Chase Rowley swirled her ponytail between her fingers. It was a nervous habit but for some reason she only did it before games. And this was a big game. She had already strapped on all her gear and was pacing around the locker room. The rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team sat, or trembled in Neville's case, on the benches lining the lockers.

"So. I pretty much suck at this part of the season. The part where I have to be all rah rah and tell you some really inspiring speech about winning and stuff. But. Well. That's one of many things I suck at. I can prepare you for the game but I can't be a coach or anything like that. And I can't play your position for you. You'll all do fine. I have total confidence in everyone of you. Just go do what you know to do. I know we can win this." With that, Chase Rowley, in all her nervousness, marched out on to the field as the crowds started to scream.

Madame Hooch stood in the middle of the field awaiting the two captains so could shake hands. With her team in formation behind her, her Aussie Inc. broom in one hand, Chase shook Zacharias Smith's hand.

"And the match begins!" The commentator announced as both the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff teams sprang into the air. "Gryffindor Captain Rowley reaches the quaffle first makes a complicated turn past the Hufflepuff beaters. She passes it back to Ginny Weasley who dives and flattens as a bludger whizzes past her ear. Gryffindor scores!" Gryffindor and Ravenclaw burst out in cheers and the Slytherin's booed as Ginny sped off triumphantly to the other end of the pitch. "The Hufflepuff Keeper passes the quaffle to her chaser. Beater Weasley sends a bludger in the way of Hufflepuff's chaser. Chaser Lutz catches the ball and hits it with the end of her broom to Chaser Rowley. Rowley passes to Chaser Weasley beneath and flies towards the Hufflepuff Keeper. Weasley passes back to Rowley. Rowley fakes and passes it back to Lutz. Lutz scores!" Once again the red and blue sections of the stands broke into cheers. "The Hufflepuff Keeper passes it to Smith. Smith zooms up the field, dodges two bludgers sent by the Gryffindor beaters, fakes and scores!" Hufflepuff and Slytherin cheered as the Hufflepuff Chaser did a loop in the air. "Keeper Longbottom gives the ball to Rowley, Rowley passes to Weasley and Weasley and Lutz move towards the opposition's goal posts. Rowley hangs back to have a word with Longbottom. No sign of the snitch yet. Potter and Burke are just hovering above the match. Weasley dodges a bludger, passes to Rowley, Rowley scores!" The Gryffindor's began to sing and the Syltherin's attempted to overpower their cheers with boos. "Beater Weasley sends a bludger slamming into Chaser Tanner. Chaser Tanner drops the quaffle and Gryffindor Chaser Lutz catches it! Hufflepuff Beater Watkins blocks her path and she drops it. Hufflepuff Chaser Smith retrives it, spins around Beater Weasley, fakes and shoots! Longbottom dives! Longbottom catches the quaffle! Longbottom caught the quaffle!" Screams erupted from the Gryffindor stands. No one had believed that Neville would ever be able to stop one shot. Only silence came from the Slytherin stands. "Potter's spotted the snitch!" Every player froze on the field as Harry and Burke sped after the snitch. "Potter has a few feet on Burke. He's inches away! He's so close! The snitch sharply changes directions and Potter dives after it! Potter reaches out! He's got it! He's got the snitch! Gryffindor wins!" Harry held the snitch in front of him triumphantly and jumped off his broom onto the pitch. Ron did a few loops in the air before landing next to his best friend. The rest of the team hugged Harry or high-fived him while the rest of Gryffindor house poured onto the field. Chase walked over to the Hufflepuff Captain Smith.

"Good game Smith. That was a quick one thank Merlin!" Zacharias shook her hand and walked away. "Way to be rude." Chase mumbled to herself.


The Gryffindor Common Room was a bit more crowded than usual. And by a bit, that really means pretty much every Gryffindor student had squeezed themselves into the room. The floor was already sticky with spilled butterbeer and students snacked on the food someone had stolen from kitchens. Students danced to music by the Weird Sisters playing somewhere near the stairs and a few couples snogged in the shadows.

The entire Gryffindor Quidditch team, minus their missing captain, had been carried into the Common Room to celebrate. Ron had actually had enough butterbeer to talk to Hermione openly about his feelings, Neville danced with a pretty fifth year and only Merlin knows where Harry had gotten to. Chase had shown up at the party for about two minutes, long enough to thank people for their congratulations and grab something to eat, before heading up to her dorm. Ginny on the other hand had danced with more than one guy who her brother would not approve of, including a Ravenclaw who had snuck in, and sipped on a cocktail. Gryffindors always throw great parties.


Ron made his way through the crowd to where Hermione Granger was speaking to a random fifth year. She looked beautiful in a deep purple Mariska Maltin sweater with a glass of something or other in her left hand.

"Hermione?" Ron tapped Hermione on the shoulder.

"Yes Ronald?" Hermione spun around from her conversation with Leah Brandell, a fifth year prefect.

"I hate being called Ronald Hermione! Can't you just call me Ron?" Ron asked Hermione before taking another sip of butterbeer. "Can I talk to you Hermione?"

"Of course you can iRonald/i. Is everything alright?" Hermione followed Ron, who had grabbed her hand and led her to the far corner of the Common Room.

"Did you watch the game today?" Ron sat down but continued to hold on to Hermione's hand. He set his drink down on the floor next to him and stared at it as a careless second year knocked it over. "Bugger off!" The student shuffled away. "And watch where you're walking." Ron's words were not slurred but he had definitely been in better shape before.

"Of course I watched your game Ronald. You were brilliant! No wonder Chase made you a beater. Not that I know a lot about Quidditch, but you did have great aim when you hit the one Hufflepuff chaser." Hermione blushed.

"Thanks. Chase is pretty brilliant. She's also bloody rough on us." Ron and Hermione sat in silence while Hermione finished off her drink. "Hermione?"

"Yes Ronald." Hermione brushed a piece of hair from her face.

"Were you mad at me all summer? Are you still mad at me? What did I do?" Hermione sighed.

"Ronald are you really that thick?" He nodded. "I was furious when I found you and that blonde snogging in your room! You knew I was coming that day. Merlin Ronald! Of course I was angry and now I'm just. Oh. I don't know Ron. I just. I just feel let down by you I guess."


"I was angrier than when you dated Lavender Brown, who is extremely obnoxious I hope you know. I was angrier than when you insulted me in fourth year."


"You are really thick aren't you?"

"Pretty much Hermione. But. I think that you also know that I have no courage whatsoever. Well. When it comes to you Hermione. You're bloody intimidating!"

"Thats all that you think of me? That I'm intimidating? So you'll never ask me to Hogsmeade because I'm intimidating? I've been one of your best friends since first year and I'm still intimidating? Ronald!" Hermione stood up and walked away from Ron.

"But Mione!"

"But what? You should stop drinking Ronald! It's really making you delirious or something!" Hermione folded her arms.

"I should stop drinking. I think my last one had some Firewhiskey in it. But do you still like me Hermione?"

"Of course I do!"

"Then will you go to Hogsmeade next weekend?" Ron pleaded.

"Only if you ask me again tomorrow when you're completely sober." Ron laughed, walked over to Hermione, and kissed her. Maybe Ron drinking isn't so bad after all.

"Of course. You might have to remind me though."


Ginny Weasley was having the time of her life. She was single. She had just won her first Quidditch match of the season. And she was having loads of fun at the Gryffindor party. Okay. Well maybe she wasn't totally enjoying being single, but she did like dancing with whoever she felt like. Luckily she had seen Ron being led of somewhere by Hermione so she didn't have to worry about him getting upset.

"Ginny! Have you seen Dean anywhere?" Mara Locken giggled. Ginny pointed to the fireplace. "Thanks Gin! Have you seen Harry lately? He seems a little mopey."

"No I haven't." Ginny looked around in search of Harry.

"Well. I think he wouldn't mind if you tried to cheer him up a bit Gin." Mara smiled. She had one too many drinks. "Talk to you later Gin. Sit with me at breakfast tomorrow?"

"Course!" As Mara walked away, Ginny walked through the crowd, searching for Harry. She found him kind of sulking in the corner. "Hi." Ginny sat down next to him and finished off her drink. "That was a great dive today."

"Thanks." Harry swallowed his chocolate frog and smiled at Ginny. "Are you having a good time?"

"Yea." Ginny smiled back and crossed her legs. "How's Ansley?"

"Um. She's fine I guess." Harry clasped his hands and leaned his head back on the Common Room wall. He noticed that Ginny's face was shining and her lips looked especially pink. The entire crowd of people seemed to be dancing or milling around to talk to other people about the match, the party, or next week's Hogsmeade trip. Harry turned to Ginny. "I've missed you Gin."

"I've missed you too." Ginny leaned her head on Harry's shoulder and sighed. "I hate being single." Harry laughed.

"Can we put everything behind us and try again? I know it sounds supper cheesy and all. But bloody hell Gin. I think I might love you." Harry blushed. He leaned over and kissed Ginny gently.

"I think I might love you too Harry. And yes we both sound super cheesy right now." Ginny took Harry's hand and the couple walked out of the Common Room. "Oh. And one more thing. You have to tell Ansley."

"I think she'll be okay with Malfoy around."


Chase Rowley let herself flop face first onto her bed. She was dead tired. And no wonder, she had just played her first Quidditch match of the season. She had stopped in on the party long enough to grab something to eat and listen to people cheer a little. One of Chase's least favorite thing about Quidditch was the celebrations. Yes she enjoyed winning and yes she did enjoy having people cheer for her but she did not like going to parties where people used Quidditch as an excuse to get pissed. It just bugged her. It just bugged her like nothing else on earth, expect maybe the smell of her great aunt's kitchen. And so there she was. Lying on her stomach, sore and tired.

In an attempt to make herself presentable, she wanted to run down to the scout's Common Room and talk about the game, Chase took a quick shower and got dressed. Well first she had to search through her pile of clothes to find something that wasn't stained.

She tied her shoe lace and stood up to pull her hair back. The writing on her tee-shirt, British Broom Goods since 1607, was backwards in the mirror and her jeans had one too many holes in them--from tripping all the time. As Chase snapped an elastic hair band in place a scratch came from the window. An owl tapped the window until Chase opened it and the owl flew in. It dropped a letter on her bed and without waiting for reply, left the room.

Chase opened the letter with a loud rip.

Wonderful game today! How about a victory lap or two? Meet me at the pitch


Chase smiled, tossed the note on the ever growing pile of parchment next to her bed, grabbed her broom and snuck out of the girl's dorm room.

It was difficult for Chase to stay relaxed. She gripped her broom too tightly as she hid behind a suit of armor when a prefect walked past. Chase had shoved a pair of flip flops into her pockets before leaving the Gryffindor Tower to make her exit not as noisy. It seemed to be helping so far. She hadn't bumped into any teachers and Filch was no where to be found.

Chase rounded the last corner and spotted herself in the set of windows next to her escape route. Maybe she should have consulted Ansley about what to wear. Her tee-shirt was a little wrinkled and her jeans were practically falling down. Oliver wouldn't notice though, Chase reassured herself. He would be too busy talking about Qudditch.

She listened to the door click open and Chase squeezed herself through the door to guarantee that it would not squeak. Once out of the school and a few yards away from any windows, Chase hopped on her broom and sped off towards the pitch. The wind had died down and the sky had gotten a lot cloudier since the end of the game. There were no lights on in the locker rooms, but the pitch loomed ahead in the dark as inviting as ever.

Chase found Oliver Wood sprawled out on a bench in the Gryffindor stand. She stretched out on the bench above him and set her broom down.

"Too damn cloudy to see any stars tonight." Oliver remarked.

"What were you expecting. Its Britain. Not that I don't love the rain or anything." Chase answered.

Oliver sat up abruptly. "Want to fly?"

"Not really. I'm all flyed out if that makes any sense." Chase rolled onto her side and propped her head up with her hand.

"I didn't think you were going to show up." Oliver retied his shoe.

"Why not? I didn't go to the party really." Chase got up and joined Oliver on the lower bench.

"I always thought you would be a partier." Chase laughed at Oliver's comment.

"Yea. Well I am. Just not when it is related to Quidditch. I hate people like that, who just get wasted because they think they have something to celebrate when they don't play."

"Yeah. I know what you mean." Oliver and Chase fell into a comfortable silence as they watched the clouds move across the sky. "I think its important that I tell you something Chase." She swung her head around to look directly at Oliver.

"Yeah?" Chase gripped the edge of the bench. Maybe he was going to tell her that he didn't just like her Quidditch skills. Maybe he was going to tell her that he thought she was beautiful and he felt awful for ever arguing with her. Or that he simply wanted to curl up with her on the Qudditch pitch and fall asleep. Chase had always thought that falling asleep with someone on the Quidditch pitch would be romantic. Yes. Chase is officially a Quidditch geek.

"I've been seeing your boyfriend, Connor I think, around Hogwart's a lot lately." Oliver refused to look Chase in the face. He clasped and unclasped his hands and occasionally wiped his palms on forest green cords.

"He's Head Boy so I don't see how that is unusual, Oliver." Chase shrugged her shoulders.

"But. That's not it. I've been seeing him around Hogwart's a lot lately with a fellow Ravenclaw. I think her name is Emerson... Emerson K something or other."

"Keates? She's in our Astronomy class. She's not very bright for a Ravenclaw." Chase sniggered.

"Well. Remember that day I met you out by the lake. When you were waiting for Connor?" Chase nodded. "I think its important for you to know that I saw them leaving the Head's common room. Together and well lets just put it this way. Connor and Emerson didn't exactly look like they had been studying Astronomy." Oliver glanced up at Chase. She had her eyes closed.

"Is this true." She pressed on her eyelids with the thumb and index finger of her right hand.

"Of course it is. I would never lie to you."

"Are you sure." Chase's sputtered. She started to breathe quickly and she clutched her chest. "Are you kidding me. You've got to be joking." Oliver stood up suddenly and touched Chase's shoulder, she swerved away.

"I'm not. I promise. He's a bloody bastard and I'm sorry Chase. But I thought you ought to know." Chase stomped up the steps of the stand and claimed her broomstick.

"The entire time! I'm so stupid!" Chase was having a fit and crying hysterically. She was angry enough to beat Oliver up. Watch out Ollie, I hear she's got a mean right hook! "I'm going to kill him! The lying asshole!" Oliver followed Chase as she hurtled down the many steps to the pitch. Thunder rumbled ominously nearby and rain could be heard tap tapping against the side of the Gryffindor stand. The rain water made Chase's hair look darker than usual and her Qudditch tee-shirt became splattered. Chase took a deep breath and relaxed her shoulders. Chase spun around. "I'm sorry if it seems that I'm mad at you."

"Its okay." Chase and Oliver sat simply looking at one another. "I jut thought that you should know, and last time we talked you were a little angry with me." Chase closed her eyes again and took a few more deep breaths. Oliver grasped Chase's shoulders and kissed her roughly. Chase tensed up in his grip as he continued to kiss her. Her eyes snapped open and Chase shoved Oliver away.

"Why now?" Tears mixed with the rain on Chase's already damp face. After taking a few step backwards with her eyes still plastered to Oliver, Chase turned around and ran towards the castle.


The Slytherin Common Room was over crowded. Ever single student who had been to the Quidditch game was moping in one form or another. Whether it was Pansy Parkinson complaining to Diane Nott and Millicent Bulstrode about Ansley Kerr and her good for nothing half-blood best friend or Linney Brooks claiming to Rushford Wills that Madame Hooch had been bribed by Neville Longbottom's grandmother to charm the quaffle to never get too close to her grandson. It was easy to tell that the entire Slytherin House was upset about Gryffindor's win earlier in the day. Well, all of Slytherin House except for one. Ansley Kerr.

She had holed herself up inside the depths of her thick comforter in the Seventh Year girl's dorm and was secretly celebrating Gryffindor's win. Ansley had already sent off a note to Chase to wish her congratulations and write all about how angry the rest of the Slytherins had become.

Ansley changed into a pair of Cupid royal purple sweat pants and an old Vicker's Academy tee-shirt before joining the "party". A bottle of Firewhiskey was being passed around and a few couples cuddled in the corners but very few people talked. The group was essentially comprised of fifth, sixth, and seventh years, with an occasional "cool" fourth year mixed in. The younger students had already headed up to bed to commiserate with one another with out the Qudditch team near by. They looked especially intimidating that evening. Draco was lounging on an over stuffed green and silver edged arm chair with Pansy and her posse lurking in the shadows. Ansley took a seat across from Draco and let her feet hang over the chair's arm.

"You know Draco." Pansy drawled, "Ansley's little friend is the reason for Gryffindor wining." Pansy grinned. "I bet she's happy for her too. Because Ansley is a blood-traitor." Ansley shrugged. Draco didn't even glance towards Pansy.

"I am happy for Chase. She is my best friend, not that you would be able to comprehend that concept Pansy. And besides Slytherin wasn't playing therefore, I can cheer for whomever I want. Even if you don't approve." Ansley arched her right eyebrow and slowly smiled at Pansy. That girl was so thick.

Pansy huffed and crossed her arms. "I'm going to bed." She squealed. With a nod of her head, Diane and Millicent followed Pansy to the dorm. All of the younger girls noticed Pansy's departure and followed suit. There was no way they were going to side with Ansley Kerr in an argument against Pansy.

Draco swung his head towards Ansley. "You really should attempt to be on her good side once in a while." Ansley twisted a strand of hair around her finger.

"I honestly do not care what she thinks of me or my friends. I thought you knew that already."

"I do know. But if you're going to be here the rest of the year, you have to play by some of the rules."

"I haven't up until now, I don't plan on changing my friends or personal views anytime soon for some stupid pure-blood slut." Ansley slipped off the armchair and left a disgruntled Draco behind. Couldn't she just be a normal Slytherin for once?


hey people!

I always love the first Quidditch game of the season. Not that I actually know all the rules and understand the finer points of the game, but there are lots of aspects that I like about Quidditch. For example, cute boys in their Quidditch uniforms, an empty castle all to yourself if its too cold, and of course the after parties. I stopped by Gryffindor's naturally because they of course had a bloody good party since they won and all. And Merlin do I have some gossip for you! I'll get back to that in a moment. The music was great, the dancing was fun, and the refreshments were delicious! I'm sorry if you were not lucky enough to go to the party because you either a) are not a Gryffindor or b) not a popular enough member of another house to score an invite.

But parties are not the only thing about Quidditch that I love, I'm also a big fan of all the cute weekend winter wear one can show off at a Quidditch match. If you don't already have a pair of cashmere gloves in your house color, with a matching hat, then get one. And a great pair of leather all weather boots always look cute underneath a pair of designer jeans, preferably Cupid or Arriman Q. Quidditch is always sweeter when you look stylish.


I was under the impression that HP was smitten with AK. But I guess I was wrong. HP and GW were seen sneaking off late last night. One of my many reliable sources walked in on them snogging! Are HP and GW back together? I'll guess we'll find out for sure in the coming days. Speaking of getting back together. I guess in their case its getting together officially for the first time. HG and RW were also seen snogging in a dark corner. Can you say finally? What took them so long! And finally, CR was seen flying off towards the Quidditch pitch hours after the game finished. Why? No one really seems to know, well yet at least. Her beau was in the Ravenclaw Common Room all night so there is no way she could have gone to meet him. Is there someone else who has stolen CR's heart? I'll let you know as soon as I do!

I hope to have more details for you soon!

you know you love me,

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