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Rui had always been surrounded by pokedolls. There were lots in her room, probably bordering on millions. So whenever she saw a large collection of pokedolls it never really seemed strange to her.

This, however, was an exception.

The walls of the room were white, and the expanse was incredibly large. Oh, and there were pokedolls everywhere, at least five of all 496. They were scattered randomly around the room in no particular order. Rui was beyond shocked, but far from panicked.

"Aww…" she couldn't help saying as she scooped up what had to be the cutest Teddiursa doll in the Orre region. She hugged it close and looked at it with adoration in her eyes. She scanned around the room. Her eyes lit up as they fell on a little Pichu doll with a head even larger than a normal Pichu's.

"Adorable!" was her only comment.

She took off after that. She made a Ponyta gallop across the tile floor. She played along as a Growlithe and a Poochyena made friends. She was scared half to death when she stumbled across a particularly frightening Serviper doll.

"Huh?" among the boundless fields of pokedolls, Rui had spotted a doll that wasn't quite as "poke". She reached over.

"You're kidding," she said frankly, her face looking annoyed a she gazed into the doll eyes of an exact replica of Emok, the annoying lady from Pyrite who had called her names. She thought this was weird.

Strangely, she didn't think it was weird when she saw several voodoo pins to her left. She picked them up with a smirk on her face.

And that left her wondering exactly how this voodoo thing worked…

I think there's 496 pokemon now… I've lost track.

Espeon, Umbreon, and Wes are left in my idea, however, if you give me another character and a cute idea, I might add them if I get the chance.