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She stared into his golden eyes, mesmerized by his good looks and attitude. Why did her heart flutter everytime she thought of him? Why did her palms start to sweat when they were near each other? And why was her mouth always dry when she talked to him, or when she tried to. He looked down on her, and that was the way that it was always going to stay. He wouldn't ever return her love, would he? He's a demon for god's sake, what chance in hell did she have for him to even notice her?

Thinking this, she drew nearer to him, his breath tickling her gentle face. She was trying, with every inch of her body, not to smile at the delight of them two being so close. He had a hand on her cheek, and she could feel the rare warmth from his soft hand, the shock still settling in that he was touching her. She smiled to herself, biting her bottom lip at the look of him as he smiled gently at her. He was so gorgeous, why was she even standing here with him? It was as though he could sense the thought, as if she had said it out loud. He rubbed his soft skinned thumb across her cheek and touched her small lips, with just his thumb. She sighed, out of pleasure, and closed her eyes, enjoying his touch on her, his soft skin against her lips. He smiled more, looking at the enjoyment on her face. They caught each others gaze again, her eyes sparkling at the thought of his touch on her lips and his glancing at the girls face, enjoying her savour his touch. He took his thumb off of her lips, and put his fingers underneath her chin, pulling her oh-so-gently towards him, her eyes shining as they caught the moonlight they were standing in. His breath was getting hotter on her face, her lips parting, awaiting his soft and delicate touch on hers. As she closed her eyes, she prepared herself for something that she had wanted to happen since they had met. Their lips got nearer, only a centimetre away, before…


Kagome opened her eyes, sunlight streaming down onto her, making her body feel warm as she lay on the blanket, staring up into the bright sky. She squinted, and leaned up on her elbows, and watched the bird that had woken her up, fly out of the trees and into the clear sky. Damn bird. She sighed and sat up. Geez, what was up with this dream? She had been having it for little over a month now, and she still didn't know what was going on in it. She had tried racking her brains, but all she could remember was that there was someone so beautiful, they made her whole body move with just one glance. But she couldn't think of who they were, or what they looked like. She had tried so much, but she couldn't remember anything, apart from them two being so intimate and close, it made Kagome blush as she tried to think about it. She shook her head, and got to her feet. Why was she having the same dream for 4 weeks, but she could hardly remember anything afterwards. Well, there's no point thinking about it all day. She might as well eat and get ready for the day to come. How long had it been? How long since she had left her group of friends and gone off by herself? It felt like weeks, months even, but it had only been a few days. She had left, mostly due to the fact that she couldn't stand to see that bitch's undead smug face everyday, as she sat down next to him, stroking his silvery hair and occasionally nipping him with soft kisses, and that's on a good day. And it was all thanks to Kagome's big heart, that she had given the completed jewel to Inuyasha, hoping it would bring them closer together, but oh boy, had she been wrong. Not only did he have to bring his dead girlfriend back to life, but now their mates, and clinging onto each other like there was no tomorrow. Geez, why couldn't Kagome just fire an arrow at her whilst she was asleep? Or maybe she could find a dagger, or perhaps a sword, and stick it right through that evil cow's body, watching her face fall as she realises that her lovely dream of her and her mate's relationship fail, or maybe…

'No, I have to stop thinking about that. Inuyasha's with Kikyo, and there's nothing I can do about it.' Kagome tells herself in the reassuring tone she had since she had run away. Although, that idea with the sword wasn't bad…

'No, stop it.' She told herself again, getting frustrated at both wanting to kill Kikyo, but not being able to. Only her very graphic thoughts kept her happy, those images of what Kagome would do to Kikyo, if she ever had the bottle to, that is.

'Well, you never know, maybe she'd die of an unexpected heart attack, or something.' She said out loud, smiling to herself as she picked up her blanket and dug out some supplies that she had in her faithful backpack. Hm…Miso soup that her mum had put in a large flask. Not bad. She gulped down half of the still hot soup, a trail of burning spreading down her throat. She coughed a couple of times, trying to get rid of the itchy feeling at the back of her throat. He eyes stung and her throat was sore. She put the flask back in her bag, cursing herself that she hadn't drank it slowly, taking her time with it and not scolding herself. She swung the very heavy bag, and whilst thinking about asking her mum to buy her another bag, one that was easier to carry, she walked off into the forest; heading back to the Bone Eater's well, ready to finally stay home. After all, they Shikon jewel was now completed and in the safe hands of Kikyo, the undead bitch. There was no reason for Kagome to stay here now, although her 3 friends might disagree. Sango and Miroku were married now, and Kagome had loved their wedding. It had been one of the best days of her life, to see Sango, who was like a sister to her, look so happy as she and Miroku were married. Inuyasha and Kikyo had gone, of course, but had only stayed a while, before leaving for 'business'. And as for little Shippo, well he's grown up pretty fast and already has a tiny fox demon girlfriend, and they look so cute together.

Kagome and Sango had talked about what was going to happen now, and Kagome had been thinking about going home, especially now that she didn't have any role here anymore. So that's what she had decided. And that's what she kept thinking about, as she made her way nearer and nearer to the well. She had passes familiar villages that she encountered on her journey away from the well, and now she was going back, she remembered the times that she had had in this era. Yeah, so the person that she had loved had gone off with some other girl, not to mention one that's come back from the dead, but that wasn't bugging her, well not much anyways. She heard a rustle in the bushes, pausing in her steps and listening to the sounds. The trees around her seemingly mocking her, making the rustling noises too. Was it a demon? She couldn't sense anything, well not dangerous at least. But she wasn't going to let her guard down, not now when she was going home. As she stood there, she took her bow and an arrow and aimed it at the main bush that was making the most sounds. Her hands were shaking, wondering who the hell was coming through the bushes, when out skipped a familiar little girl.

'Kagome!' She squealed, running over to the petrified girl, who was just standing there.

'Rin! I could have hurt you; you scared the life out of me.' She told the little girl, putting the bow and arrow away, and then hugging the small child. Rin hugged Kagome back, like a kid with a favourite toy, and then let go.

'What are you doing all alone?' Kagome asked Rin, who was looking at her with her big brown eyes.

'I'm not alone, Kagome.' She said simply, still smiling. Kagome looked around, and sure enough, she could hear voices, familiar ones at that.

'Rin, I thought I told you not to go wondering off.' One of the voices said. It was calm, with no emotion in it. Yes, I bet you can tell already. Kagome looked to the source of the voice and found Sesshomaru and Jaken stepping out of the bushes, and looking at Rin. But he was surprised to see the miko standing there, a very big bag on her back, along with a bow and a few arrows. Seeing her made him blush, remembering the strange dream that he had had, whilst his eyes had been closed for a second. Kagome could have sworn that Sesshomaru had turned slightly pink, or was it the heat. Kagome didn't want to stare at him, just in case he got angry, and turned her focus on Rin.

'Well, I guess I'll say goodbye to you too.' She said, bending down on her knees and talking to Rin.

'What do you mean goodbye? Are you going somewhere?' She asked Kagome, her innocent little eyes staring straight into Kagome's.

'Yes, I'm going home.' She told the little girl, smiling at her. She wasn't even going to go into details about the whole well thing, so it was better not to tell her.

'Home? Where do you live?' Rin asked her. Kagome sighed, looking at the floor.

'Far away from here.' She told Rin, who looked upset at the news of Kagome leaving.

'Won't I see you again?' She asks, her eyes full of hope. But Kagome shakes her head, still staring at the floor.

'No, Rin. I'm not coming back.' She tells the little girl, looking up from the floor and into her eyes, which were watering.

'But…but I don't want to never see you again.' Rin wailed, clinging onto Kagome with her little arms. Kagome looked taken back, but then hugged the little girl holding onto her.

'I know Rin, I wish I could see you again, but I think it would be better if I went home, and stayed there.' She said, nuzzling Rin. Sesshomaru looked on, the green imp at his feet. He had images of the dream flashing in his mind, faint pictures of him holding a woman in his arms. Why had he dreamt that? That was the question he had been tormenting himself with over a month now. But he pushed that aside from his mind, now focusing on the fact that Kagome had told Rin that she was going home. Something inside of him wanted to ask Kagome more about her home, and about how far away it was, but there was something in the way that she looked at Rin, something in her eyes that told him she was upset, and needed to get away. He watched, as Rin said goodbye to Kagome, who got up and turned to him.

'Goodbye.' She said, before walking off through the bushes. For some reason, when she had looked right at him, something inside him leaped, and his heart beat faster, as he looked at her. She was…beautiful. Wait? What? Sesshomaru was too stunned by what he had thought, what had suddenly popped into his head. He shook the thought away, watching the young miko trample through the bushes, heading away from them. Sesshomaru looked down at Rin, who was watching Kagome walk away too. Everytime Sesshomaru tried to think, all that came into his head were those images he had seen whilst he had rested those weeks ago. He saw himself, standing next to a gorgeous woman, and he was resting his hand on her cheek.

Even though it had been a dream, he had still felt her warmth, her touch as they stood closer together. And before he had realised it, he had leaned in for a kiss. But before he could kiss the woman who he had fallen for, they pulled away, after something flashed past them, like a blinding flash of light and they both pulled apart, the light startling both of them. Sesshomaru shook his head, still trying to get the images that had been playing throughout his head to stop. But they couldn't, and for some reason, seeing the young miko only made them replay again and again in his head. Could it be? No…But what if it was? Sesshomaru tried to think about the woman's face, trying to remember it, but he couldn't, it was as though a blur had overcome both of them and he couldn't make out who the woman was. Who was that woman? Why did she have such an affect on him? He wanted to see her, to hold her like he had done in his dream. But Sesshomaru knew that only useless humans chased after their dreams. He sighed, and told Rin and Jaken to follow him, as they made their way back to Lord Sesshomaru's Castle.

As Kagome stood next to the well, thoughts running through her mind, she got the feeling that she shouldn't go back to her time, and that there was something here for her, something she could live happily with. But she shrugged it off, the annoying feeling that she wouldn't ever belong here pestering her. She took a deep breath and jumped, into the swirling lit well. The colours surrounded her, but the once peaceful colours were as though they were telling her not to go, to stay in the feudal era. What was with this feeling? Why did she feel so empty leaving? There wasn't anything back there that was worth staying behind for, and no one needed her anymore, so why did she feel like this. Just as landed again in the familiar well back in her family's shrine, for a split second, she thought she saw a face cross past her mind. A familiar face that made her heart beat, but then as quick as it had come, it was gone. She pulled a puzzled face, wondering whose face it had been. But then she heard someone yell above her head.

'Sis, is that you?' Kagome heard her annoying little brother, Sota, ask above her, his voice echoing. She sighed, wondering how she was going to get out of the well this time.

'Yeah, it's me. And help me get out of this well!' She said, struggling to climb out of the well with the amount of weight pressing onto her back.

Whilst Kagome settled in back in her era, Lord Sesshomaru has troubled as he sat in his study in his castle. Why was he so troubled? Why did he feel as though he had forgotten something? The terrible nagging feeling stuck with him, and he was unable to do any work because of it. He stood up and walked out of his room, the sun slowly dying over the mountains in the distance. Why did he feel this way? And who was that woman who kept appearing in his mind? Although he was a powerful demon, the feeling of not knowing something annoyed him a lot.

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