Jonathan and Martha Kent ran to their field after a "meteor" had just fallen in it.

"Not again" said Martha.

"Maybe it's just the remnants from yesterday" said Jonathan. He was talking about the meteor shower that devastated Smallville yesterday and also when they found a little boy. Well actually he found them but they decided to name him Clark and currently he was sleeping at the house.

They approached the site to see what they hoped they wouldn't, another ship, and another boy.

"What should we do?" asked Martha.

"I don't think we have much of a choice" replied Jonathan. Martha went over to the little boy and carried him in, while Jonathan was getting ready to move the ship.

Years Later...

"I can't believe you gave up your powers" said David. He was Clark biological brother, whom they learned from Jor El, and it showed. They had almost the same hair style with the exception of David's being a little longer and Clark would get a haircut every now and then.

"Well for Lana I'd do anything" said Clark. They were talking about the events that took place the pervious day. Three kryptonians came seeking revenge but the brothers took care of them, however Clark had failed to return to their fortress before sundown. The result he was now mortal.

"Whatever man, I will never get tied down" replied David as they finished up their work in the field.

"Riight, and what about your 'situation' with Lois?" said Clark with a grin.

"W-what! I don't know what you mean" said David a little bewildered. He and Lois had a little fling before she went back to the army.

"Okay, whatever you say...Tal-El" finished Clark while he started laughing.

"Shut up!" demanded David. "You know I hate that." It was true Clark knew David completely despised being called by his Kryptonian birth name.

"Anyway, I'm going to head to the Talon real quick then me and Lana are gonna head to the field to help with building new houses" said Clark, "Wanna come?"

"Sure, why not. I'll race you there" and in a flash he raced down the driveway towards city. Soon he returned though. "Damn, its no fun if your opponent doesn't have any POWERS" complained Dave.

Clark grinned at his brothers competitiveness, "You should be happy I don't have any powers, cause we know I would've won."

"What? Do my ears deceive me" said Dave as they entered the truck. "Just be happy we can't fight anymore, cause I'd knock you from here to Gotham."

"Alright" said Clark with a hint a sarcasm.

"I would" argued David.

"Ok" replied Clark as he pulled out of the driveway.

"So are you two ready to work" said Lana as they grabbed a table at the Talon. Dave and Clark both had a crush on Lana in their younger days but while Dave got over her, Clark remained love struck.

"Please, Lana, I'm always ready I can bench press a tractor" said Dave in his cocky manner. Clark always hated how his brother was always dropping subtle hints about their powers.

"That's good to hear" said Lana with a chuckle.

"So when are we gonna head out?" asked Dave as he shot his cup for the basket but it bounced off.

"Nice try" said Clark, "We can leave as soon as I show you how to make a shot" Clark took his cup and shot it into the basket. "Let's leave." Clark and Lana headed out laughing while Dave fell behind with a frown.

"I can still beat you in a race" he mumbled.

"Hey. Dave, try not to use your powers if you no what I mean" Clark whispered as they headed to the site.

"Yea, Yea, just go hang out with your girlfriend or something" replied Dave pushing him off.

As the others continued to work Clark and Lana went off to the barn for 'supplies'. On the way up the hill Clark found a piece of Kryptonite. One thing I'm glad to be rid of, but I better get rid of it for Dave's sake, he thought as he threw it into the distance.

Wonder what happen to Clark, thought Dave as he helped lift apiece of wood. He looked around and saw two figures headed up the hill. Mental note: spray disinfectant in the barn.

"Hey, Dave" said a cheery voice from behind him.

He spun around, "Hey Alicia, what are you doing in Smallville?" he asked giving her a hug. (a/n: Alicia did not die in my story)

"Well after I heard about the second meteor shower I decided to check on how you guys were doing" she answered.

"Oh, yea, everything's good, you know some crazy guys tried to kill us but besides that everything's good" he said with a grin.

"Where's Clark, anyway?" she asked.

"He was just here but I think, Lana and him just went off" he said.

"Its about time they got together" she said.

"Yea" agreed Dave.

In fact awhile Dave and Alicia had been involved in a situation. Alicia had been let out of her facility but she tricked Dave with red kryptonite. After they got married is when things got out of hand almost. IF Clark hadn't pulled the necklace off of Dave there could've been a little Dave running around right now. IN reality they are still married but since only Clark, Alicia, and Dave knew they never really acknowledged it plus he was "under the influence". But Dave's knew that something inside him really did want to get married.

"So couldn't you just raise this barn in two seconds?" she questioned.

"Yea, but old Clarkie is being a pain ever since he lost his powers" said Dave as they sat on the hill so no one would overhear.

"What how?" she said a little stunned on how Clark Kent could lose his powers. Dave went on to explain the fortress and the events from the past 24 hours.

"Wow" she said as she was still taking it in.

"Yea, but anyway, do you want a drink the house isn't far from here" said Dave.


As they headed to the Kent Farm Dave started to hear sirens. They began to speed up and they saw that the sirens were coming from the front of Dave's house. Shit, he thought.

"Sheriff, what's going on here?" asked Dave as he and Alicia ran up to the blockade.

"Well three escapes from Belle Reve, are making demands. Also they have your parents, Clark, and Ms. Lang hostage" answered the Sheriff.

"What are you going to do?" asked Alicia in a worried tone.

"I'll tell you" said Dave as he dragged her off to the side out of earshot. "This is probably going to be the only time I suggest this but I need you to get in there with your power. Once you get in there check the situation and report back here. Then you'll take me in and we take them out."

"Sounds simply enough" she said.

"We'll see." Then she disappeared. After what was one of the longest 3 minutes of David's life, she returned. She explained the situation and after another second they were in Dave's room.

"I'm never gonna get used to that" said Dave. "Hey, this brings back memories" he said as he realized they were in his room. His statement caused Alicia to blush a little. "Alright let's get down to business."

"Wait, what about Lana you can't use your powers around her" said Alicia stopping Dave.

"Your right, alright, you go down there and get her out with your power, I'll handle the rest."

"Ok" and she was gone.

Dave listened from the hallway:

"Hey you what are you doing?!"


"Stop her!"


"How could you let her get away!"

Good job Alicia, thought Dave.

He came down the stairs slowly and saw two weird looking twin things and another man. Dave decided to remain unknown and he used his speed to stop time as he continued moving. He took the two twins and hung them upside down and knocked them out. Meanwhile as time resumed he used his normal super speed to knock out the other man. He used his heat vision to burn the ropes that held his parents together.

"We're coming in!" said a voice from the outside.

Dave looked around nervously. How was he going to explain how he got in. Just then Alicia appeared and grabbed Dave then disappeared as the door flew open. Seconds later Lana, Dave, and Alicia came through the door and gave their hugs.

"Thanks son" said Jonathan low enough so that no one else heard. Dave nodded in acknowledgement...

"Still wish you had your powers?" asked Dave after Clark came back from taking Lana to her house.

"Actually, no, that's why they were after me" he replied.

"Whatever" said Dave and he continued to look at the sky. "You guys didn't do anything I should be warned about before sitting on the couch, did you?" asked Dave.

"No, never got the chance" replied Clark with a grin. "Speaking of naughty deeds, where did Alicia go?"

Dave let out a laugh, "Ha,ha Clark, she had a job interview in Star City, for some Queen Industries. Its run by another rich kid, Oliver Queen, I think."

"I think I heard Lex mention him once or twice. Back when we were friends" he added.

"Well forget about cue ball" Clark snickered. While Clark befriended Lex, Dave made pranks on the billionaire. "Alicia and I are heading to the beach tomorrow, you and Lana wanna tag along?"

"Are you sure its safe to go down that ally again?" asked Clark.

"What? She's my wife" joked Dave.

"Dave" warned Clark.

"Alright, all joking aside, we are just friends" said Dave.

"Ok" said Clark as he walked down the steps. "Plus what would Lois say"

"What" shouted Dave.

"Nothing" he replied and kept walking.

"You forget I have super hearing" yelled Dave as Clark walked out of the barn.

"Yea, you better keep walking."

Clark shook his head and laughed to himself, sometimes it was like his brother was from another world.