I Love YouStarted: May 16, '07

By TheBlackDahliaPhantom

Chapter Five: And Triplets Make Five!


A lot has happened in the past couple of months. Danny and me got a promotion at work so, he's the head of operations in his sector and I'm lead investigator in mine. The babies should be due soon (in a couple of days or so. Did I mention it's supposed to be triplets?) Anyway, Danny and me have been going along really good with the whole married with kid's life. I think he's actually pretty excited about the whole thing (even though he denies this constantly but, whatever). I got a surprise baby shower at work today and I got some pretty nice stuff for the babies (even the grandparents to be came!). Now, I'm just at home, getting ready for bed.

G'night! Sam

Sam closed her diary slash journal and tucked it into the compartment drawer under her side of the bed. She sat up and walked to the bathroom, where Danny was drying his hair with a towel.

"Pass me one of my scrunchies." Sam asked Danny. He opened a drawer on her side of the two sinks. He got one out and tossed it to her. See caught it and wrapped it around her midnight blue (which is just black with blue undertones and subtle hints) hair, tying it into a low, loose ponytail.

"Thanks." She replied. "You have my suitcases and everything I need ready?"

"Yep." Danny said, shutting the light in the bathroom off and bending down to give a light kiss on Sam's stomach. "Everything is ready."

"Good. I'm getting worried." Sam said, "What if they're overdue?"

"That's not gonna happen. Are you trying to give me sympathy pains again?" Danny said.

"Wait – you got sympathy pains?" Sam said, starting to laugh. "I though I was suppose to get them."

"Well, you're not the only one whose worried you know."

"You got a point there, but still it's pretty funny." She walked from the bathroom's doorway towards the bedroom door. "I'm hungry for-"

"Snickers dipped in vanilla ice cream." Danny finished the sentence automatically. "You've been craving that for the pass couple of months."

"I have?" Sam asked, waiting for Danny's cute little frustrated expression "I didn't notice." Danny rolled his eyes and started laughing. She left the room and made her way down to the kitchen. She opened the freezer and brought out the ice cream and dropped it on the table. She then opened the pantry and brought out a king size snickers bar. She opened the tub of ice cream but before she could rip open the snickers, a lurch in her stomach distracted her. She shrugged it off and was almost close to dipping the chocolate bar when a kick distracted her and made her knock the ice cream over. She could hear Danny coming down the stairs. A violent twist made her yell out in pain and she squeezed her eyes shut as an impulsive rush came to her tummy.

When she opened her eyes again, she was in the passenger seat of her husband's car. He made a sharp turn at the hospital and continued to talk into his bluetooth.

"Mom, I need you to call Jazz, Sam's parents, Dani and tell Sam's parents to call people she would want to be here."

"Cause she just went into labor and I think she'll like it if people she cares about are there for her!"

"I'm not getting- yes mom." He drove to the front of the hospital. He signaled a nurse over and she notice Sam, who was hovering between consciousness and passing out. The nurse brought a wheelchair over and Danny opened the passenger door and unbuckled his wife's seatbelt. He slid her out of the car's seat and into the wheelchair. The nurse directed the wheelchair away from the car door and he slammed it closed.

"I have to go park this." Danny said, "Get her in the ER." He drove a few feet away before he parked the G3 and he ran into the hospital, not far from Sam and the nurse.

"Where's Danny?" Sam said, when she fully gained consciousness. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach and had a deadly grip on the armrest.

"Right here." Danny said, keeping a fast pace with the chair. He held Sam's hand and she got the same grip on him. "Just breathe…you're gonna be fine…my hand isn't, but you're gonna be fine…" Sam started breathing and occasionally moaned. Once they had gotten into the waiting room, the nurse wheeled Sam into a room.

"Oh, I'm sorry, you're not allowed in yet." The nurse said. "We'll tell you when you can come in." she pushed through a swinging door and Danny sat in a chair and waited for a full hour before a doctor came through the doors.

"Are you Mrs. Fenton's husband?"

"Yea." Danny said. He was tired; he needed sleep (or a coffee or something)

"Follow me." The doc said, "It's ready…"

After a while, close friends and family members slowly started pouring in. they could see everything that was happening in the delivery room. Danny was by Sam's side, his hand caught in the same deadly grip it had been in before. There was a series of screams before the medical people backed down slightly. A few more minutes later and Sam came out with three ah-dorable little babies and Danny. Danny was holding one and Sam held the other two.

"Oh my gosh, they're so cute!!!" Dani said, running over to see. "What did you name them?"

"Isabella, Nikkei pronounced Nicky-uh and Daniel Jr." Sam said, wearily. She leaned her head against the wheelchair's handle. She saw Maddie and Pamela coming over. "Hi Mom, hi Mrs. Fenton."

"How are you doing Samantha?" Pamela asked. "Need someone to hold the baby?"

"Here." Sam carefully gave Junior to her mom and Nikkei to her mom-in-law. They cooed and commented on the baby's beauty and cuteness. Danny bent down slowly and gave Isabella to her.

"She has your eyes." Danny said, smiling slightly. He glanced down at his Audemars Piguet watch. It was 3:39 a.m.

"You don't say…" Sam said, smirking a little. "Give her to my dad and your dad." Danny did as he was told and Sam quietly fell asleep in her chair. When Danny came back to her, he kissed her lightly on the forehead. He wheeled her into her room and lifted her from the chair on her bed. He sat in the chair and fell asleep.

When they awoke, they walked over to the baby nursery and saw the triplets sleeping in bassinets next to each other.

"They're so cute." Sam said, wrapping an arm around Danny's waist and leaning her head on his shoulder.

"They look like us alright." Danny replied, smiling. "They'll have the father's wit and the mother's looks."

"Oh, don't say that." Sam laughed, "I think Bella has your eyes. She looks like you."

"She does?" Danny asked. "She didn't open her eyes when I held her." Bella blinked in her bassinet.

"Look, she has them open now." Danny looked and was taken back. Isabella looked like him the most.

"You were right."

"Told ya so."

After a while of commenting the babies, they made their way back to the room and found that people had sent them flower arrangements and gifts for them and the newborns.

"Mrs. Fenton?" the doctor walked into the room.

"Yeah?" She replied.

"Um, we have found some ectoplasmic activity in your babies. It's in the blood test and some other tests that we ran."

Sam paled. "Is it high activity?"

"No, right now it's neutral. Stats say it shouldn't kick in until their teens."

The color was slowly regained. "Oh, that's good then."

"The question is, how did they get this in them?"

"The father was half…um, ghost if you will."

"Oh really. It was that Phantom kid, huh?"


The doctor nodded his head and looked behind Sam and saw Danny sitting on the bed. "I knew I recognized him from somewhere." And with that the doc walked out.

"Ya hear that?" Sam asked

"Yeah. Our kids are gonna have ghost powers." Danny said, drawing a circle with his finger on the bed.

"Well, it only made sense. You're a half ghost and since they have some of your DNA…" Sam said quietly. She walked over to Danny and brought his face up to her's, giving him a passionate kiss. He kissed her back and gently pushed her so that she lay on the bed. They continued kissing and Danny felt her breasts up (which were now bigger because they had milk in them). They continued kissing, lost in an ecstasy they hadn't experienced for the past couple of months. This brought back memories of when they had sex for the first time together.

Danny and Sam had made it to the party Tucker threw in order to celebrate the last day of eleventh grade. The song "We Takin Over" was pounding through the floor of the rooftop of the building and everyone seemed to be having a good time. In a far corner, Danny and Sam had engrossed themselves in a kiss. They had been going out for quite a while now and it seemed normal to see the two buried in each other's face. They broke away, breathless.

"Damn…" Sam said, smiling. Danny smiled back. He captured her mouth again in a passionate kiss and a hand crawled slowly up her black spaghetti strap tank top. She kissed him harder and clawed at his back.

"We need a private place…" Danny said, shortly after having his shirt removed by the all bothered and hot Sam.

"Then why don't we faze down to one of the rooms and get private…" Sam whispered in his ear. Danny smirked. He loved it when Sam needed an outlet for her sexual desires and he was the one who took it. He swung her in his arms and went intangible, sliding through the chair they were sharing down to a bedroom that had an iPod Bose sound dock; it was currently playing "The Carpal Tunnel of Love".

As soon as Danny and Sam touched back down to earth, she pounced him and began taking off his jeans in the process. He pulled down her skirt and felt the smooth, pale flesh that was underneath. She hopped off of him and walked over to the sound system. She bent over and gave him a nice look at her ass as she changed the song to some burlesque song. He squinted at the screen and noticed it from Christina Aguilera.

"You listen to her?" Danny asked.

"Yeah." Sam replied, beckoning Danny to come forth. He sat up on the bed and leaned towards her.

"What song is this?" Danny asked, falling under the trance of the music and the voluptuous girl in front of him.

"Nasty Naughty Boy…" Sam whispered, leaning forward and giving him an eyeful of her ample cleavage. He nearly fell of the bed as his eyes traced the figure of Sam's body.

I'm gonna give you a little taste

Of the sugar below my waist

You nasty boy…

Sam stripped out of her bra, revealing her milky white breasts. She lightly pushed the awe struck Danny back on the bed and kissed his lips then went down to his neck. She continued going down until she reached the waistband of his boxers.


"Danny…let me…"

I swear I'll be the first

To blow

Your mind…

Sam pulled down the waistband of his boxers and revealed the erection of Danny's manhood.

'Nine inches of pure pleasure' Sam thought as she continued to give head. He gripped her hair and she sucked harder, and faster.

"Sa-uh-am I'm alm-ost there!" Danny moaned as he came in her mouth and she sucked almost every drop of it. She released her grip and licked the remnants from her lips. She went back up to give him a burning kiss, which he gladly returned with passion.

Danny then flipped them so that Sam was under him. He kissed and suckled at her neck and then massaged and sucked on her boobs. She moaned and cried out in sheer ecstasy as Danny pulled down her panties and inserted a finger into her heat.

So let my body to the talkin'

And gimme that