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He hoped he was right, and that she was heading to the well, but then he hoped he was wrong about her going back to her time. If he couldn't find her, he would never be able to tell her that it was him that was in her dreams and it was her that was in his. He was flying now, on his little cloud, flying over the thousands of trees below him. He was scanning the ground, hoping to catch her scent, or see her running through the deep forest. But he couldn't, and realising that made his stomach drop and his heart skip beats. He knew that he only had one chance, to tell her, before she's gone, before she leaves him behind, and he knew that he could never see her again, if she decided to go home. And that is why Sesshomaru sped up, whizzing past the blurring green and browns beneath him, and going straight to the well that he remembered meeting her, if only he had figured it out then.

Kagome wasn't going to cry, what did she have to cry about? Getting her hopes up and trying to find the man in her dreams? No, that wasn't it. It was the thought that even after all that, she still wished that he was real, and that he would find her and comfort her and…well, kiss her. He wanted his kisses, wanted his touch, wanted his warmth, but she wondered if any of that was real. As she was running, well kind of fast limping, she thought to herself, is the well working? After running through the forest, would it even work? Then she got this feeling, deep inside of her, telling her that it was working, and it will let her go home, that all she had to do was get to it before the sunrise, when darkness is shut away by the beautiful lights that are cast upon the once dark sky, and then she can go home, and be safe, and not have to worry about anything in this era ever again. But that was proving a bit too difficult due to Kagome's injuries slightly hurting as she put pressure on them.

'Come on Kagome, just a little further.' She told herself, hoping to bring some comfort to her situation. She knew it couldn't be much further, but it felt like she had been running for hours instead of minutes. She wondered what was going to happen once she got back home, she couldn't just pretend about all of the dreams, or the guy in them, but she knew that she had to try to forget, to try and stop believing in something so stupid. But how had it come to this, to believing something that someone said to her and thinking that it was love, a word so small that made her heart flutter but then stop, remembering the feelings she had felt, the future she might have had with that one guy, the one that made her heart beat faster with burning passion but cool her down like ice. He was that one special person that she felt was part of her, and knowing that he's probably just some fantasy she made up, made it feel like part of her was missing, like her soul.

'No, stop thinking about it, about him.' She told herself, hoping to calm her nerves but her mind was full of thoughts of him, but she wanted to stop, to cease thinking about him and to get the thoughts of him out of her head so that when she returns home, she won't have to think about it anymore. But then, part of her wanted to think about him, about all the feelings she felt when she was in her own little 'dream world' and they talked, and listening, and got closer, sharing body heat and their lips…but thinking about that made her only more upset. How could she trust this feeling, something so strong, with such an unbreakable force, without getting hurt? She thought of that, of not wanting to get hurt by wanting to be free of temptation, of wanting to think about him even though it would only bring her more pain. How could she do that? And that's why tears suddenly started to fall as she slowly ran through the thick forest.

Was he too late? He had sniffed the air more than once, just to be sure, and the scent told him that no one had come here for a few hours at least. So she hadn't come yet, and he sighed, thanking the gods that he still had a chance, but the question was, was he going to take it? Of course he was, this was the woman he loved with his mind, body and soul, and he wasn't going to let her go so easily, not without a fight. This strong feeling, the one that made his insides somehow spark at the thought that the woman he loved is slipping through his fingers with every second, he just wished that she could see it, that he was the one that she was looking for. But love never acted in a simple way, did it? He thought about that word: love. It had so many meanings, but only had one true one. And his one true love was the miko, Kagome. He continued to lean against the bark of a nearby tree, looking around to see whether she was coming, if he could smell her scent, but nothing, just fresh water from a stream nearby and the strong smell of the flowers and trees. He closed his eyes, for a second of reassurance, and was once again pulled into the deep dark world of his dreams.

How far was it now? She thought to herself, wondering how much further it was. She didn't know how long she had been running for, and didn't know exactly how far it was to get to the well, from Sesshomaru's home, but various places looked familiar, villages, clearings, streams. Yes, she had been somewhere around here, somewhere before. She couldn't remember it exactly, but it was faint, so faint it bugged her, but it was still there in her memory, the slight shapes and colours and smells. She stopped her running and bent down and put her hands on her knees and breathed heavily, resting for a few seconds. Around her were familiar places, but she couldn't remember actually being there. She leant against a nearby tree, trying to catch her breath. Why hadn't she taken a drink before running away? Her throat was so dry and her tongue felt dried up. But she swallowed and focused on trying to regain her strength so that she could look for the well. She could ask for directions, but the last village she saw was about 10 minutes back, and she had already forgotten which was she had ran, clearing and paths running everywhere. She stood there, and closed her eyes, her breathing slowly getting back to normal. But once she closed her eyes, it was pitch black, but a comforting black, one that made her remember what was to come, and even through she dreaded being tormented when she woke up, she had to see his face, just one more time, even though she would never remember it when she woke. So she took it, the darkness, as it overwhelmed her and she was falling, ever so slowly, back into her peaceful land, in her mind, in that sacred place…with him.

He was there, waiting for her. Who knows how long he had been standing there, but he straightened up when he saw her approaching. The look in his eyes made her feel somehow guilty. Why? Why would she feel guilty?

'How long have you waited?' She asked him, walking over to him, her footsteps crunching on the ground. He straightened up even more and stopped leaning against the tree.

'It doesn't matter, you're here now.' He tells her, drawing closer. She looked up into his eyes, the ones that sent shivers down her spine. He gave her such a reaction that she loved seeing him, loved the feeling he gave on her. He come closer to her, looking at her with his delicate eyes as hers darted across his face, wondering what he was going to do. He was burning up, the mere thought of getting close to her made his temperature soar, but he kept his cool, like all those other times he had been with her. As they stood facing each other, she tried to hide her blushing whilst he tried to stop himself from launching on her and kissing her soft lips.

'I…I'm sorry.' She said, gazing up into his eyes. His features instantly changed to confused.

'Why are you sorry?' He asked her, wondering why she was apologizing. She looked down at the floor, unnerved by his gaze but he put his fingers under her chin and lifted her face up so that he could look her in the eyes.

'Because…because I don't deserve someone like you.' She whispered, a slight breeze coming between them, sweeping both her and his hair. He was even more confused now. Did she think he was better than her, that he was higher than her? What was she thinking?

'Listen to me, don't you ever say something like that again, okay? If anyone was to say that, it should be me, I don't deserve you.' He tells her, giving her a faint smile which he got in return.

'I'm being serious, you're a demon and I'm not, doesn't that make you deserve someone better than me?' She says, trying hard not to let a tear fall from her glistening eyes. He tilted his head and looked at her intensely, wondering where all of this was coming from. Did she really think that the demon-human thing would come between them? They were meant to be together, and that's what he planned.

'I don't care about that, or anything, just for you to be in my arms forever, and to never let go.' He tells her. She smiles at him and he leans in, still holding onto her chin, and kisses her. The immediate passion sent through their lips made both of them shiver in excitement as they locked lips. The craze of each other's taste, of their touch and their warmth, they both deepened the innocent kiss, coming closer together and holding each other in their arms, her arms around the back of his neck and his around the bottom of her back. They let each other's tongue enter each other's mouths and cherish the moment they were making. He ran his hands through her silky black hair as she ran her hands over his chest, the feeling of fine hairs underneath. As they kissed, he smiled at her and she smiled back, still closing her eyes and running her hands over his athletic figure, with the feeling of toned muscles beneath her fingers. He triumphed in his mind and casually slipped his hands along her waistline, loving the feeling of her soft skin against his. But something was wrong. Why was she doing this? She started to come out of her romantic thoughts, after being swept away by him, she started to remember what it was going to be like when she woke up. It was only going to be harder for her, harder to get over him, even if her were real. She managed to untangle her hands and release him, and he stood there, shocked at her movements away from him.

'What's the matter?' He asked her, wondering if she was feeling okay. But she couldn't look him in the eyes, instead she traced her lips with her fingers, where he had touched them with his own lips.

'I…I can't do this.' She tells him, still not looking him in the eyes. Again, he tilted his head.

'Is this because of the demon/human thing? Because I honestly don't care about that, all I care about is you, and that's why…' He started to say, trying to reassure her, but she stopped him.

'No, it's not about that. I just…I can't have my heart broken once it's been fixed…I'm sorry.' She says, turning away from him, but he snapped out and grabbed her wrist with his hand. She felt the power and strength behind his grip and knew that he was only grasping her but it was still a powerful grip.

'Don't run away. Nothing good ever comes from running away.' He whispers to her, mad at the thought that she wanted to get away from him, and also upset. She looked at his grip on her, and then into his eyes. She saw such emotion, such passion, such…such sadness. His eyes…they looked so familiar, like she had looked into them before, but not in a dream. But where? Where could she have seen them from? She tried to open her mind to try and find someone, someone with the same eyes, but she felt the sensation of being pulled underwater, like she had just jumped into a lake and the tiny currents of fast running water was carrying her, tugging her deeper under the deep dark blue. But there was no colour, no sound, no…anything. The clearing they were in was slowly warped out, like a fading image, the trees the bushes the grass. She saw him disappearing too, the look of confusion in his eyes made her heart flip. What was happening? This had never happened before, so why now? And that was her last thought before she was dragged deeper, further.

She awoke in a panic, as though she was still being tugged by the currents, but there was nothing, just the surroundings she had been in before going of to sleep. She had fallen down against the tree, sleeping at the base of the tree, her breathing was all that filled the empty silence apart from the occasional bird chirping. She got up slowly and tried to think about her dream. It had been different to any dream she had had, and it worried her and made her wonder what it could mean. Why had it all gone warped like that? She wondered. But no answer came to her, no explanation, nothing. She stood there, looking around as though someone will jump out and scare her, before setting off again, heading into the forest before her, hoping that she would get to the well soon.

He was worried, confused and anxious. What had it been about? Why had it all gone weird? Does it mean that his chance has gone, that he'll never get to see her again? He was worried about that, about not seeing her again to tell her about his love, his cut and his dreams. Had she gone through the well whilst he had been asleep? He sniffed the air again, but it still smelt the same as before he had gone to sleep. He got up off of the floor, which somehow he had fell on after sleeping against the tree, and looked around once more. Nothing, not even a wild animal. He looked over at the well, which was still undisturbed and wondered how long the miko was going to be. He sighed and wondered if it really was over, the chance. But then his nose caught a smell, something sweet and innocent and pure. It had to be her, and she was coming straight out of the trees in front of him. She came out of the trees and bushes and stopped still, looking at Sesshomaru as he stood there, near the well, watching her. There was silence, all around them and between them. Even though it was only a few meters between them, it felt like miles, kilometres.

'But….but….you?' She said, gazing at him with pure confusion. He just looked back at her, wondering what to say, how to tell her. So he just stood there, holding her gaze as she looked at him, and then nodded silently, still watching for a reaction.

Thoughts were whizzing through her head at 100 mph but she couldn't think, could speak, and couldn't stop opening her mouth to say something, but then close it again wondering what to say to him. What could she say to him? He was the man that was in dreams; it all comes to her now. His face, his clothes, his touch, his kiss, how could she have ignored all of the main signs? She had met him at the well, but chose to ignore the obvious signs, and then she had taken her to his place because she had injured herself and she still didn't notice anything. God! How could she have been so stupid? He had been in front of her the whole time, yet she hadn't noticed, hadn't even thought that it could be him. She stepped forward, wanting to get closer to him, to feel his warmth to make sure, but she stopped. How could she just go along with him being that man of her dreams, her one true love, when he's Lord Sesshomaru, a demon? He saw her hesitating and decided to make it easier for both of them, by walking over to her, as they stood in the middle of the clearing. She saw, on his hand, a cut, the one that she had on her other hand. So that completed it, he was the one, he was her love and she was his.

'How long have you waited?' She asked him as he drew closer to her.

'It doesn't matter, you're here now.' He tells her, coming closer and shortening the distance between them. She stopped breathing for a second, remembering this was how the dream had gone, that dream that she had only just had. She gasped and he watched as she glanced at him.

'This…this was in the dream, the one I had just had.' She told him, looking nervous. He smiled at her as he stood in front of her, the clod breeze passing them as they looked into each other's eyes.

'I know.' He told her, before leaning down and kissing her gently on her soft velvety lips. They were both surprised at his sudden affection, but Kagome quickly recovered and closed her eyes and returned his kiss. It was like it had been in the dream, the tension slipping away and the passion and desire coming over them as they kissed longer and deeper, as thought both of them had wanted to do it for ages, which they had.

After a few moments, both Kagome and Sesshomaru stopped, to get some air into their lungs. They looked at each other and smiled, as they held each other in their arms.

'I…I'm glad that it's you.' She tells him, snuggling into his chest. He smiled at her and strokes her hair, the soft velvet running through his hand and he closed his eyes, remembering how it had felt in his dream, but it felt even better to do it for real. But as they stood there, Sesshomaru noticed another scent, a familiar one. He pulled Kagome to him, being all protective and everything and watched as a small figure come out of the forest. Sesshomaru and Kagome turned to see little Rin coming out of the deep forest, and were shocked at her presence.

'W…what are you doing out here Rin?' Kagome asked the little girl, who just gave her a smile.

'I wondered how long it would take for you two to realise who the people in your dreams were.' She said, looking at Sesshomaru and then at Kagome, who both looked confused.

'What do you mean, Rin?' Sesshomaru asked her holding onto Kagome. Rin walked towards them and looked up at them with her big eyes.

'I…I don't want you to be mad at me, but I found a demon out in the forest around Lord Sesshomaru's castle, and I found out that she was a dream demon. She could make dreams for people to make them realise stuff, or think things over. And I asked her to make a dream for Lord Sesshomaru, to let him find the one that he truly loved, which was Kagome.' She told them, gazing up at them and giving them a slight smile. Both Kagome and Sesshomaru were too shocked at her words to say anything. 'I know you might be mad, but I wanted to do something for Lord Sesshomaru, and I hope that he's happy now.' She looks at Sesshomaru, who looks at Kagome and then at the little girl.

'You…you made us have those dreams?' He asks Rin, who nods at her master, still unsure if he was happy or angry. Then Sesshomaru smiled and walked over to little Rin, kneeled down and looked her in the eyes.

'Thank you, so much, Rin.' He said. Rin smiled and put her arms around his neck, giving him a hug before letting go and smiling at Kagome.

'I didn't want to tell you in case you left here and never come back.' She told the priestess, who just smiled at her and gave her a hug.

'Hey, thanks a lot for what you did.' Kagome whispers into Rin's ear as they hug, before pulling away. Kagome saw Sesshomaru looked at her and she smiled.

'I'm glad that I didn't go back.' She told him. He smiles at her and walks over to her, kissing her slightly in the lips. And all three walk away from the well, leaving memories, thoughts and dreams, and heading back up to Sesshomaru's castle, where, for once, they had no dreams with the other one because they were in each other's arms.

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