This is just a sneak peak so to speak of the story. I know it's only a paragraph, but I didn't want to give away too much. :) I decided to completely redo it because I had started it in high school without a definite plot line in place. I will be changing a lot with the story as I have gotten a actual plot line in place, but the basics of it will stay the same. I'm posting this so you all will know that I'm finally working on it again, and also to thank everyone who has reviewed and messaged me. My first couple chapters are in the process of being finished and edited, but I will start posting as soon as they are done.

The silence was almost deafening. It made the pounding in her ears seem louder, though she knew it gave no sound. Vibrant red pools spread across the floor above her, the smell of dirt filled her nose until it was almost gagging her. The space was small; just small enough for her to cram herself in to hide. Darkness surrounded her until she couldn't breathe with the fear of it.

A single step broke the silence.