As the sun set started to form beneath the line of this vibrant land, and painted this cosmic cerulean sky to amber atmosphere. Every human return to their own residence and spend their time with families and companions. Soon, dark clouds began to formed and covered whole crimson nightfall sky. The stars blinking as if they're whispered with this vivacious land belonged to Rune-Midgard Kingdom and the moon of that night shone brightly as ever just like the sweetest smile of an angel arise from heaven.

Prontera, known as the capital of Rune-Midgard Kingdom, ruled by the almighty sovereign – His Royal Highness, Mossac XII. Prontera always flourished with enchantment and joyfulness. Despite that night had fall, but still the music and sounds of glee can be heard clearly, echoing with the flow of wind thru each part of the town.

However, rumors said there's terrifying war happening at the frontier of Rune-Midgard Continent. No one knows what exactly going on nor anyone knows who are the foes that attacking the villages. All news was just gone without trace. Soon after that, King Mossac XII alert about it and trying to enforced and strengthen his royal squad of knights and crusaders to defend his country and also Izlude, the satellite city of Prontera. Even until now, knights and crusaders can be seen wandering around the city each tick of time… As if the fearsome calamity is going to occur soon…


Later that…

"Hey you!! Come back here!!!"

"You thief!! Give me back the bread!!"

An earsplitting voice yells near the corner of a dark lane beside a roll of shops.

Then suddenly, a dark shadow dash like the speed of lightning throughout the back door of a shop and run into the deep alley. The owner of this bakery shop couldn't stop this 'thief' and kept yelling for help so that someone might catch him up. But of course, this little wise ruckus had flee with his boost up speed just like thunder strike and gone in the dark. The bakery owner stunned at his position without muttering any word again while widen his eyes in surprise.

"Hah…hah…hehehe…" He puffed hardly to catch his breath and leaned against the wall. He grinned and smirked on his little victory after succeeded getting the food from the bakery shop 'freely'. He tears the bread to two pieces and ready to munching them into his mouth hole.

But yet, he stopped…

"Sigh…." He gave a sigh as he saw two kids were shivering in cold in front of his eyes.

The two kids were so skinny and they were dressed in torn clothes, moreover they're sleeping behind the lane without a comfortable bed or blanket to cover them up. The kids looked at him and his bread, their eyes began to pop out and their mouths were open slightly. He gazed on these two kids and feeling of sympathy began running in his mind that moment. He wanted to leave, but the strong feeling of pity hold him right there. He could barely leave the children without food at there. So, he closed his step to them and bowed to make an eye contact with them.

"Here… There you go…" he take hold of one of the kid's hand and placed the pieces of bread onto his palm. The kid widens his eyes in surprise. Soon, his tears of joy and grateful began to streamed down from his emerald eyes to his cheeks.

He smile, which had enlighten the chilling surrounding and warmed up the feels of cold out there. Nothing can be replaced with this warm smile ever. Then, he makes his move and began to leave the dark lane faraway. Soon, his figure started to trail off slowly from the dark.

He walks alone along the silent path of Prontera city. His eyes were glowing like the shining crystal and clear as quartz. The wind blows softly and brushing his crimson flare hair and few streaks of his hair reaches his forehead. He had an average and masculine body too which looks like a well-trained fighter. He dressed in a common clothes and his pocket hidden a small knife that could be notice easily by anyone. He wore a small necklace and 'Destins' is what had carved onto the gemstone of his chain. It looks like an oath and a name for this vibrant guy eternally…


Everything had driven into silence all of a sudden. Only those relentless choruses of insects echoed thru each part of the city, as if they're keeping company with the lonely moon of this night. At that moment, a strong gust blow and nearly waft everything away. Soon, a mysterious portal appears in front of this guy. He watched in silent and his finger is clutching his dagger firmly. He's ready to face any harm that awaits him. He hold his breath and taking his fighting position, ready to strike anything that try to harmed him from this mysterious portal.

"Heh… 'Come on, monster... I'm ready to take u on…" He grinned within himself.

Suddenly, something flash as lightning and dash in such haste to him. He was shocked with this action and he couldn't catch any trace of this creature. Soon, the dark clouds began to trailing off and the moonlight started to shone; and reveals this shadow creature figure. This dark creature had an eerie beast looking feature and a pair of huge wings; it flaps several times and flies to the air. Then, it soared down from the infinite dark sky and cast few powers to him. He jumped over and dodged the attack safely. But then, the creature gave one more blast and he couldn't avoid this time. Hence, he was flung out faraway and hurt his right arm.

"Arghh…." He roared in pain. Blood flow nonstop from his arms and he clutched it in order to stop the bleeding. He tries his final strength to stand and hold his dagger again. His eyes were burning with anger and spirits. Suddenly, an aura began to form around him and he is ready to give a final blow to this mysterious creature.

"I will…never…ever… lose to a scumbag as you…!!!!" He groaned and dash towards it.

But once again, the creature cast another power and this time, he avoided in a flash manner. He rushes to the front and grab the creature hardly.

"It's Game Over now…!!! Take this!!!" Then, he stabbed it right to its heart merciless. The creature roared in pain as the greenish blood splash to his face. He breathes hardly and he fell on his knees right away. It seems like he had lost his strength at that moment, and he can't barely stand properly. The creature growled nonstop and falls backwards. Its roar and growl were so painful, as if it was suffering a terrible pain and sorrow. At that moment, its eyes were glittering and then a droplet of glowing tear drop gently to the earth.

Soon, the creature began to dissolve slowly like shining dust and swirled around the atmosphere, then its soul gone in puff of glowing smoke. The moonlight shone brighter as ever, and gleamed on this victorious person. His eyes were swollen as if he had run out of energy and power, he catch his breath several times and try to calm down himself.

Yet suddenly, something that looks shimmering in darkness had caught his attention. He turns his sight immediately to gaze on it. To his surprise, a small piece azure gem drop to his palm. He grasps and takes a look on it.

"Er..?" he hesitated while cocked his eyebrow.

"What is this thing…?"

The gem sparks hysterically. It looks so beautiful and astonishing just like a girl's ornament or any noble woman's adornment. He holds it tightly and suddenly, it created warmth feeling to him which he never experienced before. He felt so relieve, secure and happy once he holds the gem right to his chest. But one thing still be a question mark in his mind… 'Where does this gem come from? And who is the owner for it…?'

He shook his head to reassure everything was okay. He looks to the gemstone again, then he gave a sigh while took his leave. He keeps the stone into his pocket and walks away, and never looks back again. The mysterious portal gone and yet, it still is an unsolved mystery to this thief guy…

Episode One:: Destins, Leya

2 weeks later…


"Congratulations to Candidate Destins…! You've pass your test!" a tall and stern looking man with his long beard staring to a vibrant guy who was standing confidently in front of him.

"I would like to announce that you, Candidate Destins had passed this toughest and hazardous test ever for assassin. And now, you're one of us, a Shadow of Death that will never give up on anything… I'm proud of you, Destins…" added the man again and grinned.

"Heh.. Thank you, master…" He smiles. His eyes gleamed with happiness and pleasure once he had claimed to be an assassin from now on. He's a wise thief before and a reckless boy too. But now, he had become a mild, agile and tough guy.

"And this is for you…" The guild master smiles to him while handling him a pair of sharp long katar.

"This is our faithful weapon ever. As an assassin, weapon means your life. Use this to complete your task and your aim,"

"Yes, master. I understand it" he took the katar from the guild master. Then, he took a glance on it. The katar had a unique design and Destins saw his reflection on it. The katar looks like have something within itself and it glowed faintly. He gazed on it quite a long time before his master spoke again;

"Destins… Remember one thing. Do not underestimate your opponent and do not take things easily… You, yourself, as a Shadow of Death now will not ever beaten up at ease and you should use your weapon to defend for the right. This katar, will always be your companion in your journey and you shouldn't lose it."

"………." Destins nodded without saying any words.

"Do not lose control of yourself, or the weapon shall take over you… This is my last advice for you... my dear student…" He led a slight smile to Destins.

Destins hesitated. He didn't understand anything about the last advice that his master gave him. What does it mean…? He was so confuse, but yet he nodded as if he had understand the meaning behind the advice given by his guild master.

Soon after this, Destins took his leave from the assassin guild and heading towards Morroc, the desert city that lies within the vast and endless wasteland of Rune-Midgard Kingdom.

As he stepped his foot on Morroc, blissful and temptation music playing around and people were dancing. Laughter and chit chat could be heard obviously around there. Destins look around and he walks towards a warp portal which will transmit him back to his hometown Prontera again.

"Warp me to Prontera City please…" He said politely to a service staff that was standing near a corner.

"Sure, right away sir!" The service staff smiles and she began to form a small barrier and suddenly, glowing aura began to appear and created a swirling vortex.

"There you go, sir. May you have a wonderful day and safe journey at Prontera!"

Destins took a glance on her and then he started to step on the portal. Soon, he waved to the service staff and then his figure began to trailing off from the vision.

After a few minutes,

He opened his eyes slowly. He observed everything around him and then he realized that he had arrived at the destination he wanted.

He picked his stuff and walks toward the south gate of Prontera which lead to the beautiful and vast lush green field of this Rune-Midgard capital.

Prontera field always flourished with joyfulness and merrier as usual. Lots of people gathering around and spend times with their loved ones or chatting with best pals. Destins took a seat under a tree and he took out a book from his backpack. He leaned against the tree trunk and relaxed himself. Then, he gave a sigh while watching every activity that people were enjoying around.

"Sigh…" he turned his sight and focus on the book he's holding. Before he could realize, something eye-catchy had caught his attention.

A girl was sitting just a few inches away from him and she was looking upon the sky. Her fingers were tickling the soft meadow of the lush field and playing with it. She had a pair of brunette eyes that were so astonishing. Her smooth and long cobalt hair flow like silk, brushing by the gentle breeze that blew softly. She had a wonderful and slender body that could amaze by any men. And she dressed in swordsman armor and equipped with a blade. Destins look to her and her impression had touched him down for the first time. The feeling he had when he saw her was totally different and she seems a bit familiar to him. But he couldn't found the answer within himself.

Before long, the girl had noticed that someone was staring at her. She turned her gaze and look to Destins, who was the only one looking at her quite long time.

"?" she hesitated once she saw the assassin staring at her.

Destins was shocked too when the girl began to notice the appearance of him. Then, he moved his body and headed towards the girl. The girl still wondering something but she just watched him walks close to her silently. Her eyes still lock to this vibrant assassin's movement and his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Umm…." Destins began to voiced out once he reached close to her.

The girl stares at him and wondering. And she tries to search the answer within his eyes.

"Do you need tank…?" Destins asked graciously to her.

The girl hushed herself for a while, probably still confuse and wondering who is this guy anyway. Then, she makes an eye contact with him which had startled Destins to the ground.

"Um…. Do I know you, sir…?" she asked with her humble tone.

"Huh…?" Destins began nervous and stunned. He was blank in mind and didn't know how to reply her.

"My name is Leya Delfora. Just call me Leya, sir…" The girl finally replied with an unexpected answer. She gave a warmth smile to Destins which he will never ever forget, the sweetest smile he ever saw…

"Umm…I'm Destins… Nice to meet you, Leya…"

"Nice to meet you too…!" she chuckled while turn her sight to the other side. She pointed and asked Destins to have a seat beside her. Destins nodded and follow what she said.

"So, are you new here…? I never saw you before… err… I mean… you're just move to Prontera…?" Destins turned his vision to gazed into Leya's brunette eyes. Their eyes were locked together just like somehow their souls are linked to each other.

"Hmm… yeah I'm new here… Hope you can teach me more about this town and guide me thru the journey…" she giggled.

"Erm... yah, sure… That's not a problem… Haha…"

"So, you're gonna be a knight or a crusader if you've qualified in the test…?" he added again.

"Hmm… I'm not so sure… But I guess I wanna be a crusader… I always wanted to lend a hand for anyone who needed it. Somehow I felt this world is kinda unfair and pity… People around the world are suffering and they needed help so much. I wanted to help them and save them as well save the world from any destruction…" she replied with a low tone. Her face frowned in sadness and she bowed her head down, hiding her depressing feeling and sorrow within herself.

Destins gazed on her with his concern eyes. He wanted to hold her to convince her, but he couldn't do it because they were just known each other and maybe he's still a stranger for this girl. Destins still watching over her and he felt the same way as her. The feeling of despair and desperate always dwell within himself. He couldn't help himself neither help anyone. Thus, he uttered again;

"I understand how you feel, Leya… Heh… Maybe you're right… This world is cruel and unfair. The good ones had gone, while the evils are coming eagerly. They conquer the emotion and feeling of everyone and try to destroy this harmony world…"

"…..?" she looked up to him and watched him in silent.

"I felt the same way as you… I wanted to help… but in the end, I can't lend any hand for them. And I ended up needing help from anybody… Haha, sounds funny isn't it..?" Destins gave a faint smile to her.

Leya watch him silently while widen her eyes. She saw his reflection of depress and despair, though Destins tries to hide it from her. Both of them kept quiet for a while until something appealing caught her sight. She looked closer again. Two gemstones glow from Destins' chain, one of them tinted in scarlet and the other was the azure piece.She was surprised with it. She gasped and turned to look to Destins again.


"Hm…?" Destins hesitated and stares at her.

"Destins… Where… where did you get that gemstone…?" She asked and pointed to his chain.

"Ohh.. you mean this…?" he took out his chain slowly and shows to her.


"This ruby was given by my late mother… It was my most precious memento and memory…" he whispered softly.

"……." Leya still focus on the gemstones. Surprisingly, she didn't concern about the ruby gemstone, but she stares at the azure piece for a long time. Destins began to notice her funny behavior and he asked;

"Erm… Leya…?"

"Err… huh..? Yes…?"

"Hmmm… never mind… errmm…"

Before Destins could finish his sentence, Leya cut in and asked again;

"Destins…err.. May I take a closer look to this azure stone…?"

"Huh…? Oh…, okay. Sure no problems…" Destins took out the azure gemstone slowly from his necklace. Then, he handed it over to Leya.

Leya took it gently from Destins and she was totally startled by this gemstone. The stone shimmer like a twinkling silver star. Its glow will not fade forever and it will shine endlessly. She was stunned there and her hand still grabs the stone firmly, as if she will never let go of this stone anymore.

Destins was wondering and pondering about her action. Then, he move closer to her.

"Destins…" Suddenly, she called out his name gently.


"Where…do you get this stone…?" She asked and turns her sight to gaze on him.

Once again, their eyes were locked together.

"Emm… I… I'm not so sure about it… It's like a miracle for me though…" he uttered.


"….This gemstone… is some kind like a rare item dropped by a monster…"


"It happened 2 weeks ago… Nah… Its sort of silly story if you heard it… So, let's just forget it okay…? This gemstone is rare item, and can say as my 'Lucky Charm' too, so I will not sell it at any cost…"

"…monster….." Leya bowed her head down and clenched the stone tightly.

"Heh…. No… no… this is might be a joke…"

"Huh…?" Destins hesitated, and then paused himself.

"Heh… this gemstone… this gemstone… is belonged to… me……" she added again and looked up to Destins. Destins was so shocked with her answer. He paused himself up while widen his eyes in surprise.

Everything turned out to be silence eventually. The evening breeze blew softly and brushing their face tenderly. And the field was bustling with those insects resonance, echoed through every part around there.

Destins still watching Leya in silent. He will never ever let go his sight off her. Whilst in his mind, he's still confuse and doubting about this girl. Why does the gemstone related to her…? Is there something she's hiding behind…? Lots of questions began running in his mind at that moment. But, who will answer all of his wonder..?

'Who was her anyway…?'

-- Continue… --