The fate that dooms us

A dark knight

disclaimer: Square-enix, formerly Squaresoft, has all the rights on the FF franchise.

Ch Zero: Prologue

This story is the continuation from Lost Words, story centered in the rising relationship between Fuijin and Seifer, if you want to read it (is recomendable, or at least i would like it XD ) this is the lin http://www.fanfiction.


too lazy or not interested, this is a quick resume of that story, so you won´t be lost:

Seifer is pardoned by Cid, and joins again the garden in a last chance to redeem himself. With him are the always faithfull Fuijin and Raijin. Fuijin begins a treatment with Dr. Kadowaki to find a cure for the vocal chords, Seifer begins a quest to become a SeeD, finally.

After some problems, they actually got to the field exam, which is a hostage situation, clearing it, they become newly fledged SeeDs.

Selphie manages to form a party to rebuilt Trabia Garden´s motor so it will be rebuild in Esthar, the party is formed by three teams: Zell´s repairing crew, Galbadian Headmaster Irvine´s team and Seifer´s SeeDs. However, after one day of repairs, Selphie, leading Irvine´s team as scouts, found a totally wasted mountain village, with only a survivor: a little girl who quickly faints. In the village, Selphie founds evidence of Ultimecia´s magic and calls Seifer for backup.

But is too late for Seifer, who is now in front of Ultimecia. He almost falls under her spells again, but thanks to Fuijin´s influence he resisted. Telling Rinoa to run as she is no match for Ultimecia, Seifer heads on in a one-on-one fight with the Time witch, Fuijin arriving to help a bit later. However, they are utterly defeated and only Seifer´s GF allowed them to escape to Galbadia, where the other gardens are stationed.

Meanwhile Rinoa rendezvous with Selphie´s team and they found Trabia garden under siege by an enormous army of Forbiddens and marlboros, they charge to the army , won the gates of trabia and get inside. In the garden Dr. Kadowaki tells them that Zell´s team is trying to quickly fix the motor as much as they can, at least to allow the garden to float for a long amount of time, if not to flee. The SeeDs decide to hold the gate to give Zell time, as they know that the situation is hopeless and can? wait for backup.

So, Selphie, Irvine, Rinoa, Alexia (Balamb´s SeeD) and Keiko (Galbadia´s SeeD), along with the only five Trabian SeeDs on machine guns, try to hold the horde, which proves to be practically imposible as Ultimecia´s Curse forbids them to cure or revive fallen comrades. Finally a Marlboro inflicts status on them and they seem to be overwhelmed...

Meanwhile Seifer reaches Balamb Garden´s front entrance, with Fui badly wounded in his arms.