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Megan woke up that morning, with a huge headache. She tried to remember something from last night. She closed her eyes, trying to think. She remembered the baseball game and cheering there and winning by a lot and then it came back to her. Megan sat up, finally remembering. She fell to the ground when Don was pushed by the angry third baseman.

Megan tried to think more about what happened after that. Nothing came to her. She groaned and pulled herself out of bed and then got dressed for school.

40 minutes later, she, with a little difficulty, had gotten her books out of her locker and onto her homeroom desk.

"How are you feeling?" Olivia asked sympathetically

"Like my head is going to explode." Megan grumbled. "How much longer until school's over?"

"7 hours. But don't worry, the pain meds should wear off around second or third period." Olivia said.

"Pain meds?" Megan asked and Olivia began to explain.

"and so Don took you home with his brother and his brother's friend and now we're here." Olivia ended her speech by taking a piece of gum from Megan.

"My night sucked." Megan said.

"Yeah, it did."

"Project is due tomorrow. We got a whole lot of work to do." Megan said as she opened the door and handed him one of the bowls full of food she was carrying. "Come on, Olivia and Colby are upstairs and we're all determined to finish this soon."

Don nodded and followed her up the stairs and down the hall, glad that she was ok.

Once Olivia and Colby had left, their project complete, Megan and Don went over theirs once more.

"I think we're good." Megan said.

"Finally." Don breathed a sigh of relief. "Hey I've got a question for you."

"Ok." Megan shot him a look. "What's your question?"

"Earlier this week, you said hi to your dad and he blew you off. You wanna tell me what that was all about?"

Megan bit her lip before responding. "You can't tell anyone, you promise?" He nodded. "He just doesn't care."

"What do you mean?"

"I...I have three older sisters. He always wanted a son. I was his last chance and he just doesn't care about me. Like, if one of my sisters gets a 99 on a test, they'll show it to my dad and he'll be so proud and he'll have Maddy make some brownies. I get a hundred and he goes good job now let's eat." Megan took a deep breath. "I only stay here on weeknights. Otherwise, I stay at Olivia's. Dad and I always fight."

Don didn't know what to say. Here she was, opening herself up and he couldn't exactly relate. His dad was always supportive of him and came to every game that he could. Of course, he could relate to being ignored by your parent, even though his father would say the Don was never ignored. When they were younger, Charlie the genius took up most of his parent's time. Now that they were older, Charlie took up more time than Don, but it was a little more even.

Don hesitated, before responding. "I'm sorry?"

Megan laughed. "Thanks." The two teenagers stood up and went downstairs. Megan opened the door and then hugged Don.

"What was that for?" He looked as confused as she now felt.

"Thanks." She said.

"For what?"

"Everything. Last night. Helping with the project. Listening. Just thanks." Megan said and Don went out to his car and left the house.

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