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Previously on Supernatural:

"Sammy, oh god your ok!" Dean shouted in joy, removing the knife as fast as he plunged it in, Sam jerked, and then fell back, eyes blinking and alternating between the two realities.


Sam saw, Mary and John holding him, hugging him, he felt their need to include him in their family and their reluctance to ever let go.


Blinking harder Sam found himself…wet? And warm wetness. He saw Dean smiling with teary eyes and Bobby patting his arm telling him it would be okay.

Was this reality? Am I dreaming?

As Sam switched between his dream and reality he couldn't stop, he still had a hold with the living and Dean, with Bobby in that warehouse but his mother and fathers holds to keep him in their world were too strong to be let go…


"Sammy?...Bobby whats wrong with him?" Dean worriedly asked the experienced hunter.

"Mom?...Dad i have to go...your not real...let me go" Sam mumbled as his eyes slid shut again.

"Dean, we have to do something. The djin would have put a spell on the people in there" he nodded toward Sam. "They won't let him leave" Bobby glanced worridly at Dean.

"But...so we can't get him back! Bobby do something!" Dean yelled, he yanked Sam's shoulder up with a fist full of shirt and slamed it back down harshly.

Sam grunted beneath and shifted slightly.

"Sammy!...you wake up right now you hear me Sam! You are not giving up this easily! Its not real...don't stay with them...don't leave me Sam" Dean's heart broke, that maybe Sam couldn't get back to him this time.

A tremor moved from beneath his hand, and a small moan.

Small slits of brown looked up at Dean, the face smiled and whispered Dean's name.

"Sam...Sammy" Dean breathed, he smiled triumphantly. his eyes beaming their joy.

"Glad to see your awake Sammy" he whsipered and lowered himself to Sam's eye level.

"I was trying to sleep...but someone kept' yapping in my ear...its good to be back" Sam rasped. Then winced as his shoulder jarred. "what..?" He looked puzzled.

"Bobby's idea" Dean shrugged, innoccently.

"Thanks for bringing me back Bobby...thanks Dean" Sam said, eyes glazing over in pain, but still smiling. Even adding dimples.

"Well, i was the one who put his plan in motion" Dean said, jealous Bobby got credit when he thought Sam would bite his head off.

"Thanks Dean...can we go now. I'm sick of this place already" He groaned as Dean hefted him up, swaying and leaning heavily on Dean, Sam panted and tried to get both feet to stand, then move.

Bobby stood on the opposite side and helped half the weight to semi-drag Sam to Dean's car.

After passing out again halfway but thankfully no djin induced sleep this time, Dean sprawled his younger brother over the back seats and earned a long hard look from Bobby.

"I'm glad he came through Dean...just like you did." Bobby nodded his head and turned back to his truck, hesitating at the driver door he spun round. "take care of that boy. he came through today coz' o' you, take care ya' selft too ya' hear me" Bobby winked and started the engine, rumbling a rusty motor angine he fired up and drove back the way he came, trying to forget tonight, how they'd almost lost the youngest.

he sighed and pushed the pedal harder.

Dean sat in the driver seat a few moments, only just noticing the busted ford parked near the entrance of the warehouse. he huffed slightly, Sammy's stealing cars again.

Movement in the back seat turned his attention and bleary pain filled eyes shifted toward his older brother.

"I'm sorry" Dean said openly, letting the emotion consume him, just the guilt for a brief second.

"or' what?" he rasped.

"I tried to get to you in time...i was so tired, i got there too slow Sam...i could've lost you" Dean said brokenly.

"No...you got me out. Thanks" And he meant every word, Dean knew.

"Kay'. We better get you back to the motel, patched up" Dean drawled.

Sam was already asleep again when Dean glanced in the rear view mirror.

Things were going to be okay, Dean had a feeling they would.

Sam had saved him this time, and how many more? But Dean very nearly didn't come through for Sam a second back there and he thought he'd lost his brother.

He knew from that day, he couldn't live without Sam by his side.

Whatever it took.

"Whatever it takes, i'll save you Sammy...always" Dean said to himself.

Easing the impala down the dirt road, he passed the turning for the hotel and started reversing into a space outside their room.

"Me too Dean"

Dean saw Sam's eyes bright in the back seat, and knew Sam had heard everything.

They smiled at each other and felt, right in that moment.

life couldn't get any better.

They had each other, the open road and a constant purpose in life.

Nothing else mattered, they both knew that more than anything now.


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