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Chapter 1: Company

The yellow sun of broad September daylight shone abrasively on the sleeping pair twisted up in cheap hotel sheets. A tangled, spooning, and very naked Zack Addy remained contentedly asleep under the glare of the 10 am sunlight.

Loud, persistent ringing began to emanate from the sleek, metallic cell phone sitting on the bedside table. Slowly the blonde mass of curls rose from the pillow, mumbling incoherently. Realizing that the surroundings were utterly unfamiliar, her bleary blue eyes snapped open. Beginning to understand the situation, she took a moment to appreciate her impromptu bedmate before proceeding to wake him.

"Zack? Babe wake up. Zack, your phone." She shook him gently and grabbed the phone from the table. Slowly rousing himself, Zack propped himself on his elbows and took the phone with a smile of thanks.

"Hello?" he croaked. He tried again, still groggy but a little more coherent. "Wh-? Oh, Ange, hey." He winced into the phone and the young woman lay down, curious how the conversation would pan out. "Yeah I'm really sorry, I slept in." Zack began to regain his composure and with it his preference for multiple syllables. "Look, I'll just check out of the hotel, and I should arrive in approximately twenty minutes." He hung up and flopped back down.

"So?" The blond smiled slightly as she rolled onto her side and rested her head on her palm.

"That was a colleague of mine, she and I were planning on surprising a few friends when I reappeared from my sabbatical unannounced, but I was due at the Jeffersonian two hours ago." He started to get up and paused. "'Manda, I'm really sorry to rush off, but…"

Amanda stopped him with the wave of a hand. "Don't worry about it. And I can check out too." She grinned. "Go show those crazy colleagues of yours how much you missed them."

"Thanks." Zack gave her a quick kiss and headed to the bathroom. With a contented smile on her face, Amanda Hodgins admired Zack Addy's ass as it retreated to the bathroom.

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