Be careful : this story contains homosexual content.

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Sweet Dad of mine, chapter 1

''Dad ?''

''Hey Lilly...''

''What are you doing here ?''

''Can I come in ?'' He said with a laugh.

''Oh yeah sure.''

Lilly's dad stepped in the house.

''Wow, everything looks the same I see!'' He said with a smile.

''Yeah...'' Lilly simply replied.

She was uncomfortable. It's been almost four years since she hadn't heard from him...

''So erm, your mom's around ?''

''No, she's working.''

Her dad nodded. He visibly was as embarassed as her.

''I missed you Lil'' he suddenly said. Lilly looked up at him. She first couldn't believe what she just heard, but a smile quickly appeared on her face.

''I missed you too dad.''

She wanted to hug him, and he wanted to hug her. But all these years of separation made them shy with each other. Besides, Lilly hadn't really forgiven him for abandoning her.

''You want something to drink?'' she asked. But then she remembered her dad was an alcoholic and that what she just said could be confusing. ''I mean...''

''It's okay, Lil. I'd like a glass of... water.'' He said with a smile.

She smiled back and headed towards the kitchen.

Lilly's cellphone rang as she was putting the glasses on the kitchen table.

''Hello?'' she said, picking up.

''Hey, it's me.'' Miley.

''Hey, what's up?'' she asked, pouring the water into one of the glass.

''Tonight's the night I sing my new song, remember? You told me you wanted to come...''

''Oh, right.'' Lilly said. She had forgotten about that. She looked at her father, sat on the couch, waiting for her. She put the bottle down.

''Listen Miley, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be able to make it...''

''Oh'', Miley said disappointed. She wanted Lilly to be with her tonight.

''I have plans.'' Lilly added.

''You do?'' Miley asked. Lilly smiled. Miley sounded jealous over the phone.

''I gotta go.'' She saied ignoring Miley's observation. ''I'll see you tomorrow!'' Lilly said. ''Good luck for tonight!''

''Thanks Lilly. Bye! I lo...'' Miley started. Woops, Miley thought. She bite her lips. She was going to tell Lilly she loved her. Old habit...

''You lo...what?'' Lilly repeated, amused. She could imagine Miley, tortured, trying to find something to cover up her tongue slipped.

''I loath doing that without you...'' Miley let out. At least, she didn't completely lie to dissimulate what she was going to say initially.

''I'll be there next time, promise.'' Lilly softly said. Even if Miley didn't tell her what she wanted to hear, what she just said was as sincere.

''Bye. Have fun at whatever you're doing tonight!'' Miley teased.

''I will! See ya!''

The girls hung up, and Lilly took the glasses and went back to the living room.

Miley was in her Hannah's closet, desperately looking for something to wear. She had too much outfits to be able to pick just one for tonight. She was going to a present her new song, ''What I don't need,'' on the Not that Late show with Larry Goldwater, and she needed something sensational.

''You're ready bud?'' Her dad asked, entering her room.

''Almost done.'' she lied.

''Okay. The limo's here in 10 minutes.''


Quickly, she grabbed a pink leather jacket, a pair of white pants, and threw them on her bed. She selected some italian leather boots too. Lilly would love those, she thought. She headed towards the bathroom. At least, she had her make up on, and her hair was done. She got dressed as quickly as she could, put the Hannah wig on, and finally went downstairs.

''Hey Roxy.''

''Hey Hon'! We're gonna need to work on your punctuality, missy!''

Miley grinned. Yeah right...

Her dad, Roxy and she left the house, got in the limo, and headed to the studio.

''So, Lil, I was wondering, maybe I could walk you to school tomorrow...''

Lilly grinned, she wasn't ten anymore. But her dad had missed a few years of her life, and seeing her that big now was probably weird for him.

''Kay,'' she agreed.

Her dad smiled, and Lilly felt happy. Her dad was there. ''I'm glad you're back.''

''Yeah, me too.''

Their moment stopped when Lilly's mom arrived. She froze on the doorway.


''Hey Laurel.'' He said standing up.

Lilly's mom looked at her daughter, a questioning look on her face.

''Lilly doesn't have anything to do with me. She didn't I was coming...'' her dad quickly explaned.

Her mom stayed quiet for a while and said ''You can't stay here Steve...''

''Oh, I know, I have a room in a motel.''

''Great. Maybe you should get back there, it's getting late.'' She coldly said, and walked to the kitchen, leaving Lilly and her dad alone.

''Sorry,'' Lilly grinned.

''It's not your fault, don't worry. Well, I'll pick you up tomorrow? 8.30?''


They stared at each other, embarrassed. Her dad finally made the first step, and hugged Lilly.

''I love you Lil.''

She didn't say anything back. It was too soon for her. Her dad stepped away and headed to the door. He waved a last time at her daughter and left.

''You all know this teen popstar sensation. Her first album has been sold at millions of exemplaires. Two months ago, she released her second album '', and got the same huge success. Soon on tour, tonight, she's doing us the pleasure to present us an original song. Believe, it's all new, you can't find it anywhere. It's live tonight, and live on the radio, just for you, Hannah Montana, ''What I don't need'' !''

The lights changed of color, and the studio became darker. Hannah entered the stage, the crowd cheering. The first notes began, and Hannah started her show.

At the end of the song, she joined Larry on the couch. Time for the interview !

''Wow, erm, very good song.'' Larry said, somewhat doutful. ''Quite different from your previous work though...''

''Yes, I wanted to change the beats of my music. Try something new. It took me a while befire I could find the right song, but I guess I've made it...''

The public cheered. Was it because it was true, or was it because a man had raised a board saying ''CHEER.'' ?

Larry had a small smile, like he didn't really agree with her, but Hannah didn't notice.

''So, what about this national tour? It's going to be your second one, right.''

''Yes. I'm pretty excited about that. It's starting in a few months. We're just starting to think about which songs I should do, and work on the dance moves.''

''ok. What about your love life. You're 15, going 16. All the boys must be after you...''

The public wooed. Hannah acted like it was funny and all.

''Unfortunately, I don't have any scoops right now...''

''Awww,'' the public reacted.

The interview went on for a few minutes again before Hannah could finally get off stage.

''Let's go home,'' she said to her dad.

She wasn't really satisfied by her performance tonight, and she didn't really like the ambiance in the studio. She had a bad feeling in her stomach.