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Why do people think I abuse him?

Because you're a murderer. A psychopath.

I care for him. I would never hurt him. He is my Hikari for Ra's sake! My job is to protect him not hurt him. My Hikari does not want anyone to know the truth. I don't hurt him. He hurts me, by abusing himself.


I sit and watch him. Watch him as he harms himself. Throwing himself into walls. Cutting himself with rusty blades. Injecting himself with what he calls heroin. Why does he do it?

Because of you.

It started when my eyes settled on the Pharaoh. I saw my lover for the first time in thousands of years, through my Hikari's eyes. We pretended to hate each other. Yami needed to gain the trust of those twerps by defending them from the evil; me. Ryou read my thoughts. Thoughts of love and passion.


Ever since that day, I have found my lighter half causing himself physical pain. I have felt his emotional pain, but he always blocked his thoughts. Why does he keep to himself? Yugi shares everything with the Pharaoh. I want to be close to my host. But that is never going to happen. He wont let it.

He wants to, but you wont let him.

I tried. I tried so hard! I give all my time to him. Devoted myself to him. But..but that wasn't enough. It never will be. He still does it. He wont stop. It is like an addiction.

Addiction to you.

I sit in the corners of the ring, shadows covering me as I think. Suddenly I am snapped out of my thoughts by..a sixth sense if you like. Quickly appearing in my physical form I stare down in horror at my innocent light. Blood. Blood pools around him.

Spilling blood for you.

"Ryou!" I cry out in panic kneeling down next to him "What..what have you done?"

He is dieing for you.

He looked up at me. Eyes dull and lifeless. His mouth moves so subtly. His words barley audible. "I hate to love you. But I love to hate you."

Thin line between love and hate.

I am hurting him..i do abuse him. I do it by loving Yami and not him. All he wanted was my love. Someone to love. But I couldn't give him that. I take his hand and can feel that his pulse is faint. There is nothing I can do now. Its too late.

You can love him.

Closing my eyes as tears prick in them, I lean down and kiss him so tenderly and lovingly. A kiss that only soul mates can share. I feel his pulse die as I break the kiss. His heart stop.

The kiss of death.

He is gone…He died because I didn't love him. He died as I started to. Throwing myself onto his body I sob. Tears of regret and sorrow. I killed him. I lost him. All because I was blinded by lust for the pharaoh.

Ignorant to the truth.

I can never forgive myself. I never will. I can't die. But my spirit can. He is not here to love me…so I will love enough for the both of us. Protect him, by protecting my heart from others. I will never love another. Never in eternity.

A murderer. A psychopath.

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