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"Oh, Padfoot, it's just you. I thought for a second that—but no, never mind. Come in. Lily made biscuits and they're still hot."

"Thanks, Prongs. Feel like I haven't eaten anything since I last stopped by."

"You've been surviving on Cauldron Cakes and tap water again, haven't you?"

"…maybe. How're Lily and Harry?"

"Okay I suppose. Harry's got the sniffles."


"Stop laughing, Sirius! That's what the witch down in the village told me. So—oh shut up you hopeless sod—so how come you decided to stop in? Not that I mind, but Lily and I weren't expecting you until Thursday when we're supposed to do the charm."

"Can't I just stop in to see my favorite married couple and godson? Do I need a reason? Have I mentioned that these biscuits are absolutely superb?"

"Well, when you put it like that…"

"But seriously, Prongs, I think I've got this really good idea."

"Like your last one? And can you quit talking with your mouth full?"

"No, no, this is serious. I think this might really help Lily, Harry, and you. You know how I'm supposed to be Secret Keeper for you all?"


"Well, what if we made Peter Secret Keeper instead?"

"Why Peter?"

"Because it's the perfect ruse."

"The perfect ruse? Sirius! This isn't some stupid prank at Hogwarts, it's not about 'perfect ruses', you realize this, yes? This is about our lives and—"

"Just hear me out. Voldemort—no one for that matter—would ever think that you would choose Peter instead of me. It's brilliant. Plus, it would throw whoever is snitching on the Order off our trail for a while—it'd buy us time, get it? No one will ever know about it. No one except for you, me, Pete, and Lily, and Harry, too, but I dunno if he'd even remember in the first place.

"If anyone were to try to find where you, Lily, and Harry were hiding, they'd certainly come after me before they could even consider Peter as an option. Think about it."

"It does make sense…"

"Yea, and that's why it's perfect."

"I'll talk to Lily about it, Sirius, but it sounds good by me. Lily loves Peter—he'd do anything for us, for Harry."

"I know. I think it'd be better, because we can put Peter into hiding before I go—it's less to worry about. Then we'll all be safe."



"Why, Harry, my lad! It's way past your bedtime."

"Sirius, don't toss him around like that. What if you drop him?"

"Oh hello, Lily, I didn't hear you come in."

"Sirius, don't drop him!"

"It's alright, I've got him."

A/N: I think that the implications of this are so much darker and tragic, because you know exactly what is going to happen to all four people standing in that room with the decision that Sirius and James have made.

So, I've temporarily suspended my title of 'Mistress of Description' (given by Prieda Solo) to see if I could survive WITHOUT description. My sister often jokes that I don't ever use mostly dialog or even an equal balance of description to dialog. It's actually my first time ever writing just dialog, so please, please don't hesitate to let me know how I did, even if it's to say that it wasn't spot on this time and that I should give it another go.