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White flower petals float gingerly through the air, dancing with grace. The sun reflects off each one, making them shine beautifully in the air before landing peacefully on the grass. The sparkles of the petals pale in comparison to the faces lined down the aisle. Each face, so different yet so similar, shimmers in the sunlight. The gorgeous golden eyes all stare as a slender figure makes it way down the row, accompanied by man with their same eyes. His arm is linked with the woman's, her hands folded in front of her body, a bouquet of light flowers clasped firmly between them. The dress was simple but breathtaking. The silk tightly hugged her breasts, emphasizing her body. Once it reached her hips, the dress opened up into a gown of lighter material. Elegant heels graced her feet. A heavy silver locket hangs from her neck. Her face is covered with a laced veil.

The two creatures slowly make their way through the twin rows. As they reach the last person in line, the man kisses the veiled woman's cheek. He releases her, allowing another man to draw her close. This new man's eyes are a more vivid gold. In fact, a topaz color. He wears a jet-black tuxedo decorated with silver buttons, with a pale blue shirt and tie underneath. A single white tulip sits in his pocket, exposed to show the head of the flower. This man's auburn hair is disheveled, strands tumbling slightly across his face. He lowers his head to a side, a greeting to the young lady.

The couple's hands entwine. They turn to face each other under a white overhang. The man lifts her hand to his mouth, kissing it lightly. He draws a silver ring from his tuxedo jacket. Still kissing her hand, he slips the ring over her finger. He draws his head back, watching her with adoring eyes.

She flips their hands over, placing his on top. He hands her another ring with his free hand. But before placing it in her palm, he pushed the veil over her head, showing her face. The woman has a complete, heart shaped face of a rather pale complexion. Her lips, coated a light pink color, are lush and full. Wide, chocolate brown eyes gaze deep into his face. The soft amount of light blue eye shadow brings out the dept of those eyes. A small pool of tears cascade down her face. He reaches his hand to her face, wiping the trail of water away. The woman rests her face against his cool hand. She beams up at him as he places the second ring in her hand.

The ring glides onto his finger. The others cheer with enthusiasm. He stares into her face as a light blush fills her cheeks. She bites her bottom lips with anticipation. He leans in, pressing his lips to hers. But he then pulls away. She smiles and nods.


"Until death to us part, my dear."

And he brushed his lips to the flesh of her neck. He held his lips there for a second, and then sunk his teeth into her flesh. She gasped, but wrapped her arms around his body, leaving the bouquet to fall, completely forgotten. He held her firmly against his body, slowly pulling his mouth from her skin. A trickle of blood dripped down her neck, staining her dress. The fine silk fabric absorbed the red liquid. She kisses his neck as he lifts her into his arms. He closes his eyes, licking the lingering blood from his lips. Bella… Alice hopped over to the couple. Edward turned his face away from his sister, ashamed of what he had done.

Dear brother. This is not the end; this is only the beginning. She kissed Bella's face, the Edward's. Thank you. You have finally given my best friend exactly what she wanted: you. Alice skipped back to her husband.

Jasper held her fiercely, conveying his affections through a kiss. This is your responsibility. To make sure she is always happy. Treasure it, Edward.

Bella nuzzled her face into his neck as the venom began to spread. Her eyes clamped tightly against the pain, her mouth pressed close to stop the urge to scream. Tears fell lightly from her eyes again. This is all for you, Edward. All for you. I can take this all. I told you I was strong. Now watch me.

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