As promised, here's the next chapter. Hope it's a good one.

I walked in the door wet, dirty and grinding my teeth until my jaw hurt. The run had been a disaster. I'd tracked the "cheating husband" to a small seedy hotel and was all ready to get the evidence I needed. Just a few quick pictures and if I was caught, the sleepy splat balls and a quick retreat. Simple and easy. Sure, only the husband wasn't cheating in the way his wife thought he was. I managed to make it out of the building before the demon talked the man into letting him out of the protective circle. When the building went up in flames I was half a block away and standing directly in front of the afore mentioned demon who's smile could rival a full moon. Only quick thinking and more luck than should be legal got him back inside a circle and sent on his merry way before he disintegrated the other half the block. And then the IS has shown up and I'd be subject to more questions and possible arrest before a witness from the alley had shown up to tell them exactly what he'd seen and how I'd "saved the day". Since the bum didn't have track marks, didn't smell of brimstone and apparently had been scared sober, I was off the hook.

I dropped my bag and dripping coat on the steps of the entrance way and peeled off my boots and ripped hose. Yes the night had been a complete bust and now I was faced with sleeping alone. I was sure Ivy had dragged Jenks to bed hours ago. And if I knew Ivy, he'd been dead tired and blissfully sleeping right now.

The soft sounds of the television filtered into the hallway and I moved toward the growing blue and white light trying to keep the squelching sound of my wet pants to a minimum.

"You can come in. We're up. At least I am."

Ivy's voice was soft but drifted into the hall and I looked around the corner to see her leaning comfortably into the arm of the couch. Jenks was settled between her legs and up against her belly. His eyes were closed and he looked for all the world like the teenager he was. If I didn't know there were fifty-some pixies in the back yard with many of his characteristics I'd swear he was an innocent college freshman. Well, okay, not so innocent with that wicked little smile on his lips.

"What the hell happened to you?"

Ivy's voice broke me out of my trance but I did NOT feel like sharing the evening with anyone. In answer and stripped the wet tank over my head and padded in bra and wet shorts over to the couch. Ivys eyes began to dilate almost the moment the wet material hit the floor and I smiled as I stopped next to Jenks limp body and shimmied out of my shorts.

"I don't want to talk about it."

She swallowed as the shorts went flying over her head and I used her robe, tossed over the back of the couch, to dry myself off. For a moment I wondered what it was doing on the back of the couch but didn't stop to ask since she was in no condition to answer.


"Yes, Ivy?"

She licked her red lips and a shudder ran up the arm she held out to me. I knew it was taking a lot of effort just to keep herself in the chair not to mention her need to jump and pin me at that moment. Wearing a vampires clothing was like running with the bulls. You never knew if you were going to get out alive. Every nerve in my body throbbed at the thought.

"You have five seconds."

It took one. My thighs straddled Jenks waist just below the ribs and the robe hid him from site as I leaned over him to take Ivy's lips. Her kiss was spicy like always and a moaned a little when her nails scrapped my hair from my neck.


A shiver ran through me and the bites deep below the surface of my skin throbbed in time with my heart beats. Her breath brushed my skin moments before her teeth did the same and I whimpered a little simply because it wasn't enough.


She breathed the word in my ear and a tear leaked from my scrunched eyes.

"Oh God!"

My skin felt tight and hot. The blood in my veins seemed to rise closer to the surface. The feel of Jenks below me, sleeping peacefully as my legs quivered and my body heated was just another jolt for the electric charge that made these small moments with Ivy so intense.

"What was that?"

I had to swallow twice before I could answer and even then it was a hoarse sound.


The slow sharp slide of her fangs into my skin clenched my stomach muscles and wet things a lot lower than my mouth. The satisfaction rolled off of her in waves. She loved the way I fell into her so easily. She loved the kick of my anticipatory fear. And the fact that I trusted her enough to let that take me anyway. A moment of soft contentment rolled between us both while our bodies pulsed and fought not to jostle the man between us.

Then she stiffened and I felt the first touch of large warm hands on my thighs.

"Jenks, we..."

Ivy stopped talking against my still bleeding skin and I felt the shudder run through her as Jenks shifted between us.

"Oh, don't mind me. I'll just entertain myself."

And then a hand swept up my inner thigh and straight into my underwear.

Ivy choked and I bit back a squeal. I knew that hand almost as well as I knew Ivy's or my own and it was currently wasting no time exploring the contents of my panties. Twin shudders gripped both Ivy and I as Jenks muffled chuckle floated up to us. I was all ready to bash him for faking sleep when Ivys mouth clamped over the wound she'd made and gave a long hard pull. It was my turn to choke while every nerve ending in my body flared with the billows of that assault followed by the swift sure movements of Jenks fingers along now super sensitive skin.

"Oh God... Oh God... Oh... Oh oh oh!!"

I heard Jenks muffled chuckle again and Ivys mouth pulled quickly from my neck. Her cheek lulled to the side as her breath shuddered in quick bursts against my hair.

"Jenks... shut the hell up... I can't..."

Jenks said something else as his hand made a sharp upward move and I felt the rush of adrenaline and euphoria at the same time Ivy screamed and choked on a violent if well satisfied sob. Her body flopped back onto the couch arm and I went with her, too exhausted and high on vamp pheromones to care where I fell. Jenks slipped from beneath us, giving my thigh a long lick as he passed that made my whole body shudder again.

"Ooooh... no yet... give me a minute."

He laughed at my pitiful protest and reached down to grab my wet shirt from the floor, lifting it to wipe his face and mouth.

"I can honestly say I've never done that before."

Jenks grin was bright and mischievous until Ivy spoke up.

"I have." She paused then smiled. "You were better."

The grinned turned smug and both of us groaned as the pixie gave himself a satisfied pat on the back. Ivy pulled my down into her lap and turned me so we both faced our friend and now lover. I took the opportunity to study the broad chest and golden skin beneath his open shirt front.

"I would like to know how you were breathing in that position?"

He smiled beautifully and let the shirt drop from his shoulders.

"I'm very flexible."

His arms bent double back and touched at the elbow. I could hear Ivys tongue slide over her lips as she swallowed. I leaned back into her arms and watched him stretch his arms up over his head. The muscles in his torso stood out in stark relief against the darkened walls. A splash of sunshine in the middle of the night. Ivys breath quickened behind me and the sweet rush of pheromones began to filter through my system once again. Her arms came around me and pulled me in tighter to her chest. The thrill ran up my spine at her purring growl. Jenks watched us for a moment with a look of longing I'd not seen often on his face. In two quick strides he was on his, sliding one knee between my thighs as he moved to lean over us.

"So..." His breath was sweet with his own scent and the scent of Ivy. "When do I get mine?"

I turned in time to see Ivys eyes dilate to solid black. Her lips parted and her tongue clicked against the roof of her mouth in a dry sound. A small drop of blood clung to the corner of her mouth and Jenks leaned in, his tongue flicking out to take the drop on the very tip and roll it back into his mouth. Ivy's eyes narrowed and I borrowed deeper into her shoulder. I knew that look.

"You get yours..." She leaned up bared her tiny fangs. Jenks smiled wavered just a little. "When I get mine."

I know this is short but I felt I owed you something for sticking with me so long. I promise something longer, juicier and much more citrus in the near future. Until then, enjoy!