Sweet Dad of mine, chapter 9

Miley had spent a good Sunday despite of Lilly's reaction. Her new song was a huge success. Hannah was back on track, as her career. This was something less to worry about. Now, she could completely focus on Lilly.

When Miley woke up Monday morning, she knew what she had to do. Lilly loved her, and she was in love with her too. Nobody could ever change that. She had to find her and apologize... She just needed her to listen. She just needed to let her know how she felt. Miley wasn't ready for the world to find out about them, and she had pushed Lilly away when it did find out. Lilly's dad helped her realize what she was missing. He helped her see that the world wouldn't have to be ready for them as long as they had each other. Miley won't lose Lilly again.

Her song Saturday night wasn't apparently enough. She thought she had been pretty clear though. Thus, now, she had to be as clear as cristal, and what better way than what she had in mind?

Lilly was doing her project in the science lab when Miley stormed into the room. All the looks turned to her, shocked by this sudden interruption. Lilly stopped.

''Mil...'' she started, but Miley cut in.

''Lilly, I am everything I am today, because you love me!'' Miley declared, out of breath.

Lilly didn't say anything back. She looked around, petrified. Every look was on Miley and her. Miley however seemed to just notice this. She looked down. No, Miley, you came here to tell her what she means to you. And the school has to know it too, it's the only way for us to be happy. Just accept who you are. You're the only one who have a problem with it.

She walked to Lilly, forgetting about the teacher and the students.

''Lilly, I... You have to know... I... You mean everything to me. You're the one who saw me through everything. Remember... ? (A/N : see A Weekend in New York). You saw the best in me...''

Miley's voice was shaking, but she went on. ''Everytime I feel weak, you give me strength.'' She took Lilly's hands in hers and added ''Lilly, if I have your love, I have it all.''

''Awww'' the students moaned. They could feel the emotion between the two girls. Miley looked at them and giglled slightly. Lilly however was still frozen.

''Come on, kiss the girl already !'' Someone yelled in the class.

''Yeah!'' others screamed.

''Kiss the girl, kiss the girl, kiss the girl,'' the class started chanting. Lilly finally came back to her senses, and looked at Miley. Miley was shaking. She wasn't scared about what people thought. She was scared about what Lilly thought.

Were they ready for their first kiss in public? The students seemed to be...

Miley wouldn't make the first step. It was Lilly's decision. Lilly glanced at the teacher. She didn't seem annoyed by Miley's prestation, on the contrary, she was drying her teary eyes.

Lilly was standing in front of her. Miley could see the nervosity and fear of being rejected, again, in her eyes. Those eyes. She remembered their moment in the classroom, the moment that precipitated everything. She had made a mistake by pushing away this wonderful girl.

Lilly squeezed Miley's hands and pulled her close. She looked intensely into her eyes. The public stopped chanting. Everybody was waiting eagerly, holding their breath.

Lilly caressed Miley's chin. And... she leaned and pressed her lips against Miley's. Miley opened slightly her mouth and welcomed the kiss.

''Awww'' the students said again.

Miley and Lilly pulled back, laughing.

''OK, show's over guys ! Lilly said.

She took Miley's hand and both of them got out off the gym.

''Lilly, your presentation!'' the teacher said, blowing in her tissue. But the girls were already in another dimension.

''Lilly'' Miley stopped outside the school.

''What ?''

''I'm sorry for all I did these last few days.''

''I know... It's okay...''

''Thanks for opening my eyes...''

''You're welcome! But I think my dad did a better job...'' Lilly grinned. Miley laughed, nodding.

''So... I guess now, we can have an open relationship...?'' Miley approved with a sign of the head.

''So I guess I can do that now.'' Lilly added.

Lilly took Miley's hand and they intertwined their fingers.

''And I guess I can do that too.'' she added, pressing her lips against Miley's. They both shivered. It was probably their first kiss, without counting the earlier DOA, that they could share in public without having to hide.

For the first time, they walked in the street hands in hands, kissing from times to times.

''So, what did you leave Saturday night? You didn't like my song?''

''I... Err... Well, I didn't want to let my hopes rise again. I thought I saw too much in your lyrics. That I saw things that wasn't real.''

''Well you were right.'' Lilly frowned.

''I mean, you did see through the lyrics.'' Miley explained.

''Yeah, I know that now. But after what you put me through, I couldn't be sure...'' Lilly grinned.

Miley kissed her ''Sorry.'' She whispered.

''So, erm, what do you think about a little celebration?'' Lilly asked charming.

''What do you mean ?'' Miley feigned to not understand.

''Oh, you know what I mean, Missy !'' Lilly whispered in her ear. Oh yeah, Miley exactly knew what she meant...

Lilly, her parents and Miley were in the Truscott's courtyard. Lilly's dad was going to rehab today.

''Well Lil,'' he said holding her daughter tightly. ''Be good ok?'' Lilly nodded. ''Who said I wasn't good?''

''Well, let's just say that I had some background stories...''

Lilly looked at Miley, suspiciously. ''What did you say?''

''Nothing!'' Miley feigned to be offended that Lilly could think something like that of her.

''Miley, take good care of my girl...'' Mr Trescott added.

''You can count on that!'' Miley said with a smile. They hugged each other.

''Laurel... I... well, take care...'' He shyly said.

''Bye Steve. Good luck.'' Laurel said. She tried to look again indifferent, but her eyes were saying the contrary.

Lilly watched her father walking away. She didn't know when she was going to see him again, but she knew it would be soon. The past was forgotten. They had managed to find a way back to a real Daughter/father relationship.

Miley came next to her and held her hand. Lilly's mom looked at them with a smile.

''You're so beautiful together, girls.''

Lilly and Miley glanced at each other.

''Yeah, we know that now! Thanks to dad...''

''Yeah, he really changed.'' Her mom said, thoughtful. ''Well I better catch him. He's going to need a ride.'' She suddenly said.

Lilly and Miley exchanged a look. Were her mom and her dad... ?

Miley nodded to Lilly's silent question. ''I think you could have your family back soon...''

Lilly smiled. Yeah, maybe she could have her family back... But for now, she had Miley, and this was all she needed.

The End

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