Andrew Wells Must DIE!

Lady Yueh


Summary: "Is the Stargate glowing? Why is it glowing? and why that particular shade of green?"


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A/N: Not that anyone actually reads these, but I'm in the process of sorting through my junk and decided this wasn't too bad. Hope you enjoy.


"Is the Stargate glowing? Why is it glowing? And why that particular shade of green," Cameron Mitchell questioned in a sarcastic tone just shy of hysterical.

"Someone answer his question," General Landry ordered with all the authority that his stars gave him, and more besides.

"Someone is dialing in. I'm locked out of the systems and manual over-ride is impossible as well. The Stargate isn't emitting any type of radiation or energy that we can recognize," Lt. Col. Samantha Carter was purposeful energy in action as her fingertips fairly flew across the keyboard and kept up a running narrative without pause.

"Seventh Chevron. Locked," Walter intoned.

Only…the gate continued to spin.

"Eight Chevron. Locked," Walter informed them with only a slight amount of worry coloring his voice.

And spin.

"Ninth Chevron. Engaged," only his professional manner and experience with the oddly impossible, and yet not, kept his demeanor in place.

And nothing.

Except a growing glow of green spreading where the usual silvery-blue event horizon would be.

Growing faster and writhing chaotically.

Before dissipating.

And leaving something for their trouble.

Those with Gate detail raised their weapons in a decidedly threatening manner, waiting for a hostile action or the order from a superior.

Their guest stood in a somewhat wobbly manner, took in his surroundings, reached up and grasped a pair of glasses before polishing them with frenetic anger.

"I am going to kill that boy," everyone heard him mutter with frightening conviction.