at the idea of buying Vala like she was a piece of furniture.

"$300, 000." Daniel spit out, surprising them all.

"What's going on?" Jack mock-whispered. Qetesh's eyes lit up menacingly and gleefully at the same time.

"It appears we have our opening bid, General." she voiced smoothly. "However laughable it may be."

"It's what she still has left to pay back!" Daniel protested. Qetesh cocked her head to the side delicately.

"My, you two have gotten close." she remarked meaningfully and Daniel realized that in her eyes, Vala's value had just risen.

"You know, Daniel," she murmured as she glided slowly into his personal space "I'm not exactly known for being…fair." she all but whispered. "Surely that must have come up."

Refusing to swallow against his nervousness, Daniel stood stock still until she moved away to sit on her throne.

"Yeah, it's come up. You care about nothing but profit." he recalled.

"Indeed I don't." she agreed with mocking eyes, "Would you care to try another number? Or shall I simply keep her for my dear friend here?"

Ba'al outwardly seethed at being a pawn in her game.

"You might as well quit now, Tau'ri," Ba'al suggested scathingly "I doubt a couple of soldiers like you would have the means necessary to get your way."

"Hush now, darling," Qetesh ordered quietly "one should never underestimate their opponents."

"Not to sway this whole…transaction…in the wrong direction but why doesn't he just buy her?" Jack asked, pointing his thumb in Ba'al's direction.

"He can't," Qetesh replied delightedly "I own him too."

Ba'al glared at her but didn't comment.

"One mistake at Selenis and suddenly his men are gone and he's all mine." Qetesh gloated crisply.

"We had a treaty, I trusted you'd uphold your end." Ba'al threw back.

"That was your mistake." she snapped back before taking pity on him. "We know your pet is awake, why don't you enjoy her while you still can."

"What?" Daniel exclaimed. "No, he can't!"

"One million." Qetesh crooned.

"Dollars?" Jack shot back.

"I'll take that as a 'no'." she pouted but gestured Ba'al to leave them. Daniel watched him go, scorching rage coursing through his veins.

"$350, 000." Daniel offered as calmly as he could.

"Daniel," Qetesh sighed, as she draped herself sideways on her chair, her bare legs dangling over the side and her jeweled hand running through her jet black hair. "you're starting to bore me."

"$400, 000." he replied, not giving into her taunts.

"You know," she said suddenly, bringing a finger to her cheek "I bet Tomin would like the opportunity to place his own bids. A wealthy ambassador like him, I'm sure he'd have many uses for Valerie." she mused, Vala's fake name grating on Daniel's last nerve.

"Her name is Vala and we can have the nice ambassador deported so I suggest you focus your efforts here." Jack butt in before Daniel could snap at her.

"Or we could just deport you and dismantle your 'business'." Daniel threatened, suddenly enthused with the idea.

"I think you'll find that quite difficult. My residence here, including my business, is completely legal, according to your own laws. And even if it weren't," she smirked, "you'd still have far to go to move me an inch."

"$500, 000 is my final offer." Daniel said finally, cursing himself for having broken his stoic facade.

Qetesh went silent at that, her finger gliding smoothly over the polished marble of her throne but keeping their gazes the whole time. Daniel knew this was another intimidation tactic and was determined to show her up…but he was also terrified she'd rescind the offer entirely.

"Look," he said solidly, calling on ever ounce of diplomacy he possessed and pushing down the self-disgust he felt over bartering for Vala's ownership. "you don't have many options. Either you don't accept my offer and keep Vala thereby losing all revenue from her in about three years, or you take the offer and make a clean extra $200, 000 here and now."

Qetesh still stayed quiet, forever apprising him, keeping his anxiety soaring for what seemed like an eternity before reacting at all. Finally, she pursed her lips and sat up regally in her throne, her black hair framing either side of her face as her cold grey eyes kept her audience immobile until a small smile graced her lips.

"Can't fight that logic, Dr. Jackson, now can I." she accorded silkily. "We have an agreement."

Daniel let go of a breath he hadn't been aware he'd been holding but watched warily as Qetesh stepped down from her throne's dais to lead them to the door.

"I'll have my aid draw up a contract. He'll see to the arrangements."

Daniel's instinct was to thank her but he wouldn't give her the satisfaction.

"And Ba'al?" he asked darkly. Qetesh turned away from the pager on the wall to look at him with questioning eyes.

"What about him, Dr. Jackson?" she teased innocently.

"Aren't you going to call him back, away from…away from her?" he demanded.

"Do you have my money?" she retorted sweetly, not even trying to hide the naked malice in her eyes.

"We have a contract!" he yelled at her as they were ushered into the hallway.

"Not yet, we don't." she informed him icily "And the transaction will not be complete until $500, 000 in bills is resting on my lap. I suggest you start collecting those funds, Dr. Jackson," she advised with a glare "it's our busy season."

With that, Qetesh's burly guard reappeared and every so gently escorted them back downstairs where everything was drawn up and signed. Daniel couldn't help glancing down the long hallway that led to the courtyard every so often. His mind was racing with what he'd done, with what would happen. It wasn't until they got back into the car and Jack handed him his cell phone that he snapped out of his stupor and got to work. As Jack started the car, Daniel dialed a familiar number.

"Jonas? Hi, I'm going to need you to put in a long distance call to Professor Catherine Langford in New York. I need her to take my artifacts out of storage and auction them to the highest bidders." The irony of his request did not escape him.

"I'm sorry, Doctor, did you just say you wanted all of your artifacts to be auctioned off?" Jonas's static-filled voice returned incredulously.

"Only until I've raised half a million dollars." Daniel replied oddly.

"If you're sure, Doctor." Jonas replied hesitantly.

"I'm sure. Just…" Daniel squeezed the bridge of his nose trying to imagine how he would explain this auction to Catherine! "Just tell her that I'm on my way to New York and to start selling without me."

"Okay, I'll do that right now."

"Thank you, Jonas."

"If you don't mind, Dr. Jackson, can I ask what this is for?" Jonas's voice came through cautiously.

"No, Jonas…later, maybe but…no." Daniel replied with some guilt at the snap in his voice. His nerves were frayed worse than he could ever remember them being.

"Hey," Jack called as they entered the base's perimeter "you're getting her out of there."

"I'm buying her out of there." Daniel replied morosely after a moment.

"You think the 'how' is going to matter to her?"

Jack's attempt at reassurance only drove a stake of panic into his heart. His eyes widened and he shot up straight in his seat. How the hell was he going to tell Vala that he'd essentially just bought her?



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