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Despite himself, Umbreon knew he was a bit of an optimist. A certain type of an optimist, anyway. Was there a specific word for someone who could take anything you throw at him and still find a way to laugh?

That's what Umbreon thought of himself: he was the comic relief. He would yawn whenever someone started to argue with him and thought everyone made a big deal of everything. His expectations were low, so he was rarely disappointed. He liked to make things fun, and these things usually happened to be things that were not fun at all.

This, however, was an exception.

Umbreon found the idea of a room full of pokedolls incredibly fun. He looked around eagerly, eventually picking up a Jolteon doll. He smiled and set it front of himself.

"Umbreon versus Jolteon!" he shouted, trying to imitate the loudspeaker voice of pokemon battle judgers, "Ready? Begin!" Umbreon launched a Bite attack, lightening fast. He quickly realized he would have to do more to faint his opponent, so he used Secret Power.

"Ouch… And Jolteon is KO'd! Umbreon is victorious!" and then Umbreon began to imitate a cheering crowd. He picked up an Infernape doll next. It fainted after three Returns, and the Manectric was down in one single Crunch.

Umbreon pranced around with head and tail held high, a crowd cheering his name as he went.

Like that would ever happen.

Umbreon stopped. He looked around for his brother, but found that Espeon's voice could only be heard in his memory. It was a sentence he had heard often, anyway. Espeon repeated every time Umbreon told him about one of his little fantasies.

"Like you would know!" snapped Umbreon to himself.

Yeah, I would, wouldn't I?

Umbreon pawed angrily at the ground, "Fine!" he said, but then something caught his eye.

"Huh?" he asked questioningly as he examined the doll carefully. He turned it towards him and recoiled at his brother's familiar face. He couldn't help but think it was a joke. A particularly unfunny joke.

His eyes turned away, and he caught sight of something else. This something made a big grin appear on his face. Lying a few feet away from him were voodoo pins. Umbreon's smirk, one that looked scarily like his master's, grew wider as he approached the needles.

"Do I dare?" he asked himself passively, already knowing his own answer.

"Umbreon, you are as evil as they come…" he muttered deviously to himself.