Okay so this is my first Inuyahsa fanfic and my first general fanfic so yah.

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Chapter 1

Kagome awoke to the buzzing of her pink alarm clock. She looked at the fuzzy, red numbers to find out what time it was. Gah. It's only 6:02. She forced herself to open her eyes further and get out of bed.

She entered the bathroom to freshen up. Kagome savored every second in her nice hot shower; she knew she would not have one in a while.

She stepped into the kitchen to find her mom working hard packing, what she assumed was for her friends, a huge lunch box. Her mother turned around and noticed her.

"Oh, Kagome good morning, you're up quite early this morning. Why?" her mother greeted.

"Oh, no good reason…" But Kagome had a very important reason.

Kagome wanted to surprise Inuyasha. Usually she would be running late, he would come to the modern era just to drag her back and always seemed to be ticked off. Of course Kagome knew he just missed her.

As she packed her day-to-day 'necessities' in her trusty, yellow backpack she was extremely pensive. Today I will tell Inuyasha that I love him. The thought sent a fluttering sensation to the pit of her stomach. Since he's so stubborn to say it to my face I'll say it for him and we'll be happy forever!

But she was terribly anxious. What if he rejects me and goes bounding back to Kikyo? Surely it was a possibility since he'd done it countless times before. It made her think of how dogs never forget their first owner, but Kagome pushed the though aside. Doubt would get her nowhere. Good or bad she would accept that Inuyasha was a friend anyways. I'll be okay with it wont I?

Kikyo couldn't really compete with Kagome after all could she? Kagome was alive and Kikyo was undoubtedly a cold, dead, hindrance of a priestess, who mooches off of poor innocent souls.

But Inuyasha wouldn't love someone like that, thought Kagome; she must have been a lot different when she was alive. Inuyasha just can't let the poor girl go.

Kagome noticed she was just sitting on the floor with her backpack packed full to the brim as she looked to the clock. 7:34, I better leave soon, she told herself.

She stood up and went down the hall to find Souta sleeping in his room. She kissed him on the forehead as he stirred. Kagome tiptoed out of his room as silently as possible.

"Goodbye Souta." She whispered with a small smile on her face. Before she left she bid her farewells to Gramps and her mother

As she entered the well house with the doubt flushed from her mind, as she felt something somewhat new…pure confidence. She was no longer anxious as she sat on the lip of the well, ready to hop right inside to return to the Feudal Era. But she still felt those damn butterflies.

She let the feeling go as she was determined to succeed.

"I'm so ready for this." Kagome sighed to herself, before she leapt off the edge into magical blue bliss.

Inuyasha awoke to the light of the morning sun. He leapt off the tree branch he was sleeping on and headed for Kaede's hut to see if Sango, Miroku, and Shippo were still asleep.

As he pushed aside the bamboo flap, to his annoyance, they were all asleep. Hmph, I'll just take a walk and they'd better be awake when I get back.

He left the hut and headed for the forest, he needed to calm down from all the pent up excitement. When Kagome was gone, sure he was as irritable as a PMS-ing, teenage girl, but he was always happy to see her return. Of course Inuyasha was in denial, I just want to complete the jewel and kill that bastard Naraku as soon as possible! But that thought would do nothing but wind him up tighter.

He returned to Kaede's hut, somewhat calmer than before.

"Good morning Inuyasha." Sango chirped.

"Yeah whatever, now that you all are awake I'm gonna get Kagome so we can leave already. You better be ready by the time I get back." He threatened. Inuyasha was out of the hut in an instant.

Everyone just shrugged and prepared for the long journey ahead.

Kagome climbed out of the well and took a couple steps apprehensively. Stupid blue stuff washed away my confidence!

"Oooooh, how am I going to tell him?" She visibly stiffened as she felt a strange aura coming close and fast, and then it stopped and the strange aura was gone. This is doing nothing for my nerves, she thought to herself, still frozen in her patch of grass by the well.

"Eheheheh, obtaining this beauty will be easier than I thought," said a rather silky voice in the shadows of the shrubbery of the forest.

"Takemi will handle her leaving that pathetic half-demon." With a grin the mysterious figure sank into a more comfortable position to watch his utter genius in action, as he masked his aura.

Kagome heard a rustling in the bushes behind her and felt her heart race with fear. She turned around and saw the last person she wanted to see today, by far. Why the hell does she always have to butt in?!

Kagome took a cautious step back, Why does she intimidate me so much? Kagome was really more irritated than intimidated but she wouldn't let either show.

"Just say it honestly to Inuyasha's face. I'm sure he will appreciate it." She said in a cold sarcastic tone, which sent chills just as cold down Kagome's spine. How did she know I was talking about Inuyasha? Why couldn't I feel her presence before?

"What are you doing here?" Kagome asked. Kikyo didn't look like she was going to answer so Kagome let it go. But Kagome couldn't see her soul collectors anywhere. This isn't Kikyo…but what does this person want? Kagome didn't feel like dealing with this so she began to walk towards Kaede's village.

"Where is Inuyasha?" Kagome stopped in her tracks, flabbergasted as to why she dared ask her that, forgetting that it wasn't really Kikyo.

"That would be none of your business." Kagome said in a nonchalant yet bitter tone when she saw Kikyo smirk.

"Anything about Inuyasha is my business, he is my man. You forgot?" That sent Kagome straight over the edge. She knew it wasn't Kikyo but anyone even suggesting Inuyasha was that dead bitch's man was infuriating.

"Sorry, but I do not know." Kagome said calmly trying to be the bigger person. She tuned around and headed for Kaede's village once again. She didn't care why this person was trying to tick her off or who she was. She wasn't going to put up with it, nor waste her time. The worst thing was that 'Kikyo' succeeded in making riled up.

"She is a smart wench, that Kagome," grumbled the handsome demon watching his once 'genius' plans crumble before him. "but she can always be obtained by force, what a pity."

He grinned as he signaled Takemi for further…forceful action.

Kagome only walked about fifteen or so feet before she felt a hand on her shoulder. What the hell does this person want?! Turning around, fuming from head to toe, she yelled.

"WHAT?!" Taken aback by her loss of self control, the fact that it wasn't 'Kikyo' anymore slipped he mind, until it was way too late.

She blinked at the, what seemed like a lizard-esque demon. He was wearing a mauve kimono and white hakama pants; he didn't look too human, so it obviously meant he was a demon of lower stature. She could take him on if she really wanted to, but she realized he didn't look too friendly and began run, she didn't want to take any risks right now.

After a couple of yards she felt the weight on her feet diminish as he picked her up and walked in the opposite direction.

"Let me go, you stupid lizard demon!" she spit out, kicking and screaming.

"I am no such thing," he stated, sounding quite annoyed, "I am a chameleon demon." He needlessly bit out.

At that moment Kagome realized he was the 'Fake Kikyo'. Oh I get in now…chameleon.

"I don't care just let me g-" He started sprinting towards the coverage of the forest.

Where is that damn Fuuhiro? Caught up in his thoughts he stumbled and dropped Kagome letting out an 'oouf' He quickly tried topick her back up, but she was just to fast and was already bolting blindly further into the dark forest.

He chased her until he sensed his lord going after her instead, so he stopped.

Kagome turned her head to see if he was chasing her. Good he's gone.

When she was facing in the right direction she was put to a painful halt.

"Owwwwww…" she looked up to see what she crashed into and to a n immediate cautious scoot on her bottom backward as she eyed the very handsome demon in front of her.