Perfect Imperfection

Lady Yueh


Summary: "It wasn't perfect. Nothing so normal or mundane. It was life. And it was fantastic."


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He was sleeping, dark hair mussed, warm skin bare (Lots of bare skin…yummy).

Adorably snoring (She found his snoring adorable. It was definitely love. How much sappier could she get?)

But watching him gave her a serene feeling of contented fondness (not to mention other more…interesting feelings which she wanted to indulge in. Thoroughly.).

She usually wasn't one to sit around watching him sleep (there were better uses for time spent in bed) but sometimes she had to stop and take stock. Count all the changes that had occurred in her life.

A decade ago she had been heartbroken and completely unwilling to let go of someone she could never have.

Now…well she didn't know if he would find her choice appropriate.

She hoped he would.

After all, she was happy and her life was absolutely brilliant.

She hoped his was too.

She'd heard once that you look for familiarity in others, something that echoes those you've loved before.

And she'd found it.

His goofy grin and big ears so reminiscent of him, her first Doctor.

The floppy hair begging to be played with, matched with the ability to babble at alarming rates. Both characteristics of her second Doctor.

An ability that rivaled and surpassed Jack's to cheer her up in any situation with words or deeds.

He'd protect her fervently but recognized her strength, knew that she could handle herself and protect him in turn. (Courtesy of being surrounded by strong women.)

He loved her.

And he wasn't like the Doctor. Not some pale reflection or poor substitute. Never that.

From what she'd been told by reliable sources, (the girls after bribing with large quantities of chocolate) he'd been a sidekick; the normal one.

Like Mickey.

Older and just a tad wiser, she could appreciate the Mickey Smiths and Xander Harrises of the world. The normal men who took up a cause in defense of the innocent.

Because you didn't have to be a centuries old alien or a supernaturally enhanced warrior in order to make a difference.

And really, they were all the more brilliant for fighting when they were constantly pushed away or belittled. They were strong because despite that, they stayed.

And it wasn't perfect.

Nothing so normal or mundane.

She grinned as she felt his hand stroke her thigh.

It was life.

And it was fantastic.


Because I love Xander. I love Rose. I adore the Doctor but he's moving on and there have got to be some worthy men out in the multiverse for Rose to move on with too. Flames are accepted and encouraged, take your best shot.