DISCLAIMER: Not mine. I'm just borrowing them for a little while.

SUMMARY: I stink at doing summaries besides it would give away the whole story. It's from mystic force.

Mady gabs Chip during an earthquake and pulls him under a desk and says "What were you thinking Chip."

Chip says "I don't know Mady."

Nick pulls up on his bike and says "What was that."

Everyone says "A n earthquake."

Nick sees Mady and falls in love with her.

And then Nick hears a guy saying "I need help, will someone help me please."

Nick thinks that everyone's afraid and says "Ill help you I need a brake from my bike."

Chip, Mady, Vida, Xander all say "Ill go to."

Chip says "I've always wanted to go a dangerous quest. This is a dangerous quest right."

Vida says "Yes, Chip it is."

The five teens go in to the forest and step in to another dimension.

Mady says "What was that? I felt something back there."

Nick says "This is something funny right."

Mady says "No its not I felt something back there."