My first try at writing a full-length Pirates on this (especially opinons on whether or not I should continue) would be much appreciated.

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"Take hope from the heart of man, and you make him a beast of prey." – Marie Louise de la Ramee



"Calypso…I release you from your human bonds."

At last. At long last. The words had been spoken, the dreadful Pieces of Eight had been consumed in flame…in a matter of moments, she would be free. Free from the forced captivity of endless years, free from the oppression, the torment of being confined in a single form.

Of being kept from the sea.

Of being kept from her love.

But, as she learned to accept, each and every moment of her immortal life was bittersweet. For, in her moment of triumph, the eve of her victory over the Brethren Court that had trapped her so long ago, the boy with the touch of destiny approached her.

She regarded him warily as he came towards her, for her powers had not yet been fully restored. Therefore, expecting hostility, she was taken aback when he asked her a question instead.

"Who was it that told the Brethren Court how to imprison you?" he asked, not without a touch of bitterness, a touch of rage.

Very much like she felt at that moment.

It seemed like an easy question enough. If there was some ulterior motive, she could not detect it.

Strange, though. Curious, even. She was the Sea Goddess, Calypso. For countless millennia she had ruled the waters, leaving those humans bold enough to challenge her and her domain at her mercy. For a fraction of the time—though it seemed like an eternity—she'd been confined to one form, the form she detested most in the world. And now, she would have her revenge.

But she did not for the life of her know who it was that had betrayed her secret.

Either that, or she merely refused to admit it, to herself, to the world.

She struggled against her bonds, angered. "Name him," she said, her eyes on fire.

The boy paused, but only for a second. "Davy Jones," he said.

She screamed her rage to the world.

How could you?

Her feeble human emotions were not bonds enough to contain her ocean of grief. Could it really be that the one person she loved the most…had betrayed her?

She felt herself growing, shifting, expanding. But not yet was she free to go her own way, to rule once more, oh, no. She was still held by the ropes, by the men on board the ship. And now, they dared to ask her favor.

It was just too much.

And then, finally, she transformed. But no longer could she enjoy her moment of freedom, no longer could she reclaim her love, as she'd promised.

As he'd promised.

Oh, Davy…

Blinded by rage, her heart screaming its pain, she had no choice. They would all feel her wrath, her suffering.

Her tears.

After all, there wasn't any fury quite like that of a woman scorned.