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Tobi jumped tree to tree as fast as he could, muttering quietly to himself as he jumped branch to branch.

"Oh Deidara-Sempai is going to mad at Tobi… Tobi is late for meeting that Deidara-Sempai told Tobi not to be late for. I hope Deidara doesn't try to make Tobi explode... again... Tobi hates those exploding birdies." He stopped on top of a branch as he felt a presence. He made sure his own presence was masked. He jumped a little further and came into a very small and hidden clearing. At first he couldn't see anyone- relying more on his right eye then actually trying to sense the presence- He saw a small head of bright pink hair and with a little stealthy moving around to where he was almost above said pink blob of hair he realized it was a girl.. A crying girl. In the back of his mind it triggered a small but distant memory of a girl younger then the one below him- about two years if he had to guess- except the girl he was thinking about had reddish hair and she too was crying over something. He ignored the memories like he always did and jumped down. The girl looked up at the man in front of her. She let out a faint gasp and tried to move backwards only realizing that the tree behind her wouldn't let her go anywhere. The man before her had a black and orange spiraled mask on with only one whole for his right eye. The thing she noticed next was his cloak. It was black with red clouds on it… more specifically it was an akatsuki cloak. A shiver of fear ran down her spine as she stared up with wide green eyes.

Her eyes were what got his attention. They were beautifully green and he didn't think he could stop staring at them. He wondered what was wrong and why she was crying seeing that such pretty eyes shouldn't hold tears. He let his lone eye travel up and down measuring her up to see if she was a threat. A glimmer from the sun sparkled off her head band in her hair which signaled to him she was definitely a ninja, a very beautiful ninja at that. Behind his mask Tobi smiled.

"Why are you crying? You not lost are you?" Tobi asked politely which shocked the girl. She could feel the sincerity and the smile in his voice just like with Kakashi. You can't see the smile but you could tell. She glared at the man in front of her not letting her guard down.

"No I'm not lost." Hissing at him like an animal. And that's what she reminded Tobi of a cornered animal going on instinct.

"If you're lost Tobi will help you!" He said gleefully liking the idea of being helpful. Sakura almost fell over of shock. How the hell did someone like him become an akatsuki?

"Umm if you don't mind me asking…. How the hell did someone like you get into akatsuki? Did you steal one of there cloaks or something or maybe you made it yourself? If you did you know that's dangerous right... people would kill you in an instant without another thought." She rambled lightly. Tobi smirk got bigger. He liked her already she was humorous. He sat down in front of the girl. He saw her shoulder tense but he ignored it.

"No! Tobi is amazing! Tobi is super strong and Tobi is really cool too. Tobi can't tell you how he got into Akatsuki cause that secret but Tobi can tell pink-haired crying girl that he is in Akatsuki." Sakura eyebrow twitched at his small insult. Was he trying to piss her off? She was barely able to not hit this fool sitting in front of her. He almost reminded her of…. a child. Tobi clapped his hands together and leaned in close.

"Oh you never told Tobi why you were crying." He leaned closer almost like he was expecting an exciting story. She leaned farther back from him.

"Uh I really don't want to talk about it." She could almost feel the sad aurora seep into him.

"Aww but come on... Tobi is a good listener. Tobi will promise to not talk till pink-haired girl is done. Tobi promises, Tobi promises!!" Once again her eyebrow twitched… 'Nah' she thought, 'He acts more like Naruto.'

"My name is ….Sakura…so stop calling me pink-haired girl..ok?!" Tabi nodded and Sakura continued. "And I'm crying because… I feel like no matter what I do… I will never be able to become strong enough to help my friends and all I do is cry. I thought my abilities were up to par with everyone else but I'm still so far behind." Sakura stared at the ground a small blush on her face feeling ashamed she had told an 'enemy' her problems. Tobi raised her chin so he could look in her eyes (good luck Sakura trying to find his….)

"Sakura-chan… Have you ever left your friends or even a comrade behind to save yourself or to complete a mission?" He asked with a voice more calm then his usual demeanor. She shook her head.

"No my friends come first... I would die for them! No matter what I would put them even before a mission... I would protect them even if it killed me." Sakura yelled at him. He tilted his head to the side and once again she could feel his grin in his voice.

"Then see... you're not weak because you put the people you love before yourself and before anything that others call 'important'… That in its self is strength." She looked at him with shock on her face.

"How is that strength?" Sakura whispered.

"Ninjas are given rules and standards to fallow so they can be used and controlled. So they will follow a mission and complete it with success no matter the circumstance. In the Ninja world those who break rules and regulations are trash but those who don't care about there comrades… are lower then trash… so simply… you care…. You would die for them … right? So your strong because you would rahter be considered trash by society just so the ones you love will live. Your strength comes from protecting the ones you love." Her shocked face turned instantly to a smile.

"Thank you." Sakura said sincerely. Tobi stood up. He rubbed the back of his head and Sakura vaguely thought it reminded her of Naruto.

"Tobi has to go… Tobi's sempai will be pissed." Sakura nodded feeling awkward. Tobi jumped away in the branches.

"I hope I get to see you again Tobi…" She whispered. She got up and started to head home when she stopped and turned back to where he had jumped off to. A frown covered her face. "No I take that back... I hope I never see you again… cause next time... I might have to kill you." With that she took off running towards her house.

Tobi smiled to himself. He jumped from behind the tree she had been sitting at and he once again took off on his journey to Deidara-Sempai's. He wanted to make sure she really was ok and would return home. He himself thought it would be nice to see her again as well… but he knew she was right… next time he might not be able to be nice.

Tobi jumped down in a clearing and walked to where he felt his sempai was. Deidara got up and stormed up to him and hit him on the head.

"OWIIIEEE… Deidara-sempai… why did you hit Tobi so hard?!" He asked innocently.

"YOU'RE LATE! What took you so long?!" Deidara said shaking him.

"TOBI'S SORRY!!!... Tobi got distracted by a pretty flower." He said almost whispering the last part. Deidara stopped shaking him.

"Huh?!" Deidara said completely confused. Deidara's confusion melted into anger immediately. "Tobi!! That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard."


"You're still stupid" He said and dropped Tobi onto the ground.


Tobi laid on the ground and stared at the sky.


In Konoha Sakura walked over the bridge where she would meet everyone. As she was walking over it she stopped a voice.

"Sakura!!" She turned around and saw Naruto running to her and Kakashi trailing slowly behind Naruto reading his book. She stood and waited till they caught up. Naruto yapped away about going for ramen but her attention was on Kakashi.

"Kakashi…" She said getting his attention. He looked up from his book at her and smiled behind his mask.

"Yes Sakura?"

"Do you know…" she shook her head and smiled "Never mind… I ... I now know what you truly meant when we first met and became team 7…" She turned around and started away. "Strength shouldn't just be measured up by how strong you are physically or mentally… it doesn't just come from training and knowledge… my strength comes from my heart and the people I love and how I use it makes me strong." And with that she left two dumbfounded team mates behind her.

"Huh… Hey Sakura, wait up!!" Naruto ran after her leaving Kakashi behind. Kakashi shrugged and followed after. He was secretly pleased that somethinghe had said -even if it was from his dead team mate- had an affect on his student.

She looked up at the sky and smiled.


'No matter where you are the hearts of the prople you care about are always with you.'

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