Well howdy folks, lol this is a one shot to WIAWSNB –what is and what should never be.

What if Sam got touched by the djin and Dean didn't get there in time.

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On with Weakness…

Dean stepped back, the fake Sam's face cringed. Dean wasn't gonna listen to him. Not this time.

"I'm sorry" Dean said slowly, and it held the world within those two words, all the pain and sorrow he had ever felt, of all the times he wished for a family to be together, for mom to be alive and to find out it's fake, that somewhere out there Sam would be alone, be unprotected. His Sammy alone in the world, that was NOT what big brothers did, but it was the hardest words to say, to let go of that world.

Dean raised the silver knife coated in lambs blood and jabbed himself in the abdomen, a loud gasp and groan was heard.

Man that hurt way too much for a dream!

Dean's limp and lifeless body suddenly jerked, a gasp and moan escaped his lips and Sam thanked all the gods Dean was okay.

"DEAN!" Sam yelled, half from shock, half from making sure he himself was not dreaming. "Dean!" Sam cried checking his brother over, who knew what that sick son of a bitch did to him.

"Dean oh god c'mon hey wake up, wake up Dammit!" Sam hissed. Dean HAD to be okay.

Dean moaned and blinked a few times, tugging on the ropes that were attached to the ceiling.

"Hey…….hey" Sam sighed, he could swear his heart stopped beating for a moment back than.

Dean mumbled something "No place like home" He grinned, even in his weakened state, the Winchester stubbornness and Dean's sarcastic humour remained.

"Hey, oh thank god, it thought I almost lost you for a second then" Sam confessed. Suddenly things felt better now he had Dean with him.

"You almost did" Dean winced as Sam pulled the needle from his neck which the djin had been feeding from. I so hate that thing!

"Lets get you down" Sam grabbed his knife and was already cutting the ropes before he finished his sentence.

Dean glanced to the side of his brother, he noticed something, or was it another hallucination?

One rope cut.

Nope he saw something, a low purple/blue glow emitted from a figure. Where have I seen that? Dean racked his brain as the colour and movement only brought a sickening pit to his stomach. Recognition hit and fiery anger and worry flew through Dean.

"SAAM!" Dean screamed his voice so raw and raspy.

Sam turned too late to notice the djin already snook up on him.

He jumped flashes of silver as the knife in Sam's hands moved too fast to see, trying so hard to hit his target.

A hand swung and grabbed Sam with super fast speed and strength; it flung him against the wall.

Sam lost balance; let the creature advance on him, as he was thrown into the wall, and pinned he was dizzy for a moment before momentum returned.

"Ah…" Sam gasped as he was knocked again forward landing at the wall near some stairs. Again the thing was on too fast and pinning him down.

It squeezed his arm and pushed so hard on his chest, Sam couldn't breathe; unconsciously he dropped the knife and fell backwards as the djin released him briefly.

Dean pulled and tugged, all the pain in his wrists didn't matter anymore, if that thing touched Sammy…

Sam stumbled backwards, as the djin gave a final push Sam landed hard against the stairs, he tried to run up out was grabbed harshly and flung back on the hard wooden steps.

Nausea flooded through him, and a throbbing pain in his temples as head connected with step.

Within seconds, the creature's strong hold kneeled Sam to the stairs; a super speed hand grabbed his throat, using its body weight to keep still the fighting younger Winchester.

Dean struggled, but god it was so damn hard, he was so tired; Dean heard Sam gasp and grunt as a bang was heard. Hold on Sammy…

The djin's hand slowly rose to try and touch Sam's face, Sam struggled, it was so strong. The hand came closer and closer, Sam was losing air fast, the hand around his throat constricting more like a vipers hold, he was losing strength, his consciousness' as black spots danced in and out of his vision, things started to not make sense anymore, he was losing the battle to stay alive. He tried to choke in more air in tight gasps.

The glowing purple hand grew closer, its ancient symbols way too clear to see at this range.

A choked cry of help escaped Sam's lips without his knowledge and Dean's heart broke.

"Dea..Dean!" Sam gasped.

As Sam's strength decreased rapidly the glowing hand grew ever closer with lightning speed and its icy fingers and palm burnt into Sam's skin, the symbols performing their purpose.

"Aaaaarrgghhhh…" Sam screamed as the pain intensified. It wouldn't stop, it felt like a vision but a hundred times worse.

"Shit…shit….SAMMY!" Dean yelled, only just breaking the final rope and dropping like a rag doll limply to the floor, now was not the time for weakness.

Sam screamed again, raw and choked like it had forced and ripped put of his baby brother.

His scream grew fainter, which was the worst possible sign right now; Dean hefted himself off the floor and ran toward the silver knife he heard rather than see Sam drop.

"Aaaarrgghh…..ah….argh…" A final grunt emitted from Sam's lips as his body slumped and no more effort was needed to keep him still, the djin released his hold, air returning to Sam's parched lungs, the purple side effect of its glowing hands disappearing like faded scars on Sam's face. The body slid off the stairs to rest at the final step, limp and lifeless, almost dead.

Dean held the silver firmly in his hands, as if somehow it could bring Sam out of his dream state, an anchor to the real world.

His hands lifted and aimed, Dean watched sickeningly as the djin stroked Sam's face lovingly, purple and blue lighted sparks bouncing off its touch.

Dean brought the blade down with amazing aim and strength, considering his weakened state and left the knife jutting from the djin's spinal cord below its neck, he twisted, heard the crunch and snap of veins and bone and let the body drop with a thud, thankfully its glow going out like the light of life's candle in a windstorm.

"Oh god….Sammy…" Dean held back a cry.

Eyes rolled under Sam's closed lids, and his body jerked, low moans and undistinguished words tumbled out of his mouth.

"Sammy….c'mon wake up pal" Dean almost cried, it was so god damn hard to get out of his dream state, now Sam was touched, Dean only hoped he would make the right decision as Dean had.

Now he knew how Sam felt without him, and was more than ever sure he had made the right choice.

Now it was up to Sam….


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