A/N: Inspired by Mirah's song "La Familia." First real take on Edward. Read and review if you like; it's fun!


She remembers a day before she was really Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, when she had another name and there was a lady she met along the way in the abandoned Earth desert who screamed at her, ay, Dios mío, chico, por favor, por favor, ¿dónde está su familia?

¿Dónde está la familia?

And because she didn't know what a familia was she just screamed babble right back at her and kept run, run, running away on the rock-torn Earth, spinning and circling and chasing the dreams in the sky.


She sleeps and sleeps and waits for the Bebop to spin its way over to her. The Earth sun burns her skin irreversibly dark, and she walks the sun-burnt earth tan, with hair as red as Mars dust or even redder, dances when the sun comes up and sitting quietly with data streaming over her eyes when the sun goes down.

This is how it is before the Bebop takes her spinning to the stars.

This is how it is before she finds la familia.


She finds la familia with Spike-person's sharp eyes and cigarette breath.

She finds it in Fayefaye's rare smiles and the one time she says her name when she's not annoyed at her (oh Ed anything but blue).

She finds it in Jet-person's hands and when she clings to him he smells like the bonsai leaves he always trims and retrims.

They have always been together, a ragtag troop of three professional bounty hunters, one professional hacker, and one professional data dog.

She doesn't really know where else she'll find a familia like this one.


His name is Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lütfen. He's got a bounty on his head worth 50 woolongs, but he says that he's Ed's father, calls her by a name she hasn't heard in years.

Sometimes familias had things called padres.

Things called fathers.

And because sometimes familias are related by sangre, sometimes related by blood, Ed chooses blood because it runs thicker than what she has with the bounty hunters on Bebop, because blood is thicker than anything.

Besides, she's lived with very professional bounty hunterswho are probably happy to see her go anyway.

She leaves behind a smiling face with a sprayed-on bye bye, and she helicopter-spins out of their view.


One day Appledelhi's got the news on and she hears about something really bad in Mars.

The radio says a man named Spike Spiegel, the infamous bounty hunter, was among one of around twenty killed on a seemingly related thread of murders two weeks ago on Mars. Police are still investigating just what spurned the murders, which were all of current or former members of a syndicate called the Red Dragon and Edward runs to the phone sobbing, asking for Ein, for Jet-person, for Fayefaye, for anyone, anyone in la familia to tell her the radio's lying.


They invite her to visit the Bebop again, and when Fayefaye and Jet see her walk in they don't even smile.

But what about la familia? Doesn't anyone else remember la familia?

And she needs it, por favor, she needs la familia because it's really all she has left.

But no matter how many pretty pleases with cherries on top she offers, Jet tells her, la familia isn't coming back.

It's been gone a long long time.

La familia isn't coming back.



I used pretty basic Spanish here, but just in case you need it!

Ay Dios mio: essentially, Oh my God

Por favor: Please

Donde esta…?: where is…?

Su familia: Your family