-1Okay I know this was just supposed to be an oneshot, but I have really bad writers block for An Angel's Cry, so I wanted to continue this. It will prolly be bad, since I have no plot, but I will try!


Bella POV

I really hated the way that Edward did that to himself. Even if the worst, ugliest, meanest, most egotistic, boy, cough Mike talked to me, he would bubble over with jealousy.

It had been at least a month since Jesse came to Forks. He was really great, no where within the same universe as Edward, but he was funny, and I could tell he would be a good friend.

A routine had been set up, in the morning Edward would sulk about Jesse sitting with us again, I would tell him to knock it off, Jesse would sit with us and talk to me and Alice about nothing in particular, while Edward sat there staring at his food, I warned him that if he stared any harder he would start to here the food whimper, and beg for mercy from his pertrifying stare. Then afterwards Edward would take me out to his car and we would talk, and Edward would expertly dazzle me, until we had to go back to class.

It was another one of those rare sunny days in Forks when I was gloomy from Edward's absence due to his hunting. I decided to take the day off from school, after a long month of school I thought I deserved to have a day off. That's when it happened.

I was lounging on the couch trying to forget Edward's absece when a rasp came at the door.

"Bloody hell." I muttered, I had lately been saying that a lot, just to annoy Edward, but I had taken to using it whenever I didn't want to do something.

I picked myself up off the coush and started to the door, my legs prickled that way that happens when you leg falls asleep.

I looked through the peep hole, and I almost gasped.


"What theā€¦." I muttered before opening the door.

"Jesse, what are you doing here?" I questioned him, his dark features twisted into a smile. He was beautiful, but no where remotely close to my Edward, no one was, not even Brad Pitt.

I laughed at my little joke, Brad Pitt being in the same room as Edward would be like putting a Swan in a room with an ugly duck

"Oh, I don't know I was just really bored today with the sun and such, so I decided to come and bug you, now why aren't you in school?" He walked right through the doorway and the kitchen then plopped into the sofa that Edward tended to sit in. I couldn't help but think about the way Edward lit up the room with his beauty and elegance.

"I thought I deserved a break." I said truthfully. "Again, what the hell are you doing here?" I said trying to make my face look scrutinizing.

I was bored and I don't need to hunt, and you are probably my only friends her in Forks, well other than all those girls who like to consider themselves my friends." He chuckled at the thought of his adoring fans.

"And I wanted to talk to you about something." His voice suddenly became guarded and stone-like.

"Yes?" I pushed him on.

"Do you remember my first day of school" his expression told me I should take him seriously.

"Of course."

"You know how I said that I had an 'accident'?"

I could feel my hand quivering under the table. I nodded.

"And do you remember that string of killings in Seattle?"

"Very well." I remembered that day very clearly, it was the day that Charlie put me on probation.

"Those killings were me."


Okay if you haven't read the first chapter of Eclipse then you wont get that. In the first chapter Charlie lifts her punishment a little to probation, and They read a newspaper that describes a string of killing in Seattle. So there it is, tell me if you want more!