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"Here's your first..." "Overconfedince leads to defeat..." "Calling all trainers! CALLING ALL TRAINERS!..." "You're a monster..." "BEHOLD MY GREATEST CREATION XD0022..."

"GAH!...Man, I need to stop eating leftover pizza before bed." Mumbled a drowzy teen.

"Zach! Get down here and get ready to meet Professor Oak!" Yelled a voice from the downstairs kitchen.

"Okay Mom, you don't have to yell!" The teen shouted in a louder voice. He went to his closet and picked out his favorite (and only) clothes, a black hoodie with a silver silhouette of a Magneton, black jeans, and black boots. His long, black hair was spiked up everywhere. Most people think that he keeps on forgetting to brush his hair, but he liked it that way. His pale green eyes still showed that he was half asleep. After getting dressed he ran down the stairs to the bottom floor into the kitchen, where his mom was waiting for him impatiently.

"Zach, I know you have been waiting a while for this-"

"You bet I am! Back when they put that "Pokemon Trainers have to be 16" rule into effect I was pissed, but I held on. For 7 years." Zach mumbled that last part.

His mother looked impatiently at him. "...You done?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Good. Now Zach, please call me every now-and-then to make sure you're alright." His mother said.

Zach knew what was coming."Yes Mom."

"And be sure to wash yourself every chance you get."

"Yes Mom."

"And don't eat anything in the wild."

"Yes Mom."

"And don't catch any vicious Pokemon."

"Yes Mom." Zach stopped listening a while ago. He was thinking about his first Pokemon.

"And Zach?"

"Yes Mom."


Zach immediatly snapped back to reality."Yes Mom?" He asked, with fear obviously in his voice.

Zach's mother put on a worried expression."Please...Don't let your anger cloud your jugement."

Zach immediatly knew what she was talking about. "Don't worry I'll be fine." He said dully. He walked over to his rucksack, (A simple brown hiking pack.) picked it up and headded to the door. "Call you when I'm in Viridian. Later mom." He opened the door and stepped into the World of Pokemon.

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What will his first pokemon be? What is with the dream? Why was his mom most worried about his anger? Find out later on POKEMON: BLAZE OF GLORY!!!