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Who I Am Hates Who I've Been

IruSasu Yaoi


Ichigo Kurosawa

...Hates Who I've Been

Sasuke was now sitting in Iruka's lap, though against his will. Iruka had forced him to sit on his lap when they gathered around his stack of gifts.

After all was said and done (I'm not gunna mention what he got from everyone else...), he blinked and continued to look around.

"What's wrong, Neko-hime?" Sasuke furrowed his brows, confused.

"You said you had a gift for me yet I never saw one that had your name on it."

Iruka smiled and ruffled his hair again. "Don't worry, you'll get it when everyone else leaves." Sasuke, still confused, nodded.


"Bye Sasu-teme! Hope you like Iruka-sensei's gift!" Oh yes, Naruto knew what it was.

Sasuke tilted his head but Iruka just laughed, yelling, "Wish me luck!" to Naruto's back.

After Naruto and Kakkashi left, there was no one else but Sasuke and Iruka. Iruka sat down and pulled Sasuke back to his lap, resting his chin on Sasuke's shoulder.

"Why haven't you ever had your first kiss, Neko-hime?"

"Hmm. Oh! Um, I guess I just never really had time for dating and stuff like that." Oh. So Sasuke had never even dated?

Iruka liked the thought of that. "Well, is there one person in particular who you'd like to give your first kiss to?"

Sasuke blinked and squirmed slightly. What's with all these wierd questions?

"W-Well, um yes... but I fear that they would reject me."

"Who is it, Sasuke?"

What happened to Neko-hime? Maybe he's angry...

"Um... w-well..."

God, Iruka really loved Sasuke when he was flustered and embarrased. Oh, and shy. He loved that most.


Iruka smiled softly, turning Sasuke around in his lap. Sasuke blinked, slightly confused.

"Good. I don't want anyone else to have it."

And with that said, Iruka cupped a hand over one of Sasuke's cheek, laughing softly when he nuzzled his hand. "You really are just like a cat." Iruka brought his face closer to Sasuke's, so they were only a few inches apart and he could clearly see the blush that sprang to Sasuke's cheeks. "My cute little neko," he said softly before hesitantly placing his lips upon Sasuke's, waiting for a shove for him to go way, rejection.

But none of that came because Sasuke kissed back. Iruka squealed like a school girl mentally before wrapping his arms around Sasuke's waist, pulling away. Sasuke's face was still flushed and Iruka couldn't help but smile. "So, you don't mind?"

"No. Why would I?" Iruka kissed Sasuke's cheek, holding him close to his body. "I don't know. But I like knowing I'm the first." Iruka placed butterfly kisses over Sasuke's face and neck, eliciting a mewl when he reached a certain spot on his neck. Iruka blinked but smirked before kissing that same spot, sucking lightly on it as Sasuke started to make a purring noise. "My Neko-hime."

"You're possessive, aren't you?"

"Probably. But, anyone would want to snatch you away with the way you act and look, so I have all reason to be."

"... You thought that out before we even got here, didn't you?"

"So? You're not complaining." And before Sasuke could say anymore, Iruka pressed their lips together again, arms still wrapped protectively around Sasuke. Sasuke gasped softly when he felt Iruka's tongue trail along his lower lip and Iruka used that moment to slip his tongue into the younger boy's mouth. He doesn't taste minty like I thought he would. He tastes like... strawberries?(1) Wonder where that came from.

Sasuke moaned softly and gripped the front of Iruka's vest. He gasped again when he felt hands slide under his shirt, rubbing his sides. "I-Iruka..." Iruka pulled away, staring at Sasuke. "Is something wrong, Neko-hime?"

"N-No... I w-want..." Iruka was so sure this was going to end in a perverted way, but he still wanted to hear it. "I w-want to feel y-you inside me, Iruka." Iruka went hard just hearing him say it. Sasuke was just so damned innocent no matter what. Iruka kissed Sasuke's cheek tenderly, smiling softly again. "Are you sure?" Sasuke nodded slowly and he initiated the kiss this time, locking the two into a fight for dominance. Iruka won and savored the taste of Sasuke. He started to remove Sasuke's shirt, breaking contact long enough to pull it over his head.

He proceeded on to kiss and nip at Sasuke's neck, sucking again on the spot he had found earlier. While Sasuke was making those cat-like noises that Iruka loved, he stripped him of his shorts and boxers. He pulled away to sit up and scanned the boy's body, Sasuke's body flushed. "Beautiful...," he breathed out before attacking his neck again. Sasuke removed all of Iruka's clothes rather quickly which caused to Iruka to chuckle. "Impatient?"

"Shut up." Sasuke ran his hands over the other's chest, eliciting a small moan from Iruka before Iruka bit down on his neck, making him gasp. Iruka smirked against his skin before trailing kisses down his chest, running his tongue teasingly over both nipples, Sasuke arching his back slightly. Iruka chuckled when he heard the soft mewls and purring noises from Sasuke. "You really are a cat, Neko-hime." Before Sasuke could retort, he felt something moist run over the tip of his length. He moaned softly, fisting the grass as the same moist object ran over the whole length a few times.

"Ngah... I-Iruka... stop teasing..." Iruka smirked and complied, taking his member into his mouth. Sasuke tried to buck his hips but Iruka held him in place as his tongue swirled around the tip. Sasuke moaned loudly when Iruka gently scraped his teeth along the underside. And then Iruka hummed and Sasuke knew he was close. Apparently, Iruka knew as well because he pulled away and left Sasuke hanging.

"Sasuke... this will hurt. You still want to d-."

"Yes. Please, Iruka."

Iruka smiled softly and kissed Sasuke, coating his fingers with precum from Sasuke before slipping one finger into his tight entrance. Sasuke squirmed, unused to the feeling but Iruka told him to relax, so he did. Until he stuck another finger next to the other and he unconsciously tried to pull away.

"Shh. It's okay Sasuke. Just relax."

Sasuke nodded and Iruka could feel his muscles lax. But, just to make things better, when Iruka hit a certain spot, he got a response of loud gasp, mewling, and 'Do that again'. Iruka hit that same spot a few times before removing his finger, earning a whine.

"Now Neko-hime, I need you stay relaxed or this will hurt more than it needs to, kay?"


Iruka smiled and kissed Sasuke's temple lightly, slowly sliding his own member into the younger boy. Sasuke clenched his eyes shut tightly, face contorted into one of pain. Iruka stopped about halfway to let Sasuke get used to the feeling, but he did not have a very long wait before Sasuke pushed his hips forward slightly. Iruka smirked and the first thing he did was aim for that spot on the first major thrust.

"Oh fuck! Iruuuukaaa."

Iruka knew he had hit his target after that and to hear his name said like that... it was enough to drive him so close to the egde, he was stumbling. He didn't want it to be over yet, the pleasure was too great. So, he reached out and grasped Sasuke's attention deprived length, pumping it in rythym with his thrusts. Sasuke felt himself getting closer and knew he would be done in a very short while.

"I-Iru... ka... I t-think... I'm go-!" He was cut short by his own loud moan of the name 'Iruka', throwing his head back as he came onto his stomach and Iruka's hand. Iruka felt the walls clamp around his own member and after a few thrusts, he came as well, riding out his orgasm before falling to lie beside his new lover. Both lay panting, trying to steady their breathing as Sasuke snuggled up close to Iruka.

"Hey... what if... we're found like this... in the morning?"

"Don't worry... I have that... all figured out..."

Sasuke smiled and both fell asleep shortly after.

xXxNext MorningxXx

"Sasuke-kun? You still here? You weren't ho-Naruto? What are you and Kakkashi doing here?"

Naruto looked up to Sakura and smiled. "Making sure people like you don't cause problems."

Sakura blinked, confused.

"Oi! Naruto!"

Everyone turned to see Iruka walking out, Sasuke laying on his back. "Thanks you two. We're off now!"

Naruto and Kakkashi nodded while Sakura stared, still confused.


Sasuke woke in a soft bed in the small room he had come to love. He sat up and looked around, freaking out slightly because he couldn't find Iruka.

"Iruka? Hello."

He stood and looked around all the rooms, not finding anything until he came to the kitchen where he stood at the stove.

"Morning, Neko-hime! Anything you want for breakfast?" Sasuke blinked but smiled before walking up and randomly hugging Iruka tightly, slightly angry at the fact Iruka was so much taller than he was.

"Aww. You feeling affectionate this morning?"

"Shut up."

Iruka smiled and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's waist loosely. They just stood there in silence for awhile before Sasuke (ZOMG! NO WAY!) sparked up a conversation... sort of...



"I love you."

Iruka smiled brighter and placed a kiss on Sasuke's forehead.

"I love you too, Neko-hime."



(1) I got this from a comic (lovely, by the way) done by a dA artist named BrokenDeathAngel where Itachi came and kissed Sasuke, only to discover he used strawberry toothpaste. XD