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Leaf, Ben, and Hailey were in the Saffron City Police Department for questioning about the explosion in the forest. Ben made up a story about how it was just Team Rocket's machine exploding. But the reality was, their friend created a giant blast that killed an assasin.

"...And that's what happened officer." The young genius finished explaining to Officer Jenny.

"I see..." The blue haired officer said with a hint of doubt. She then pulled out a pic of a black haired teen about to blow up an assasin with an orb of energy. "A passerby in the forest took this picture. Everything you just told be was a load of crap."

Leaf then burst into tears. "Oh, dear Arceus why!?" She sobbed. "Why did you do that Zach!? Wh-" The reast was muffled by her head burying into her hands in sadness.

Hailey put her green arm around Leaf to comfort her. "Leaf, we're all saddened by this. But if we all start breaking down, we won't get any better." The Gardevoir told Leaf telepathicly.

Ben looked at Jenny with a look of annoyence and sadness. "Looks like we've got some explaining to do." He sighed.


A black haired teen was sitting on the ground in a forest area, looking at the hands that killed a living thing. "I...I can't belive that..." He mumbled. "I promised Mom...MYSELF, that I wouldn't let Registeel take over me through anger..." He slammed his fist into a tree. "DAMMIT!!!" She shouted. "WHY CAN'T I HAVE A NORMAL LIFE!?!?" He wearily stood up. "I..I can't face my friends..." He recalled the look on Leaf's face. It was an expression of sheer horror. "And...I can't go back to civilization." He remembered a man taking a picture of him right before the blast. Zach started to walk forwards. "I probably can't even stay here. Trainers pass here on a daily basis." He looked at his belt where his Pokeballs usualy were. "I don't have any of my Pokemon." Zach said painfully. "I'm all alone."

"Brendan...Mom...Ben...Hailey...My Pokemon...Leaf...I'm sorry..." Zach pulled out his Pokedex. "But Zach doesn't exist anymore." He threw the dex into a tree trunk. The device shattered to pieces. "The world will never remember the abomination known as Zach. My name is Halse now. And my journey ends...And my adventure begins."


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Pokemon: All I Knew

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